Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Circular Reasoning

I’ve been making a big mistake for quite sometime. Discovering it was a big eye opener for me.

The mistake: using the same capacitor settings for two different coils.

I knew that the coils were physically interchangeable. Just unplug one and plug in the other. I also thought it was odd that the new coil got much hotter than the original one. It just didn’t occur to me that the problem was that I was using it incorrectly.

Even worse, about two months ago, I spoke to another person who uses a coil machine who told me that she uses different settings for her two coils. I had no idea what she was talking about and didn’t bother to look into it until yesterday.

Even worse than that, I melted the plastic on the wire connected to the second coil and had to repair it. And still I didn’t connect the dots.

I’ve been very lucky that I haven’t overheated the machine and blown out the capacitors.

Using Two Coils

Although the coils are approximately the same, each one has a slightly difference inductance. Inductance is a part of the formula that determines how much capacitance is needed to change the frequency of the electromagnetic field emitted by the coil from the 60Hz that comes out of the electric socket in the wall. The capacitance is what we change by changing the switches on the capacitor box to match the frequency on the function generator.

I guess that last paragraph only makes sense if you already have a machine. If you do, read on. If not skip to the next section.

The two coils I have are of a slightly different inductance which I figured out how to measure using the directions here. Once I did that, and tested it on the coil that I have accurate settings for, I used the online switch generator to get settings for the second coil.

I have the capacitor measurements that came with my capacitor box written down. So I plugged them in and it all worked out. I tested the results by doing my regular coiling for Bartonella. This time my newer coil didn’t get overheated. It was about the same temperature as my old coil after coiling for the same amount of time.

What a relief!

Possible Babesia Relapse

Over the past few days I’ve been corresponding with someone about Babesia and how I’ve treated it so far (I even turned it into a page that is all about Babesia). I was happily reporting that I haven’t had a relapse.

Coincidentally, I’ve also been complaining about these recent bouts of fatigue that I thought might be related to my Lyme infection not being dormant for the summer. Every couple of days, I’ve been coiling for Babesia, just ten minutes on a body part with high blood flow (spleen, liver or heart, rotating through them). Then I did it two nights in a row. The night sweats are getting more intense.

It has been a slightly confusing symptom matrix. Fatigue for two or three days followed by a regular energy level for a few days looks a lot like Babesia. But I haven’t had other symptoms. The night sweats until the past two nights were pretty mild, similar to what I get from Bartonella herxes. I’ve had no migraines. My heart has been okay, until last night when it was pounding pretty hard and I had very mild pressure in my chest. The last few days when I’ve been tired, I’ve also been cold, indicating possible low blood pressure. These are normal herx symptoms that I have attributed to coiling for Lyme, but I may have been wrong. If these are the only symptoms I have to deal with as the Babesia gets active again, I’m ready to start ramping up the Babesia coiling and get rid of the active infection before the symptoms get worse.

I desperately don’t want to have to coil for both Babesia and Bartonella simultaneously. To really get rid of the Bartonella infection, I need to coil three times a day, as I am currently doing. To get rid of Babesia, I also need to coil three times a day. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to do it all and let the coils cool off in between. I’ve spent the morning ruminating on how to continue to make progress on Bartonella if I decide that I really do have to start working on Babesia full bore.

For the next two or three days, I’m coiling Babesia 10 minutes a day, as before, only daily rather than every few days, and I’ll see what happens.

The only good news to come out of this is that all my symptoms after Lyme coiling may have been nothing more than the Babesia flare, and I can stop coiling for Lyme as I start to tackle Babesia.


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