Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Lyme Indignities

This is dedicated to all the folks out there with chronic Lyme Disease and all the other chronic illnesses that have a digestive tract component.

Before you read on, however, be forewarned that the topic is hemorrhoids, so it might get a bit gross.

First and foremost, hemorrhoids suck. They are the true, literal, pain in the ass, the one that no one likes to talk about. In addition to being painful, they are distracting and embarrassing. They feel like a personal insult on top of all the other symptoms that come with chronic illness. I, for one, could do without them.

In the beginning…

I never got hemorrhoids before my 2001 tick bite. I’d had many cases of really bad constipation, even one in childhood that landed me in the emergency room. But I never had hemorrhoids.

They started with the tick bite that gave me Lyme Disease. They appeared from time to time, usually with my period or with diarrhea or both. They usually went away in a day or two. They were annoying, but not too painful. I didn’t really talk to a doctor about them, but I did tell my acupuncturist. He gave me an ume (Japanese plum) paste to take when they appeared. That usually got rid of them overnight, at the latest.

In 2007, when I came back from China with a case of diarrhea that wouldn’t let up, I had my first exploded hemorrhoid. It was horrible. I didn’t know why the toilet bowl was full of bright red blood or why I had some on the toilet paper. I was mortified. I was terrified. I went to the doctor that time.

The doctor took a look at my hemorrhoid. She poked it with a gloved finger. She told me I needed to do something about the diarrhea (like come back if it didn’t go away in a few days) and that I shouldn’t “push.” Great. I didn’t think I was pushing. But I was. After most of the diarrhea was gone for each sitting, it felt like there was more to come, so I pushed. Yuck.

I freaked out so much that I convinced myself, while sitting in the waiting room before the appointment, that I had a sexually transmitted disease. She thought I was being ridiculous. I wasn’t sure where I would have gotten one from, but I was panicked by the bright red contents of the toilet bowl. She humored me. (All the tests came back negative, thank goodness, because I ended up with so many other problems shortly thereafter.) She also told me to buy red food dye and put three drops in the toilet. She said three drops of blood could do the same thing. I never bought the food coloring, but I understood.

Since then, I’ve had hemorrhoids on and off. They used to come with my period, back when I had the worst of them, with diarrhea, low blood pressure, weakness in my legs, chills, shakes, etc. As my menstrual cycle has gotten closer to the “normal” symptoms, mostly cramps, I only get a hemorrhoid if I overdo it when I should be resting. This is true during my period especially, but also occasionally when I overdo it at other times, engaging in physical activity for too many days in a row without a rest day.

Generally, these hemorrhoids last only a day or two. All I have to do to get rid of them is rest. Sometimes doing a yoga pose, downward dog, helps speed the healing. They were irritating but didn’t hurt too much, until now.

Hemorrhoid from Hell

This month, my period was not such a big deals. Cramps for two days. Obvious fatigue for one day. But that one day, I didn’t stay in bed. I went out to eat. I went to Costco. I did lots of things that didn’t include resting. I didn’t rest the next day either, even though I felt worn out. I just didn’t want to.

Then it popped out. The hemorrhoid from hell.

This most recent hemorrhoid has been different. It is accompanied by pain in my sacrum and by spasms in my colon. That’s right. As if a hemorrhoid wasn’t enough, I had to suffer through the indignity of going to the bathroom every 20 minutes for two hours, sitting there, in pain, waiting for some movement to relieve the pressure. I was actually angry at my anus. (That is a crazy idea!) After I finished in the bathroom, I felt some relief, until the next wave of feces reached the exit. Then the pain started in earnest again. To complete the experience of having colon spasms, I started having explosive gas. The poor little vein in my sphincter was getting rocked by gas and, as a result, torturing me.

This hemorrhoid hurt a lot more than any of the previous ones. I couldn’t concentrate. I didn’t really know what to do to help it calm down.

I tried my usual tricks, resting, reading all day for three days (thank you, Veronica Roth), a few downward dog poses. No deal. It still hurt like hell. My intestines were still a mess.

Next I tried taking a bath, twice. Supposedly those help hemorrhoids go back into the tissue. No deal. Two hot baths (which I enjoyed immensely as I kept reading) made me feel relaxed but had only a short term (about 30 minute) effect on my hemorrhoid.

Finally, I thought about acupuncture. I looked up some points to treat hemorrhoids. Holy moly. I could feel the difference right away. I pushed on a few points on my spine and the top of my head. I could feel my sphincter relax and let the hemorrhoid start to move back into place. Unfortunately, the hemorrhoid hasn’t quite gone away. But it hurts a lot less than yesterday. Meanwhile, I keep going back to those points, as well as one I found later on my wrists, and the pain lets up pretty quickly. Unfortunately, the hemorrhoid decided to bleed again, even after I did all the points.

What does a Hemorrhoid Mean?

This is a thoroughly non-scientific explanation of what I’ve come to think about hemorrhoids and Lyme Disease.

First, I think about what I know from acupuncture and what has worked for me. The hemorrhoids seem to come when I overdo my activities and haven’t rested enough. The points that work best are the ones that tonify my Yang. So I look at it as depleted energy and inability to do activity. When I read about depleted Yang, I see that many of  symptoms describe my current experience. (I’m adding some Yang tonifying foods. Maybe they will help, but that isn’t the point.)

