Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

New Frequencies

Over the past year or two, people have contacted me about how to begin coiling. I never have good advice, I have only my own experiences. I tell them to use their best judgement, keep records, and let me know what happens.

I feel like I’m back at the beginning right now. I started out with 4 infections I knew I had to address: Lyme, Bartonella, Babesia, and Candida. I’ve finished with my Candida program, and I have learned that the other three don’t go away so quickly.

This is the first thing I learned from speaking to other people who have coiled: coiling isn’t a get-well quick miracle. In fact, coiling made me feel worse, at the beginning, because of the herxes, and because I stopped suppressing the infections with antibiotics. Instead of feeling better, in the sense of reduced symptoms, I felt worse. At the same time, I became stronger. My body finally started to work a little better. Month by month, despite the continued symptoms, I got stronger and more able to move my body. My digestion started working better. I stopped losing weight. But I still felt pretty bad.

After about a year, I could see the improvements. After 18 months, I could tell that many of the symptoms were becoming less frequent and less intense. I still had lots of problems, but I was starting to feel better.

The second thing I learned was that it takes a while to figure out what protocol works. By that I mean I needed to try coiling different locations on my body to see which gave me herxes, then I needed to keep increasing until the herxes stopped getting worse. I wasn’t completely in the dark. I had spoken to other coil machine users and read about the infections, so I had ideas about where to begin my test runs. I never ended up using exactly what other people told me, their experiences served only as a starting point. I developed protocols that work for me by recording my body’s reaction to each coiling session.

I have a few tricks up my sleeve now as I approach a new frequency. Key areas to start coiling include:

  • my abdomen, where so many bacteria seem to form biofilms and where my intermittently symptomatic digestive tract is located,
  • my blood supply, particularly my spleen, liver and chest (off-center to the left to get good heart coverage), where a lot of bacteria and other microbes travel around the body,
  • my central nervous system, where most of the antibiotics I’ve previously taken didn’t penetrate but where many of my symptoms are generated, and
  • my joints, especially my hips and shoulders, which are still symptomatic and where antibiotics could not penetrate.

What I didn’t have to learn before was which frequencies I needed to coil. I had my list of four infections and a limited number of frequencies. Babesia and Candida each had a few options. I tried them, then noted which gave me reactions and which didn’t. That was simple.

These days, I have a long list of frequencies to try, in the hopes that I can get rid of all the chronic infections, including ones that I hadn’t identified with the help of medical professionals before I bought the machine. I can tell that I’m still carrying an chronic infection load, there is something pulling down my energy level and continuing to give me some symptoms. The thing that scares me is that I may have several infections left. I don’t know how long it will take to get rid of each one. Hopefully the infections I have yet to identify will be easier to get rid of, more like Candida than Lyme.

Mycoplasma fermentans

This week I coiled for 690Hz on four consecutive days. I considered coiling for it again today, but the herx is obvious enough to say that I’ll have to coil 690Hz aggressively in the near future.

Mycoplasma fermentans is the reason for coiling at this frequency. It is apparently linked to chronic illnesses, not only Gulf War Syndrome, but other illnesses closer to home, including Chronic Lyme Disease and chronic arthritis. I’ve never been tested for it, but I think this might be one of the infections I have.

The frequency 690Hz is also listed for several other ailments including: Alzheimer’s, cancers, fibroids, infertility, ovarian problems, stomach disorders and other things that are sometimes linked to chronic Lyme infections. It is also listed as potentially treating several different infections including: Mycoplasma fermentans, Lyme, Influenza, Botulinum, Dental infections, Legionella, Tuberculosis and Typhoid. If this is true, it busts up my understanding of how a rife machine works, but it doesn’t make me question the efficacy of the coil machine on my infections.

(My source for this information is the Consolidated, Annotated Frequency List.)

Wednesday, I posted the coiling locations for 690Hz I tried up to that point. I coiled again yesterday.

Thursday: spleen – 5 minutes, abdomen – 5 minutes

The immediate response was pressure in my chest, though it is diminishing with each coiling session. But the rest of my body is responding. I feel very tired and slightly agitated. I’m sleeping 9-10 hours per night. I had night sweats again on Wednesday and Thursday nights. I have dark circles under my eyes. My vision is a little bit off, like I’ve felt with other herxes. Instead of an appetite for lunch and dinner, I instead feel an ache in my jaw. That also used to happen when I started coiling for Lyme. The nerves in my legs, especially running down the outside of my thighs hurt. My joints are popping and hurting.

The joint pain could possibly be caused by several other things, but I’m pretty sure it’s from the M. fermentans herx. The other possibilities are rain which started yesterday (i.e. change in barometric pressure). I discount that as a cause because I haven’t had joint pain with rain for about a year, ever since the Lyme infection stopped being the main cause of my daily symptoms. The second possible cause is the yoga class I took. I can feel the yoga’s results in my shoulder muscles, but otherwise, the pain seems different than my previous experiences with yoga. The third possible reason is that I haven’t coiled for Lyme in 6 days, and I won’t again until tomorrow. But in recent weeks, I’ve mostly felt lethargic when I haven’t coiled, and slightly achy, not the level of pain intensity I’m feeling now.

I think that the joint pain and popping is from M. fermantans because one of the primary symptoms of the infection is joint pain and arthritis. I think that as I killed off some of the infection in my blood the remaining bacteria (or the dying bacteria) sent biochemical signals to the bacteria in and around my joints to activate them and repopulate my body. I don’t like the idea I just wrote, but given everything I know about the other chronic infections, this seems like a strong possibility.

As I mentioned above, I am clearly having a response to 690Hz, no matter what it turns out to be treating. I will be coiling for it again in the near future.

Other Frequencies

I’ve been wondering if I should continue with 690Hz straight away. I didn’t coil for it today because I’m taking the next dose of vaccines tomorrow and want to let this herx clear up as much as possible. If the vaccines don’t trigger the Lyme infection, I’ll go back to testing other frequencies. I have in mind to try a new frequency each week for a few weeks to see which ones cause the biggest herxes. I’m not sure, though, how long I’ll do that. I want the information, but I also want to use the coil machine in such a way that I make progress. To make progress I have to coil consistently for each infection, not jump around. I suspect that as I learn more, I’ll be able to make an informed decision.


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