Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease


I’ve got a buzz in my left foot. It’s driving me nuts. Whenever I sit still, I feel it. Like a cell phone that keeps vibrating to tell you that you have a text message or voicemail that needs to be checked. Buzz. Silence. Buzz. Silence. Buzz…Only I can’t figure out how to check the blasted message.

The first time (a few years ago) I felt this I panicked. It started at around 11:30 pm. I was lying in my bed unable to fall asleep. I was grateful that my pain level that day had been tolerable. But I was stressed about the fact that I didn’t know which antibiotic I was going to try next, given that the one I was on was causing all sorts of side effects. Then, out of the blue, buzz. Silence. Buzz. Silence. Buzz. What the heck is that? And why do I hear it with my ankle, not my ears?

I convinced myself that I had deep vein thrombosis. I wanted to call my mother and ask her to come over, maybe take me to the hospital. But it was late, and I didn’t want to wake her up over nothing. Then I kept wondering, what if I die? What if this buzz in my ankle is fatal? Then it would be stupid not to wake her up.

Meanwhile, buzz. Silence. Buzz. Silence. Buzz.

I tried to remember if my then-current medical insurance had an on-call nurse. I got up and looked for the handbook. I couldn’t remember where I put it. I made a mental note that if I survived the night, I would put it in an easy to access spot (hich I did the next day and have kept the new ones there each year).

Buzz. Silence. Buzz. Silence. Buzz. Panic.

Now I’ve convinced myself I’m running out of time. Call Mom? Okay, yes. I’ll call. But first I’ll check online to see if there is a number for a nurse when I login to my medical insurance website. Waiting for my computer to boot up.

Buzz. Silence. Buzz. Silence. Buzz.

Logged in. Can’t find a hotline. Wait, what if I look it up on google? “Deep vein thrombosis symptoms” I think I’m out of the woods as I read the symptoms. Pain. Swelling. No mention of buzzing or vibrations.

Buzz. Silence. Buzz. Silence. Buzz.

But what do I have? What on earth do I call it? “Vibrations in the leg” Hmm. “Foot buzz” Oh. Okay. It’s some kind of neuropathy. Nothing I can do about it tonight. I’ll have to ask my doctor about it next time I see him. I hate Lyme Disease!

Buzz. Silence. Buzz. Silence. Buzz.

Back to bed. Trying to relax. Can’t fall asleep.

Buzz. Silence. Buzz. Silence. Buzz.

Would someone turn that damn thing off?


I’m still thinking through what the full body Candida coiling should be. This is day two. I tried coiling the back side of my body. I’m starting with a template that covers my entire skeleton. But I’m not sure it makes sense because I’m not totally sure where Candida grows. Tomorrow I’ll read more about Candida. I may modify the protocol as I go along.

  • Bartonella, abdomen, 5 minutes; chest, 2 minutes
  • Candida, abdomen, 5 minutes; 1 minute on each location: top of head, back of head, upper, central & lower spine, top of back of ilium – each side, each shoulder blade, chest front, back of legs- butt+heels, calves+thighs, back of knees


Lots of sunshine today. I was out. Not walking so much, but in the car visiting my aunts, hanging out with my mother by a pond.

  • skin brushing
  • lots of water
  • nap (1 hour)
  • biomat (1.5 hours)
  • epsom salt bath
  • diatomaceous earth


I woke up with kidney and low back pain.  I’ve been groggy all day. I needed that nap. My eyes have circles under them. I feel worn out. I also have lots of joint pain, especially in my shoulders, neck and hips. All my joints are popping a lot.

My abdomen is still distended, but my bowel movements are less loose. I was nauseated for the first half of the day.

I’ve been having intense flashes of pain in my head, above my eyes, throughout the day. It never settles into a headache.

I’m thinking that a soak in the tub is exactly what I need.


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