Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Deciding to heal completely

After a long physical struggle, I’ve had a major reprieve. I’ve been able to do quite a few physical activities. I’ve been able to travel. I’ve been able to cheat on my food restrictions without immediate, severe consequences. If I didn’t know better, I’d pretend I was in remission.

Fortunately for me, many people have warned me that if I want to really be done with Lyme, I have to keep coiling. I have to finally attack Bartonella with the ferocity that it has attacked me. I have to keep coiling for Lyme until the herxes are completely gone (and a little more than that for good measure).

It’s tricky. I feel way better than any autumn in the past 6 or even 7 years. Back before I had to stop working, I was having all sorts of troubles: wrist and neck problems, menstrual problems, digestive problems, sleep problems, and right before I got really sick, cognitive problems.

Now I’m dealing with recurrent bouts of severe fatigue, predictable pain, and lesser versions of my old problems. Compared to being unable to stand and walk, 18 months of diarrhea, daily severe headaches and such, this almost seems like I’m for real better.


So I’m having a hard time deciding what to do next. I know that the key issue for this autumn is Bartonella. I get pretty awful pain in my back when I coil for it, pain that I attribute to my kidneys, but which extends beyond their lower edge. I just started to take extra Renavive and I’m going back to the sauna regularly. These activities should reduce the pain and allow me to get ahead of the infection.

So far, I’m still only coiling once a week. The first time back after the honeymoon (12 day gap between coiling sessions) was a doozy. I did it again yesterday and it was bad…but not nearly as bad as the previous time. I think I have to move up to twice a week and then increase the frequency when I can tolerate it.

After eating all sorts of forbidden food (butter, sugar, tropical fruit, daily rice and oatmeal, small amounts of wheat, etc) during my honeymoon, I got a migraine. It could have been triggered by all the sunlight in Hawaii, but I’m willing to bet I overloaded my body’s capacity to handle all the food triggers. Now that I’m back home and devoting myself to getting rid of Lyme and the rest of the infections, I have to decide over and over not to have sugar or rice. It isn’t easy to do, but it helps a lot with clearing out the Bartonella toxins faster.


I have other items on my agenda for this autumn. One of them is to focus on rebuilding my bones with exercise. I have a gym membership to get access to a dry sauna. As part of the membership, I get one consultation with a personal trainer to learn how to use the equipment and make a plan. I’ve decided to give myself an October 1 deadline to meet with her and get started.

I also need to get back on track with my yoga practice. It tones up my muscles after only a few sessions. I feel better, walk better, and sleep better when I’m doing it at least once a week.

I’m reluctant to commit to a new program at this point. I know how tired I will get. I know how many other things I’d rather do than nap half a day after doing exercise or spend the day after that in bed.

As I write, I remember this time last year not wanting to take a leap into coiling my whole body for Lyme. Then I did it…and it sucked the first few times. And I started to see a huge improvement in my physical condition.

So I guess I’m convincing myself that I have two big steps this fall: Bartonella-eradicating and bone-building. I bet I’ll be really happy come January if I dive in and get started.


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  1. Hey Rose, this is awesome to hear. I’m so glad you’re improving!


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