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I write about juicing from time to time because it is both the best way I’ve found to detox and the hardest to do regularly. Somehow I managed to make a big batch yesterday, enough for today as well. So why juice? Benefits of Juicing to Detox I say that juiced greens are the best way to detox because they are filled with nutrients that build up the human body […]

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Juicing without carrots

When your life is sweet, do you really need sweet foods? I was asking myself this question the day I discovered carrots have malvin in them. I’ve been eating them all along in small quantities only occasionally…until I started drinking juiced greens. Meanwhile, I’m heading towards a zero-inflammation diet, hoping to keep myself from getting too sick and too symptomatic as autumn progresses. So no more carrots starting this week. […]

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Private Yoga Lessons

Every now and then, I show up for my regular yoga class and there are only one or two other students. Other times, it is crowded. Today, the only other student was my friend, who I was bringing to her first yoga class ever. My favorite teacher was teaching the class. I found it challenging and sweaty, after only one class in the previous 6 weeks. (I missed last week […]

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Reading Tea Leaves

My little experiment with coiling for Babesia to end a bout of fatigue was partially successful. I had enough energy to get moving this morning and go for a walk by 1pm. The success did not last the full day, and I’ve had heart symptoms this afternoon and evening. In fact, I woke up with them and took magnesium citrate this morning along with the magnesium glycinate I take every […]

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Getting Aggressive

I’m lucky enough to have a bunch of friends who want to talk to me. I’m wishing for the part of the Herx where I just want to lie around and sleep ends so that I can call each one of them and see a few of them. There are emails I want to send, sharing my thoughts and experiences (about things other than Lyme). There is a novel I […]

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The day started with a little mistake. Instead of putting flax seed oil in my breakfast shake, I added sesame seeds. Oops. Guess I’m not done with the neurological part of the Lyme Herx. Tomorrow I’m heading out of town to see my sister (yay!) and her husband (yay!) and to meet my new nephew (super yay!). Since I’m going to be away for a few days, I’m putting things […]

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Trying the juicer for myself

I finally did it. Today I used the juicer. In case you didn’t believe me before, it’s true that I take forever to get things started. But I eventually do what I set out to do. The reason I’m juicing is that juiced vegetables provide lots of vitamins and minerals and enzymes. To be able to eat and digest the amount I got in the juice, I’d need another three […]

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Today I coiled my head for the first time. I spent some time on and off during the day thinking about what I wrote yesterday regarding the possible sources of headaches. Then I had to make a decision. I chose to coil the back of my head for Lyme instead of starting on Babesia for several reasons. First, the bump on the back of my head swelled up when I […]

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BioMat day two

I used the BioMat after I wrote last night. I tried the high heat setting and covered myself with a beach towel. I did that because the instructions said to cover oneself with a cotton sheet or blanket. Anyway, I sweated a little during the half hour I used it, but only on the parts of my body that were covered. Or more specifically, I sweated next to the mat […]

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