Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease


It’s been a whole month since I’ve been at the computer and able to write. Sometimes I wonder how I blogged the first year that I was coiling. I was definitely as tired as I have been this month. I was certainly sicker. I was also alone way more of the time. My only responsibilities were to take care of my cats. Back then I ordered out food or my mother did the cooking and brought it over.

My life is way better now. I spend time with my husband, even when I feel my worst, and I have to travel up and down the stairs multiple times a day. When I was too sick to cook, my husband brought in food. But as soon as I felt well enough to stand for a while, I was cooking, which used up all my energy. So no blog, but a little bit of life.

That first year, my biggest success was tackling Babesia. The amazing thing was that I started to have days when I wasn’t dead-tired. They weren’t frequent at first.  I was still pretty tired most of the time. But I could peel myself off of a horizontal surface and do something.

Twice this year, I was back in the dead-tired zone. The first time was from the end of March through the beginning of June. Most of those days, I was dead tired. Occasionally, I had days when I could do something, but I paid a steep price each time. Active days were followed by at least a week of being too tired to move. I was sure that it was the vaccinations I took making all the infections come out full-blast. I certainly had a multitude of symptoms from all the infections I’m aware I have. However, the key infection that made a difference was Babesia. Once I started the full Babesia coiling protocol, I was significantly better in a week. One week. If circumstances had been different, I would have coiled the full Babesia protocol for 3 weeks past the last trace of symptoms, but I couldn’t. I had too many things going on all summer, each punctuated by heavy fatigue. I kept trying to convince myself the Babesia was dormant again, which led me to wonder whether there is an active 4th infection.


Where I was when the cough started

Where I was when the cough started: Ongiin Khiid, Mongolia

The second time I became dead-tired was this past month. I came back from my trip to Mongolia with a cough. The cough came and went and I was sort of okay.

Then September 14, my cousins came to visit. I pushed too hard to do things with them and ended up with a fever. I wrote my last blog post with the last bit of my energy before I headed to bed for a few weeks.

The cough turned out to be a very bad case of bronchitis. I had fevers every morning and every night. I was achy all over. My neck muscles were strained. I had no appetite, and when I did eat, I would feel nauseated after a small portion. I ended up losing 14 pounds in three weeks. I was dead-tired all the time. I slept a large portion of the day. I was up at night coughing to the point of gagging. When I took Advil for the fevers, I would sweat for two hours, feeling hot and cold until the fever broke. Then twelve hours later, I’d have a raging fever again (usually around 101.4 degrees F), and start the process over. When I took Advil at night, I couldn’t sleep because I was so uncomfortable, sweating and freezing and hot, repeat.

I tried coiling a few frequencies that I’ve heard might help. They did nothing. I ended up taking two courses of antibiotics in the fear that this infection might turn into pneumonia. The fear was in part because I was having night sweats every night, even before I started Advil.

The first antibiotic was azithromycin (Z-pack) for 5 days. I’ve taken it for Lyme before. I’ve also taken it as part of a combination to treat Babesia. It didn’t help much with the bronchitis, though I stopped having night sweats, except when I took Advil. The second antibiotic was levofloxacin (Levaquin) 500mg for 10 days. With the first dose, the coughing got much worse. I thought, just maybe, this might be finally expelling the infection. But it didn’t. I still had the cough and all the other attendant problems of this infection.

One night, I decided it was time to stop taking Advil. Whatever my body was trying to do with the fever, I needed to let it do. Nothing else was working. That night, I went to bed with a fever and coughed for a half hour. I felt like I was freezing. But when I slept, it was a sound sleep, rather than staying awake through hot and cold the way I did with Advil. I woke up once, drenched in sweat, but a comfortable temperature. A good night’s sleep gave me some clarity. A side benefit was no fever in the morning (even though it returned at night).


The first clear thought I had was to find an acupuncturist. As I’ve written about in the past, acupuncture has played a key role in my health. When I first had the tick-bite (that I didn’t recognize as such), an acupuncturist reversed the worst of the joint problems and kept me healthy enough to work. When I became disabled by the tick-borne infection trio (Lyme, Babesia & Bartonella), but didn’t know what was wrong, an acupuncturist treated me for the immense pain, and got me well enough to look for other doctors who might know what was wrong.

