Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Protozoan Perplexities

Protozoa are the single-celled infective agents behind Babesia. They are a different kind of organism than bacteria, which is why most antibiotics have no effect on them. The drugs we take for protozoan infections were developed for Malaria, one of the most deadly and well-known of the infectious protozoan species.

I never tested positive for Babesia. My doctor made a clinical diagnosis, partly based on my symptoms and partly based on the fact that I didn’t seem to be getting better as we treated for Lyme Disease. The antimalarial drugs I took made me feel much better when I first started each course of them. The night sweats got worse for a short period of time, then they went away. Then I started having some energy and the antibiotics I was on seemed to work better against the Lyme infection. It seemed like a correct clinical diagnosis. Unfortunately, after extended treatment, the symptoms would start up again, then get much worse when I stopped each antimalarial drug altogether.

I confirmed the Babesia diagnosis, at least from my perspective it was a confirmation, by coiling for a Babesia frequency. I had a pretty obvious reaction to 570Hz after only 15 seconds. My heart pounded so hard, I thought it was going to burst out of my chest. Twice, now, I’ve gotten rid of all the Babesia symptoms, and I assume, the active Babesia infection, for extended periods of time using my coiling protocol for 570Hz. The first time it was for 8 months. The second time for over a year. I think I triggered a relapse recently when I ate egg-containing foods.

This time, the night sweats have been a little different. Instead of waking up feeling ice cold and all wet, I don’t seem to get so cold. I wake up wet. I’m not overheated, the way that I get with Bartonella night sweats. I’m not sure if it is because I have on lots of blankets, though that never helped me before, or, more likely, that something has changed.

Lately, I’ve been trying to figure out what changed. The first thing that came to mind was to see if I had a different protozoan infection that has become activated as the other infections are on the decline. I tested for Protomyxzoa at 515Hz for four days. (More on that below.) My conclusion is that 515Hz did something, but I’m not sure if it is the key issue. I will coil for it more soon.

The second idea I’ve had is to try the other Babesia frequencies: 753Hz and 1583Hz. Back when I got my coil machine, I spoke to several people who had tried coiling, not all of whom I stayed in touch with, and one of them said that there was no point in coiling at 570Hz because only 753Hz will really get rid of Babesia. When I tried 753Hz, nothing seemed to happen. However, I’m considering trying it again to see if addresses this new kind of night sweats. I’ll also try 1583Hz, while I’m at it, to see what happens with each frequency.

Protomyxzoa Coiling Report

I coiled for Protomyxzoa, 515Hz, for four days. I got some kind of reaction, but nothing so spectacular as I did when I first tried 570Hz.

Day 1

  • chest – 5 minutes; abdomen – 5 minutes
  • no immediate physical reaction; a few hours later, fatigue that made me feel like I needed to lie down, pressure in my chest; heart palpitations; severe pain in left arm lasting 15 minutes; hyperaware peripheral vision; 2 night sweats that fully soaked my shirt; tired shortly after I got up the next morning

Day 2

  • back of head – 2 minutes; abdomen – 3 minutes; spleen – 5 minutes
  • no immediate physical reaction; a few hours later, but sooner than day 1, severe fatigue, worse than day 1; racing mind; heart palpitations; chest pressure; hyperaware peripheral vision; 2 night sweats, but not as bad as day 1

Day 3

  • sacrum – 3 minutes; abdomen – 3 minutes; liver – 5 minutes
  • no immediate physical reaction; an hour later, moderate fatigue with inability to concentrate; heart palpitations; 1 night sweat

Day 4

  • back of head – 3 minutes; abdomen – 3 minutes; chest – 5 minutes
  • moderate fatigue shortly after coiling; inability to concentrate; heart palpitations; no night sweat

I’m hopeful that whatever 515Hz is doing, that in the near future I can coil aggressively and get rid of all the symptoms in a short time. But somehow, it doesn’t seem to be treating what I think I’m dealing with.

Menstrual Progress

All the night sweats and fatigue as a result of coiling for 515Hz are somewhat muddled because the day after I finished the 4 day coiling test, my period arrived. I tend to get worse night sweats as part of PMS (though not 2 soakers in one night) and my fatigue gets worse, too. This month I’ve been tired, but with a desire to do more than just lie around. Deciding to be physically active, even minimally so, tends to wear me out pretty badly at this time of the month, as it has these past  few days. I’m exhausted and ready for a nap, even as I type. In fact, it has taken me two days to write this post, which is unusual for me. (I usually write until I’m done with a post and publish it right away.)

That being said, I’m on my second month of DIM as the only supplement I take for balancing my sex hormones. My period came after 28 days, more like it used to be when I took metformin. I’ve been exhausted and had heart palpitations and a hemorrhoid to go with cramps this time around. This is actually much better than last month. I didn’t even get diarrhea this time!

I was so tired that I decided to skip coiling for two days and I’m starting up again today. It is a Lyme coiling day. I’ll get back to Bartonella and Babesia tomorrow.

Speaking of hormones…

I’ve stopped gaining weight. My body has been at about 162lbs for three weeks. This is good news, even though I’d prefer if it settled at about 20lbs below the current weight. I haven’t tried to lose weight, not yet anyway, just stop gaining.

I was pretty panicked about the incessant weight gain and persistent fatigue (though I recognize that hormones might not be the source of the fatigue), so I got my thyroid hormone level tested. It came back normal. At least that’s one fewer thing to worrying about.


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