Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Tipping Point

As I’ve battled each of the chronic infections with the coil machine, I’ve reached a point when the herxes start to diminish. Usually, at that point, I coil more per session or more frequently (from once per week to once each three days, or from once per day to twice or thrice per day). The herx gets worse initially. Then it diminishes. In the cases of Lyme and Babesia, I reached a point where the herxes kept diminishing, even if I coiled more. That was the tipping point.

Once I passed the tipping point, I reached a point where the coiling protocol got rid of the symptoms completely. That taught me what I needed to do during seasonal flares or relapses. I knew how much my body could take. I knew how much to coil to kill off the active infection faster than it could wake up or reproduce. I could hit the tipping point in a few weeks.

I’m thinking about that now as I coil for Bartonella. I haven’t previously reached the tipping point for this infection. Whenever I coiled more, I herxed more. I had chronic pain in my kidneys that told me I was killing as much bacteria as my body could process. This has gone on for three years. Bartonella either reproduced really fast…or it was so embedded in my body…that there was always more to kill off.

For the past ten days, things have turned around a little bit. I switched around my Bartonella coiling protocol to focus more on my central nervous system. It had an immediate impact. I started having kidney pain the next morning. The amazing thing, though, is that the pain diminished over a few days, and was even gone for a few days. I don’t completely believe this is possible.

I’m considering whether I need to make more modifications to the coiling protocol, or if I can stick with this one for a while and see if the symptoms coming out of my central nervous system eventually start to resolve.

I’m hoping I reached the tipping point. If I have, it’s great news. If not, at least I have a renewed sense of hope about getting rid of the Bartonella infection.

Lyme Trifecta

I waited a week between my Lyme coiling sessions because for several days after the blitz I did on Lyme (central nervous system for 6 days in a row, plus 2 full body coiling protocols during that time), all the Lyme symptoms seemed gone.

Then the symptoms started to come back after 5 days. They were small, but they were definitely Lyme. There were three, and it took me a few days to be really sure. The symptoms were: excessive sleep (10 hours a night plus a nap one of the days), popping joints all over my body, and short-term, localized neuropathy. The last one is the strange one. I get either a sharp pain that lasts a few minutes, like some one poked me with a awl or a skewer. Or I get funny sensations, like an insect crawling somewhere on my body that disappears and moves to totally different area of my body. Then it moves again, and again. It makes me a little bit crazy.

So it seems that my Lyme early-warning symptoms have changed again. It was a pain in my right rib cage for a long time. That didn’t happen before I coiled this time. Now I have the trifecta that doesn’t really happen with Bartonella to tell me it’s time to coil again.

When I coiled, I got more joint popping for about 24 hours, needed lots of sleep, and had pain in my rib cage for about an hour. Then it was all over. I didn’t see any other obvious herx signs.

So I waited a week the first time. Then the second time, I only waited 4 days. I had a little bit of the strange neuropathy in the morning and decided I should just coil that day.

I wish I was at the point that I could coil Lyme only once a week without getting symptomatic. I suppose I could coil at that interval, if I didn’t mind a few symptoms. But I have enough going on with Bartonella, that I think I’ll coil whenever the first symptom pops up.

Which leads me to one other thought that keeps popping up in my mind. I suspect that as I get closer to the end of the Bartonella infection, my immune system, and several other systems, will have to readjust. During the readjustment, the Lyme might activate a little at a time. No big deal. I’ll just keep coiling.

Bartonella Protocol

Draft 12

831 Hz (103 minutes total)

Morning (51 minutes total)

  • back of head – 5 minutes (+4 minutes during upper spine)
  • head: each side + corresponding hand, top – 3 minutes per
  • upper and middle spine – 4 minutes per
  • sacrum – 5 minutes
  • each shoulder knob – 3 minutes
  • abdomen – 3 minutes
  • chest – 5 minutes
  • liver – 3 minutes
  • each side of ribcage + corresponding arm – 1 minute
  • each ilium front, each hip bursa, pubic bone – 1 minute per

Evening (52 minutes total)

  • back of head – 5 minutes (+4 minutes during upper spine)
  • head: each side + corresponding hand, top – 3 minutes per
  • upper and middle spine – 4 minutes per
  • sacrum – 5 minutes
  • each shoulder knob – 4 minutes
  • spleen/left kidney – 5 minutes
  • right kidney – 3 minutes
  • between legs: thighs, knees, calves – 1 minute per
  • feet through coil – 1 minute
  • each ilium back, each butt cheek, sitbones – 1 minute per

Note: I use three coils during each session otherwise they get too hot to complete the protocol. In the past, when I’ve coiled for Bartonella for this amount of time in one day, I split it into three sessions using two coils.

The big changes I made between the last coiling protocol and this one are to focus my coiling on my central nervous system. Last year, I reached the point where I was coiling the back of my head for 8 minutes each session, three times a day. It was a lot. I’m not sure if it was too much, but it made a huge difference in giving me big herxes, then reducing my neurological symptoms over the course of several months.

This time, I’m coiling the back of my head for a total of 9 minutes: 5 minutes using the whole coil, then an additional 4 minutes using the side of the coil while it is lying flat on the upper third of my spine. The area being coiled on the back of my head is smaller, but still significant.

