Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

A Question of Timing

I’ve been doing a lot more than I used to. It’s cutting into my coiling time. This includes today when I’ll be going on an overnight trip and missing a few coiling sessions. After this weekend, however, I expect to be home and prioritizing getting through Bartonella as much as possible for the following several weeks.

As a result of my doing too much, I waited 5 days between the last two Lyme coiling sessions. The result was a Lyme-hangover the next morning. It seems that coiling more frequently, every 3 to 4 days, prevents the Lyme from getting a stronger foothold and repopulating my body. Then when I kill it, there is a smaller number of bacteria to die and poison me.

Yesterday morning I woke up after over 10 hours in bed and felt like I couldn’t move. Getting up was quite a process. Everything ached. I could have slept the day away. Alas, I had to get up to do the Bartonella coiling.

Bartonella Treatment Working

I’m more sure the increased Bartonella coiling is working because I’m getting more symptoms. In addition to the ones reported last time I posted, I’ve got kidney pain again, my skin is itchy in various locations and I’ve got a new breakout on my face. I’m getting the impression that the key to getting rid of this infection is to coil my head and spine as much as possible. I don’t think I can increase again anytime soon. I’m not in the business of damaging my kidneys. However, I’ve come up with a new scheme to try when the herxes die down again.

First, the full list of Bartonella herx symptoms:

  • kidney pain
  • intermittent, severe headaches
  • pain in my hands, upper arms, feet and calves when I get up in the morning
  • sharp, knife-like pains in the soles of my feet when I first stand up in the morning
  • insomnia, specifically, waking up multiple times during the night
  • itching
  • tingling in my arms and legs
  • shooting pains emanating from my hip joint and going down my outer legs
  • pain in my spine bones and in my sacrum
  • tenderness in the back of my head and the base of my neck
  • constipation
  • abdominal swelling
  • pain in my lower abdomen
  • nausea after eating
  • acne on my face
  • acne on my butt cheeks

Second, here is the next draft Bartonella coiling protocol for when the herxes die down again. In it, I am reducing the amount of time I spend on the liver and spleen, but I’m starting to think that although coiling my blood is necessary, it is not the top priority, nor do I need to do it for as long as I have been. I’m also experimenting with using the coils for a few more minutes at each sitting and hoping they don’t get too hot.

Bartonella Coiling Protocol

(Fifth Draft)

Coiling at 832Hz

Morning (total 38 minutes):

  • Head: each side, top, back, 4 minutes per
  • Spine: upper, middle, lower, 4 minutes per
  • Chest including heart, 5 minutes
  • Abdomen, 5 minutes

Midday (total 40 minutes)

  • Between legs: thighs, knees, calves, 2 minute each
  • Feet through coil, 2 minutes
  • Each outer thigh, midway down thigh, 2 minutes
  • Each ilium front, 2 minutes
  • Each hip bursa, 2 minutes
  • Lower abdomen/pubic bone, 2 minutes
  • Each side of ribcage plus the adjacent arm, 2 minutes
  • Shoulder front and neck, 1 minute on each side
  • Shoulder blades, 1 minute on each side
  • Each ilium back, 2 minutes
  • Butt (underside), 2 minutes
  • Each butt cheek (for the joint and muscles), 2 minutes

Night (total 38 minutes)

  • Head: each side, top, back, 4 minutes per
  • Spine: upper, middle, lower, 4 minutes per
  • Liver (for blood supply), 5 minutes
  • Spleen (for blood supply) 5 minutes

Part of what this means is that I’m putting on hold my plans to test to see which other infections might be active. The Bartonella herxes are more than enough for me to deal with at present, especially while I’m also coiling for Lyme.

Lyme Poem

In honor of National Poetry Month, I’m sharing a poem inspired by the conversations I’ve had with other people I’ve met through this blog. (Please contact me if you have a tick-borne illness or are using a rife machine!) It is so hopeful to hear of people who ride their bikes long distances, use their home stationary bikes daily, or play tennis on their good days. I’ve struggled a lot with being able to move my body. I’ve also struggled with the identity of being disabled and not allowing that identity to impose further limits than the ones generated by the illnesses.

Straight Jacket

At first, the paralysis came on slowly:
Difficulty moving my wrists and neck,
Resolving with much effort,
Returning without warning.

The paralysis attacked again.
More quickly I was overtaken
By an inability to walk or stand.
I collapsed (quite literally) on a hard marble floor.

My legs took forever,
To return to my control.

Forever is over, and slowly my legs are mine again.

The cane is gone.
The sidewalk is mine to walk along.
The stairs are mine to climb.
The bicycle is mine to pedal.


But if, I ask myself, you can do all these things,
Why don’t you start to work again?


This question haunts me.
During the good days, or the good hours,
I yearn to be in my body:
Doing! Making! Rebuilding! Enjoying!

The question scolds me on my bad days,
Resting for hours,
Waiting for the pain or nausea or fatigue
To release me from this confinement.


Let me be free of the confinement of good days.
There is much work to be done
To make my body work again.
Let me be free to enjoy the work of healing
Without fearing I have done something wrong.


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