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Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

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Symptoms that occur during the coiling process.


Yesterday was a big day for me. The feeling of walking like it’s a natural motion and the feeling of standing like it is a stable position, have revolutionized my world. I really believe I will heal. Not just get better, or get well enough to go on with my life, accepting some amount of limitations as the infections drag on and on. But heal. Completely. Despite this new found […]

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Waking Up Again

In my last post, I wrote about the 5 days of unrelenting fatigue. It was really getting to me. Each day, as I slogged through the hours, trying to convince myself to do something, I was getting depressed and reclusive. I was so tired and unhappy. Then I woke up. It’s funny that it happens that way. I woke up one morning earlier this week and I had energy again. […]

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Inaugural Bike Ride

Last Wednesday, I went for my first bike ride on my new bike. I got a brand new bike as a birthday present (thanks to Joe, Mom & Dad) as part of my goal to rebuild my health. And to have fun doing it. The ride itself was rather short: 20 minutes then rest then 20 minutes back to the car. Joe and I rode on the levee adjacent to […]

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Getting Aggressive

Yesterday I did my first full Bartonella coiling protocol. I coiled three, count ’em one-two-three, times yesterday. (The full protocol is here.) It was an act of bravery. I was rather nervous about coiling that much. I was afraid I would get so restless I might not sleep for a few days. But that isn’t what happened. The regular morning coiling generated the normal amount of restlessness, tempered by the […]

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Leaping into Bartonella Treatment

With each infection I confront, I make a leap at some point, from treating it a little, whittling down the infection, to slamming it. Today is the day for Bartonella. I decided it is time. Over the past few days, I started adding in other sessions to clean my blood stream of active Bartonella. Rather than making the herxes more intense, it has actually reduced them. This is a relief. […]

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Return to Juicing

I write about juicing from time to time because it is both the best way I’ve found to detox and the hardest to do regularly. Somehow I managed to make a big batch yesterday, enough for today as well. So why juice? Benefits of Juicing to Detox I say that juiced greens are the best way to detox because they are filled with nutrients that build up the human body […]

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Lyme Resurfaces

It hit me like a ton of bricks yesterday afternoon. I had bad pain in my hips, pain down the outer sides of my legs, stiffness in my hips and legs, and my walking was slowed to a limp. I got really tired and started to ache all over. I still had the Bartonella restlessness keeping me from falling asleep, until I finally did, on the biomat, landing in a […]

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Bartonella Coiling Plan

Yesterday I sat down with my notebook and everything I think I know about Bartonella. I came up with what I think is an aggressive plan to get rid of the infection. I took into account what some other coilers have told me about their experiences as well as what I’ve tried. I took into account where I think the infection is concentrated in my body and what my symptoms […]

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Control vs Cure

I went to my very first Lyme Support Group on Thursday night. It was eye opening. In some ways, it reminded me of the camaraderie of the room where I went to get iv Rocephin for three months. It was nice being around other people who understand the struggles, the triumphs (large and small), the relapses and so on. I will definitely be going back. Yet I felt a little […]

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Climbing Slowly and Carefully

I started this round of Bartonella slowly. I learned in the autumn that the infection seems to be primarily in my central nervous system, i.e. my brain, and that coiling my head leads to herxes. The herxes are different from the ones with Lyme. I’m pacing myself this time, not rushing into it to get it done with sooner, but respecting that my body is stronger and my desire to […]

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