Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Bartonella Round 2

I’m gearing up to use the coil machine to obliterate my Bartonella infection. I’m not sure what will be different than when I started up in the fall, but my intention is to coil more frequently over my whole body until it is gone, gone, GONE!

The first difference between now and autumn is that the Babesia infection seems to be dormant. This is important because to get rid of the active Babesia, I had to coil twice a day for at least 23 minutes each time plus 10 minutes in the middle of the day. That cut into my ability to use the coils for doing Bartonella.

Bartonella Plan

I’m starting by adding in a kidney cleanser, Renavive, even before I reach the full coiling program. Last time, my kidneys hurt a lot as I got into the swing of killing Bartonella, so I’m doing my best to support them. Sometime next week, when my chest cold is completely gone, I’ll start going to the sauna a few times a week, since that reduced my kidney pain during the last Bartonella coiling cycle.

Meanwhile, I’ve decided to keep taking a liver detoxifier, milk thistle, at half the dose I was taking during the coiling break, to support my liver during the Bartonella die-offs. Since my first attempts at coiling for Bartonella, I’ve struggled with constipation. From talking to other people who have coiled for Bartonella, it seems that constipation is part of the Bartonella herx.

In addition to the milk thistle extract, I’m trying to figure out what to do to keep my intestines in good shape. The most important things seem to be lots of fluids, a fair amount of fiber such as psyllium husks (as well as salads or maybe fruit), and some exercise. The first two just require me to pay attention to what I eat. That’s easy. The exercise is good for lots of reasons, like rebuilding my osteoporotic bones and sleeping well. But in the past it’s been really difficult to exercise because I tire out so easily…and for days at a time after I exercise. I’ll take it slowly to start out with. And with any luck, the lack of active Babesia infection, which caused pretty severe fatigue, will allow me to exercise more regularly than I have before.

To keep my blood clean, which allows the rest of the systems to work, I plan to begin juicing again. I’m hoping that with the energy I get from not dealing with Babesia, I’ll be able to juice several times a week.

In terms of coiling, the plan is to build up one day at a time. I’ve done my abdomen for 5 minutes and my chest for 2 minutes for the past few days. Today I added in the back of my head for 2 minutes. So far, so good. Over the next week to 10 days, I plan to increase the amount I’m coiling until I cover my entire body once a day. I’ll stay at that pace until my body can tolerate the herxes. Then I’ll build up to full body coiling twice a day. I’ll do that until a few weeks after the herxes stop altogether and my various symptoms (including the food sensitvities) go away.

Tolerating the herxes means that the kidney pain goes away and that I have a system in place to keep my bowels moving. I’m not sure what else I’ll have to deal with as I increase the Bartonella coiling, but I’ll want to figure out how to keep detoxing enough to prevent the symptoms from coiling enough to get rid of the infection. Other symptoms I anticipate are extreme emotions, tingling and neurological pain, pain in my hands and feet, vagus nerve agitation (mostly seen during my menstrual cycle), tension headaches, muscle cramps in my back/shoulders/neck and changes in sleep. We’ll soon find out if my previous experiences correctly predict what comes next or if I’m stepping into uncharted territory.

Babesia Update

I haven’t really had Babesia symptoms at all since I got back to California. Even the light sensitivity went away. This puts me in a funny spot because I want to stop coiling for Babesia as of today. But I promised myself I would do a few weeks after the symptoms went away.

Since I’ve had no herx at all, no night sweats or anything, even as my menstrual cycle started (which is usually when the night sweats are the worst), I’ve struck an internal compromise. I’m doing 7  days of the full Babesia coiling protocol, then if nothing changes, I stop. Then, at the first sign of light sensitivity, night sweats, multi-day fatigue or recurrent nightmares, I’ll start up again.

If something changes after I stop coiling, I’ll go back to coiling full throttle for a few weeks. But I’m hopeful that I’ll have a few months to focus on Bartonella.

A Quick Run

I didn’t run fast, but I did run for about 90 seconds today. It isn’t much, but when I run, even for a few seconds, I feel like I’m flying. It’s a good feeling to have.


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