I increased the amount of time I’m coiling the rest of my head as well as my upper and central spine. I felt an immediate difference with severe kidney pain the next day. I knew I was on to something.

Although it is tempting to keep shifting around the available minutes to add more time to my central nervous system, I have three other considerations.

  1. I want to coil my entire blood stream twice a day. I’m not sure if the Bartonella bacteria still infect my blood, or even use it for transport, but just in case they do, I want to coil my blood. That is why I coil my heart and spleen for five minutes each.
  2. I also want to make sure I coil my entire body every day, even if only negligible infection is present in my extremities, for this reason: any place that doesn’t get coiled is a possible new hiding place for the bacteria. So even though I sometimes think I’m spinning my wheels with the one minute coiling on all these body parts, I usually recognize that it is a necessary part of preventing myself from backsliding.
  3. I need to coil my shoulders a lot. Coiling them extra last year gave me bigger herxes. Plus, so much of my pain is centered around my neck, shoulders and arms. I think that when I coil my shoulder knobs, I’m covering a lot of nerves that are affected by this infection.

One final note: On the days I coil for Lyme, I do a reduced coil for Bartonella, using the times from the morning protocol, I do my entire head, entire spine and my shoulders.

 Surviving Bartonella

The worst part of fighting Bartonella is that it makes me feel horrible. I have all the crazy physical symptoms, which by itself would be enough. But the worst part is that the infection in my central nervous system messes with my brain. When I have brain fog, I can’t process things so well. It can be frustrating. Even worse than that is when this infection zaps my will to do anything and puts me in a depressive state.

Over the past several days, in fact, since the day I started to write this post (Monday!), I have had to force myself to do everything I’ve done. I made myself cook. That was a great idea because I love eating what I cook, and that cheered me up temporarily. I made myself go for a walk. I made myself coil. I made myself read. I made myself call my family. But when I couldn’t make myself do anything, I sat around and did nothing. I was grumpy and mopey and didn’t want to talk to people. We had people over for dinner. I made myself cook. I made myself participate in the conversation with people I really like. Afterwards, I felt completely drained and depressed. It was just too much.

My amazing husband has been so caring during this episode. I suppose it’s easier to deal with than when I get hopeless and start crying and raging about the future. He tells me what he likes about me. He reminds me of what I’ve done in my life, especially since I’ve gotten sick. He reminds me of the people who care about me. He suggests low-key activities, like going to the beach, which we did yesterday. He rubs my back and helps me relax and maybe cry a little. He gives me space to laugh at myself. And he helps me get through the dark days.

We went to Sunset Beach outside Watsonville, CA. The tide was very low and still going out. The seagulls looked uncharacteristically majestic. It was hard to stay mopey.

We went to Sunset Beach outside Watsonville, CA. The tide was very low and still going out. The seagulls looked uncharacteristically majestic. It was hard to stay mopey.

So today, I woke up in much better shape, emotionally and psychologically. I can write again, even though I needed time to sit and do nothing after breakfast. The symptoms are shifting around, and I’m noticing the problems in my body much more today than over the past two or three days.

When I started coiling this new protocol last week, I got crazy constipated. It was a fight with my intestines to let anything out. Then the day before yesterday, bowel movements got urgent and a little too easy. It seems that the other side of the same coin.

When I started this new protocol, I had pain in my lower abdomen and urinary hesitation and kidney pain. For a few days I had kidney pain in the mornings which resolved in the early afternoon. I even had a day or two with no kidney pain. Today it is worse again and hasn’t gone away at 2:30pm (when I’m editing this post).

When I started this protocol, I started getting hot at night. Now I’m still hot at night and lightly sweaty when I wake up for my nightly toilet run.

When I started this protocol, the tension in my shoulders, neck, upper back and scalp got much worse. I had headaches. I had pain running down my arms. That resolved for a few days, but has returned today. (No headache yet, but I feel one might be coming on.) Today, my knuckles are very sore, stiff, and achy.

When I started this protocol, my heart got worse again, for two days. More pain in my chest, more shortness of breath. It has come and gone a few times. Today I’m out of breath again.

When I started this protocol, my already slightly swollen abdomen got very swollen. It hasn’t gone down yet and might have gotten bigger. Actually, my whole body feels swollen like I’m retaining water.

When I started this protocol, I didn’t have any pain in my legs. I got some sharp pains on the bottom of my feet, for one day, but that has resolved.

There have been two other strange symptoms that weren’t worth mentioning when I started coiling for Bartonella again, but have gotten worse with this protocol: hair loss and auditory hallucinations. Lots of hair is falling out. It isn’t in clumps, but the amount that comes out in the shower (and between showers) has increased fivefold or more. The auditory hallucinations are sounds that are muffled, like I’m wearing earplugs, and I can hear an old-fashion telephone ring or a guitar strumming. But there is no actual similar noise in my environment.

This protocol seems to be having an effect. Even if it is a slow trod, I think I’m on the right track, and I can, when I’m not busy feeling depressed, see that I’m making progress.


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