I stopped using acupuncture after I’d been coiling for a while because acupuncture stimulates the immune system, especially if the imbalance I have is a depleted immune system. I wanted to let the infections stay active and kill them, so no more acupuncture. Then I moved to California and didn’t know any acupuncturists.

Somewhere in my recent fever-ridden haze, I realized that an acupuncturist might help me get rid of the bronchitis. I went to a clinic in town, Watsonville Community Acupuncture. The women who work there are competent and gentle. The place is rather inexpensive, and the treatments are in a room with other patients, all of us in recliner chairs. They suggested I come several days in a row.

After the first treatment, my nightly fever was only 99.5 degrees F. After the second treatment, which was the next day, my fever was gone for good. After the third treatment, one more day later, my cough was only in the morning when I got up and at night near bedtime. My appetite started to increase. I was starting to get my strength back, enough to do a little something. But I had no stamina. After 15 minutes of sitting, standing or walking, I was done for several hours, ready to lie down again.

I got two more treatments the following week. I was feeling different. The cough isn’t totally gone. It almost was, until I aspirated a tiny morsel of food last night. Now I’m all full of phlegm again. But I don’t feel sick the way I did.

Back on track

After the first three acupuncture treatments, I went back to coiling. I did full protocols for Lyme and Bartonella. I didn’t notice any kind of herx for Bartonella. The only symptom from the Lyme herx was moderately smelly urine about 48 hours later (which happened a second time when I coiled for Lyme again several days later). In any case, it’s no surprise that the two bacterial infections are mostly dormant after all the antibiotics.

I ended up with one other strange problem. The front of my right leg went into a painful spasm making it very difficult to walk. My gut told me to try coiling at 690 Hz for Mycoplasma fermentans (also an alternate frequency for Lyme). I did it three times in one day on my sacrum, 5 minutes each time. The next morning, I woke up feeling better, until I went down the stairs for breakfast. The stairs did me in. Not only did the front of one leg hurt, but my hips, on both sides, were stiff, tense and painful. It was bad enough that I wanted to shout, so I did. Then I tried yoga. I know enough poses to get myself loose. Forty minutes of yoga essentially fixed the problems.

Babesia Revisited

As things started to look up, I had a huge night sweat. No fever. Just a classic Babesia sweat. The next day I felt dead-tired. Again.

That’s when it hit me. I finally had some clarity about how difficult things have been since January. In January, I tried something with eggs in it. My intestines were in better shape than they’ve been in in years. Partly I wanted to see if I still had the neurological reaction to eggs. Partly I was seeing if I could trigger the Lyme to become active because I no longer had symptoms or herxes. I successfully triggered the Lyme, made the Bartonella worse and wrote all about it. What I didn’t realize is that I also triggered the Babesia and that it has been at least somewhat active all year. I was not so sure it was active because I didn’t get migraines or light-induced headaches. I never got the Babesia infection under control again, even after I realized it was active. I kept wanting to cheat, coiling less than I need to to beat it back.

This time, I’m not playing games. I’m doing the full Babesia coiling protocol, three sessions a day, at 570 Hz. I coiled for a week and I was much improved. The night sweats stopped. I’m not dead-tired. For good measure, based on a piece of advice someone gave me 3 years ago, I’m also doing the same protocol at 753 Hz. It is another Babesia frequency for when 570Hz doesn’t work. I had a night sweat the first night I coiled at 753Hz. So I assume it’s doing something.

The plan is to knock Babesia back to dormant or gone. Either would be fine, although gone would be preferable. For the next month, I’ll be doing the full protocol for each frequency every day. Or for at least 3 weeks past the last symptom. To accomplish this, I’m doing the bare minimum on Bartonella and Lyme, for both I’m only coiling my central nervous system. The goal isn’t try to vanquish all three infections at once, but to get rid of one, and prevent the others from getting too active. I wasn’t going to coil for them at all, but I can feel a few symptoms of each (tiredness in late afternoon–Lyme, tingling in arms-Bartonella).

Here’s hoping the next month takes me back to feeling normal, or at least as well as I did last autumn.


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  1. I hope the next month brings you some relief. You give me hope that there is life after this …

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