Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease


Yesterday I did the new Bartonella midday coiling in addition to my regular coiling. I definitely had a reaction.

Shortly after the midday coiling session, I went for a short bike ride. It is my second ride since I bought a bicycle in February. I needed to do something. I was so antsy and jittery. Having something to focus on (traffic, a part of the neighborhood I haven’t been to before) and doing something to get out the nervous energy was just what I needed.

I was tired when I came home, but still jittery. I felt like I was on egg-shells all night. I felt pretty disconnected and far away from reality. I’m pretty sure something moved.

After my evening coil, I realized that I’d been having a hard time thinking straight since the midday coiling. I kept saying things that were not quite what I meant. It was odd. Just random wrong word choices (“It was good seeing you,” to someone on the phone when I meant to say, “It was good talking to you.” That kind of thing.)

I had a big emotional outburst last night over something small. I feel edgy again today. Edgy and sad. I had heard from other people who have coiled for Bartonella that they had huge mood swings and big emotional reactions not in tune with the present moment. That’s what I think I’m feeling. Old memories are popping up. Things I don’t normally think about. And I feel them all over again.

On one hand, I think this is really good. I think I’ll get rid of the Bartonella infection much faster if I coil like this several days a week. On the other hand, I feel so worn out today that I can’t quite believe I’m going to do this to myself again.

In terms of the physical symptoms, a few things are noteworthy. First, no night sweat. I didn’t have one two nights ago, as I’d expected, or last night, which I was sure I’d have. I’m not sure why the light sweats of Bartonella have disappeared for now. Second, I slept more or less through the night, with two bathroom breaks. I slept deeply, not really fully awakening to go to the bathroom. I had a hard time falling asleep. I felt wound-up emotionally, but once I was down, I was down for the count.

The hand and foot pain was much worse this morning. I was groggy and felt a bit hungover. (An alcohol-free herx hangover.) I’m itchy. My skin continues to break out. I’m achy. I have particularly strong pain in my sacrum and sharp pains in my ribs (bones not joints). I keep having sharp pains that last only a few seconds.

I took an epsom salt bath this morning to relieve my skin and hopefully my achy bones. I didn’t make it too hot, now that I realize that the heat from a bath could suppress the Lyme a little.

I coiled for Lyme today along with the morning and evening Bartonella sessions. I’m going to rest for a while. It is a hard day.


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