Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

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I write about juicing from time to time because it is both the best way I’ve found to detox and the hardest to do regularly. Somehow I managed to make a big batch yesterday, enough for today as well. So why juice?

Benefits of Juicing to Detox

I say that juiced greens are the best way to detox because they are filled with nutrients that build up the human body while also containing elements that clean out the blood, liver and intestines. Who could ask for more? Unlike other detox options, like colonics, it doesn’t deplete minerals or upset the digestive tract flora. Unlike diatomaceous earth, clay or Welchol, it doesn’t cause constipation and gas. So I’m a big fan.

I’ve even learned to enjoy the taste. Back when I started drinking juiced greens, I added apple or carrot to sweeten it. Then I discovered I was having a reaction to each of those ingredients. For a time, I added stevia to sweeten up the concoction of lettuce, kale, parsley, celery and cucumbers (and dill or cilantro or arugula), with some lemon squeezed in right before I drank it. Then one day I forgot to add the stevia. Surprisingly, I enjoyed the flavors. I discovered that I didn’t need sweetness to make it okay. Now I’m fine without it.

There is a particular kind of thirst I get that seems unquenchable. Only juiced greens can satisfy my thirst.

Why I have a hard time juicing

Juiced greens are difficult for me to work into a regular routine. I go to the store with the best intentions, purchasing enough for 2-3 double batches. Then I get home and don’t want to spend close to an hour prepping the vegetables, doing the juicing, and cleaning the machine before I have the green gold in hand. I assume it will be easier now that I have more energy than before…even though I want to use my energy for other more interesting activities.

The other downside to juiced greens is the expense. A 12 ounce glass of juice comes to almost $4, even when I make it at home. It makes all the other pills and things I take seem rather inexpensive. I hate taking pills, but they are easier and cheaper than juiced greens. Yet the greens call me back over and over because they work.

Juicing Regularly

When I lived near my mother, she got into juicing, too. She often made enough for both of us. When I was drinking juiced greens several times a week, I felt better. My symptoms lessened in intensity. I felt more clarity of mind. My intestines were happier than I’ve come to expect. I want that again as I tackle Bartonella. So I’m trying.

Lyme Activism

Although I’ve chosen not to use antibiotics anymore, for most people with chronic Lyme, antibiotics are a lifeline. More importantly, as I’ve read the medical literature (what gets sent to physicians in their professional journals), I’ve discovered that they know that they will miss at least 40% of the positive acute cases using the IDSA guidelines, yet the publications offer no other ways to diagnose this debilitating illness. The IDSA guidelines prevent people from being diagnosed and prevent them from receiving adequate treatment even if they meet the diagnostic criteria.

Right now, and until February 10, there is a petition to President Obama asking him to take action to reform the IDSA guidelines. I’ve signed it. If you have Lyme, or know someone who has or might have Lyme, or just care about the issue, I encourage you to sign the petition.

Coiling Update

I’ve continued to coil my entire body for Bartonella the last two days. New symptoms include cold hands and feet (which I didn’t realize had diminished when I returned from NYC in January) all the time, changes in my vision (not being able to focus both eyes at the same time, more prominent floaters), restlessness and increased energy (good for juicing!), tingling in my arms, pain in my elbows and wrists, swollen glands in my neck, and irritability. Sleep is good one night , then not so good the next.

The thing is, I don’t look well. I look tired, with dark bags under my eyes. I feel achy and it shows on my face. I’m tired but I can’t settle down. I feel motivated, and I was able to concentrate yesterday, but today I’m having a harder time of it.

Meanwhile, the Lyme bacteria continue to wake up. Two days ago, I coiled my whole body for Lyme. Then last night, I started to feel pain in my hip bursae again. This morning, I had pain in my sacrum in addition to the bursae. As the day progressed, my knees & ankles started to ache, too. So I’m coil my sacrum, bursae and knees today to kill the Lyme as it comes out of the cyst form. No need to suffer when I can take care of it with the coil.


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