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Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

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Tonight I filed my taxes. Given my current financial situation, it was pretty straightforward to do it online. I brought in a small enough amount that I didn’t even have to pay to e-file. I recently read an article in Mother Jones about how the tax prep industry targets low-income communities of color to overcharge people who don’t realize how simple it is to file for themselves. (It isn’t on […]

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Happy feet

Hot, itchy, happy feet. I went for the detoxifying, ionizing footbath today. At one level, it meant sticking my feet in hot water for 25 minutes while the water turned rust-colored. Apparently, the first think the bath pulls out is iron. I watched my feet for a while then knitted until the timer went off. Then I stared at them again. I saw a lot of foam, which supposedly means […]

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Chest pains

Not a heart attack. There is a very specific kind of pain that I’ve had since just after the time when I’m sure I was bitten by a tick in 2001. It starts out as a sharp pain, like the underwire of a bra is digging into my ribs. (This was confusing back when I wore underwire.) Then it spreads along one or two ribs and gets focused on the […]

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Restless and Lethargic

I’m still sitting out the Herx. All day I’ve been feeling like I can’t move, can’t get up, can’t get started. At the same time, I’m bored and can’t settle down. I’m not really sure where all the hours went. This is what I dread. I hate waiting it out. I tried sending a few emails to see if I could focus. I tried reading for a little while. Nothing […]

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Rethinking and revising

When doing science at the most basic level, the idea is to make observations. Try different conditions one at a time, make more observations, then form a hypothesis. Once the hypothesis is made, generate a series of tests (an experiment) to confirm or modify a hypothesis. Everyone likes to skip the first part, including me. But when the experiment is on my body, I have to slow down and rethink […]

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Taking the plunge…again

Or rather, taking a hot bath two days in a row. As I mentioned yesterday, yoga kicked me really hard. (More on that in the body section.) I knew I needed to take another bath today. I hemmed and hawed and hemmed some more until it was finally 5:30pm and I knew I wouldn’t sleep tonight if I didn’t do something about all the muscle pain. Instead of my usual […]

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Sleepy. Sleepy. I’m trying to keep it simple tonight. It’s just after 10pm and I want to go to bed. Kind of how I’ve been feeling most of the day. I’ve had periods of consecutive days, especially between June and December 2010, where I felt almost well, not really actually acutely sick. Then I’ve had this physical pain and exhaustion since the end of December that hasn’t let up yet. […]

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Mom’s Juicer

My mother is amazing. She does so much for me (not to mention a whole host of other people). These days, she’s coming around to hang out for companionship, going to yoga with me, and providing me vegetable juice from her juicer until I have the energy to rearrange my kitchen and set mine up. Water on the knee I got interrupted by a few phone calls while I was […]

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Punky’s favorite kind of day

Gravity I woke up with gravity on my mind this morning. Based on my physical observations, it had increased from it’s traditional 9.8 m/s2. My arms and legs felt at least twice as heavy as usual, and that’s before I even tried to move them. When I finally peeled myself off the bed, I decided that there were 3 things I had to do today: use the coil take a […]

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