I’m looking at my body’s limitations and recognizing that I want to do so much, and as soon as I have a little bit of energy, I do too much. I wish I had more reserves. Meanwhile, even when I don’t have energy, I’ve been forcing myself to do exercise (walks, yoga, even a bike ride). Maybe my body is telling me I have to do a better job pacing myself and listening to my needs and not forcing activities. It’s hard. I’ve learned this lesson before, and I want desperately to be well enough that I can do whatever I feel like doing without having to worry about such things.

Second, I coiled to see what was happening and learned something. I could tell that whatever was happening in my hemorrhoid was also affecting my intestines and my sacrum. So I coiled my sacrum, knowing that the nerves that come out of it control both locations. They are also the ones connected to the tingling down my right leg that reappeared during the three days of rest. I coiled for Lyme and I coiled for Bartonella. With both frequencies, the hemorrhoid pulsed (gross!) immediately after I stopped coiling. This leads me to wonder whether the hemorrhoid is not only a symptom of too much activity, but also a result of some of the biofilms around my nervous tissue starting to lose ground to the coil machine. I’m hoping that it’s actually a sign that I’m making headway against these infections.

Third, I go back to the principles of naturopathy. One of the ideas is that when healing, especially for chronic illnesses, symptoms reoccur in the reverse order of how they originally appeared. I like this idea the best. The last time (and first time) I had a hemorrhoid this bad was in 2007, right before I lost the ability to move my legs. It was the first of the big symptoms that eventually became a torrent of problems and turned into a disability. It would be awesome if I’ve climbed my way that far back towards health. I imagine that the hemorrhoid is a gateway, and that when I get through it to the other side, I will be well enough to exercise and write daily and do more of what I want in the world.

Finally, a hemorrhoid is just a hemorrhoid. It is painful. It sucks. It means I have to be very careful when I’m on the john. It is a (hopefully) temporary annoyance that I’ll be able to forget about, or if not, that I’ll be able to laugh at.

Other News

During the hemorrhoid from hell saga, I’ve been doing full body coiling sessions for Babesia (570Hz). It occurred to me after I wrote the last post about protozoa that when I’ve gotten rid of Babesia in the past, I did full body coiling sessions daily for several months. I hoped I could get away with just coiling my liver, spleen and chest, but I still had the night sweats, a few days on and a few days off. So before I began testing another set of frequencies (which I’ll still do if this doesn’t work), I decided I should spend a week, at least, doing full body coiling sessions for Babesia. Since I started three days ago, I haven’t had a night sweat. I’m sleeping better. I fall asleep more easily at night. I was starting to believe that doing my whole body would make no difference, but it has. So I’ll continue on for a week or two or even three, and see if that solves my night sweat problems, or if they’ll return every few days.

Babesia 570 Hz


  • chest – 10 minutes


  • liver – 10 minutes
  • 1 minute on each of the following locations
    • head: each side, top, back
    • between legs: thighs, knees, calves
    • feet through coil
    • each shoulder knob
    • each side of ribcage
    • each ilium front
    • each hip bursa
    • pubic bone/lower abdomen
    • each ilium back/side
    • each butt cheek (to the iliac crest and joint in my butt)


  • spleen – 10 minutes
  • 1 minute on each of the following locations
    • each shoulder blade
    • spine: upper, middle, lower

I’ve been doing the protocol above as I also coil for Bartonella. That is why it’s broken up along the day. I’ve modified the Bartonella protocol to fit in all the Babesia coiling time.

Bartonella 832 Hz


  • back of head – 10 minutes
  • liver – 5 minutes
  • spleen – 5 minutes
  • head: each side, top – 2 minutes each
  • spine: upper, middle – 2 minutes each


  • back of head – 10 minutes


  • back of head – 10 minutes
  • abdomen – 5 minutes
  • chest – 5 minutes
  • sacrum – 5 minutes

Once I am sure the Babesia is no longer active in my system, I’ll go back to doing daily coiling sessions for Bartonella that cover my entire body, not just the key parts.


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2 replies

  1. Hello, I was researching Lyme and hemorrhoids, and I came upon your post. I have tested positive for Lyme and have been on antibiotics for 3 weeks now. After week 2.5, I got a big bad protruding hemorrhoid. Haven’t had one since pregnancy 14 yrs ago. It is not going away. I was interested to read that your Lyme affected your period and gave you diarrhea. These were the main troubling symptoms that brought me in to the doctor. I thought my neck arthritis was just especially bad. I had frozen hip joints (which showed no arthritis) and tight leg muscles that felt tight and “old” even though I do yoga 3 days/week. But what really got me was the constant bleeding, the mega migraines with my period (7 months) and the loose stools/diarrhea with nausea and spasms (for 3+ months). I had to ask the doctor for a Lyme test. She said diarrhea was not a Lyme presentation, but she threw it in anyway. She was surprised I had Lyme and treated me for early stage Lyme. They refused to extend my antibiotics. ( Thankfully my partner prescribed another week to make 4 wks.) I have found a few people on line reporting menstrual and gut issues with Lyme. Before I was diagnosed, I thought it was peri-menopausal. But the constant drip has gone away. Maybe it is both, and Lyme attacked my weak area (ovaries). Thanks for posting, since it is helpful to find others out there. I don’t feel so crazy and alone.

    • Thanks, Jess, for reaching out and sharing your story. One of the hardest parts about being a woman with Lyme is dealing with the medical community which is both misinformed about the myriad ways the illness can attack a person, and treats women like their complaints aren’t real. I hope you find a path towards healing.

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