Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Time Warp

I moved to California just over a year ago. It’s been quite a year. A lot more happened during this past year, it seems, than in the previous five. That is what Lyme has been like.

Back when I was severely disabled, everything went into a pile to deal with later. There are still some things in that pile that followed me across the country and are waiting to be tended to. Other things got done eventually, which mean it took a long time to get to them, then a long time to accomplish the task.

When I moved, I had an initial two weeks of attention for unpacking and settling in. Anything that didn’t get done at that point got put on hold because my wedding was rapidly approaching. I was coiling for several hours a day and I was exhausted and trying to build up some stamina for the wedding itself.

This past year has been a lot of fun. I’ve gone out more. Quite literally, I left the house more often than I’d been able to for the previous few years. I’ve taken a few trips to be in a natural environment: deserts, mountains, beaches, including my honeymoon. I’ve tried to start exercise regimens, which means I exercised and tired myself out then tried again a month or so later. I’ve visited my family in NY, Williamsburg, and Durham; each trip I did more activities and saw how drastically my ability level has changed.

Now I’m back home with six weeks of not too much planned. This is a good thing. I’m going back to where I stopped in the unpacking process. I bought a small chest of drawers with with wicker baskets for drawers, a piece very similar to one I had in NY that I had to leave behind, and began to rearrange my working space. As I go through the piles that of things haven’t been filed or otherwise completed, I’m peeling back the layers of time that got lost in the years of being disabled.

Some of my goals for this summer are about moving ahead, including beginning a writing career, others include going back to finish things I started, like photo albums. I think this marks a transitional moment, when I stop making lists of things to do when I finally get some energy and instead have enough energy to start crossing things off my list. We’ll see how it goes.

Bartonella Update

I’ve been back to the full coiling protocol for about 5 days. I can see the difference it is making. On the plus side, the tingling and pain in my hands and feet in the morning is milder already, and I have some energy. On the herx side, my abdomen is all swollen up, I’ve got indigestion and gas, I’m constipated, my urine and feces have the characteristic Bartonella herx stench, my sleeping is all messed up, I’m getting light night sweats, butt acne is back, I’m more emotional than usual, the headaches are returning, and I’m itchy and twitchy (particularly my right eyelid).

So I feel pretty sure the coiling is doing something. My short term plan is to continue the full Bartonella protocol for the rest of the week. Next week, I’ll spice it up with some other frequencies to test whether any other infections are active now.


I went for a half hour walk-and-run on Monday. It was the first one since autumn, I think. I ran more slowly. I mostly walked. But it was nice to be moving around. As part of my summer goals, I’m trying to do some kind of exercise twice a week (at least to start). It isn’t more defined than that.

When I returned home, my feet hurt, which often happens when I walk a lot. The more interesting thing is that I had nerve pain in my legs and ribs. The pain follows major nerve groups, as opposed to muscle groups. This has happened after yoga classes as well as after previous walk-and-runs and brisk walks. I wonder if the increase circulation is bringing blood and oxygen and causing herxes in the area around my spine.


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