Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease


It’s late. Time for bed, in fact.

But I am way too jumpy to lie down.

I did the new Bartonella coiling schedule with the modified midday protocol. Holy cow. I was ready to move when I finished it this afternoon. I wanted to pace around or something. I was hungry. My mind was jumping around.

Going for a half hour walk on the beach helped me calm down for a little while. So did calling my mom to chat. I even called a friend to try to help me get out some of this energy. I was fine when I was on the phone. But when it came time to hang up, I got really jumpy again.

By jumpy I mean that I have that feeling in my chest that I get when I’m startled by a loud noise or threatening situation. I can’t calm down. I want to shout or shake or something to release a boatload of nervous energy.

I did my last coiling for the night. I finished about 45 minutes ago. I’ve been trying to convince myself to go to bed. Instead, my mind is all over the place. I’m finding things to do around the house. I figured I could record this strange phenomenon. Bartonella coiling is a wild ride.

I did the full new Bartonella protocol the day before yesterday. Then yesterday, I did morning and evening Bartonella sessions, with a full body Lyme coiling session in between. Today I did the full Bartonella protocol again.

Last night I had a major night sweat. It’s the first big one in a while. I think that the difference between Bartonella and Babesia night sweats is this: With Babesia I wake up when I get cold from being wet, with Bartonella I wake up from being overheated and find myself still pouring out sweat. I’m not sure if I’m remembering the Babesia sweats quite right, but that is my current impression.

I’m glad I have the sense to coil for Lyme so often. I think that’s what made me able to sleep last night…and probably what kept me asleep way past time to get up. I was pretty groggy for a while this morning. Hopefully it will kick in again tonight!

Despite being jumpy, I feel physically tired. Like my body could sleep if my mind would agree. As soon as I finish this post, I will put myself to bed and work from there.

I’m hopeful that this too shall pass. The various other strange things that have happened as a result of these chronic tick-borne illnesses have come and gone, as have the strange things that happen as they die.

Of course, if I’m this energized tomorrow, maybe I can do something useful. Well, assuming I can concentrate…

I have the two sections of the Bartonella protocol on two different web pages. I think I should put it all in one place. (This is the original Bartonella protocol.)

Revised Bartonella Protocol

Coiling at 832Hz

Morning (total 36 minutes):

  • Chest (including heart and lungs for blood supply), 10 minutes
  • Abdomen, 5 minutes
  • Head: each side & top, 1 minute per, back 2 minutes
  • Spine: upper, middle, lower, 2 minutes per
  • Shoulder knobs and neck, 1 minute on each side
  • Each ilium front, 1 minute
  • Each hip bursa, 1 minute
  • Front of legs: thighs, kneecaps, shins, 1 minute each
  • Feet through coil, 1 minute

Midday (total 36 minutes)

  • Spleen (for blood supply), 10 minutes
  • Head: each side, top, back, 3 minutes per
  • Spine: upper, middle, lower, 3 minutes per
  • Between legs: thighs, knees, calves, 1 minute each
  • Each outer thigh, midway down thigh, 1 minute

Night (total 35 minutes)

  • Liver (for blood supply & partial abdominal coverage) 10 minutes
  • Each side of ribcage plus the adjacent arm, 1 minute
  • Head: each side & top, 1 minute per, back 2 minutes
  • Spine: upper, middle, lower, 2 minutes per
  • Shoulder front and neck, 1 minute on each side
  • Shoulder blades, 1 minute on each side
  • Each ilium back, 1 minute
  • Back of legs: butt, thighs, back of knees, calves, heels, 1 minute each
  • Lower abdomen/pubic bone, 1 minute


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