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Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

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Symptoms that occur during the coiling process.

Log Jam

It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to record what’s going on, two weeks already. I’ve had a lot on my mind. The good stuff has included some celebrating of my husband’s birthday, which was a great excuse to have fun and eat yummy food, and flying to North Carolina to spend time with my sister and her family, which is where I am now. The harder stuff […]

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Bartonella Flares and Herxes

As I’ve been coiling for Bartonella over the past few weeks, I can’t stop thinking about the earlier bouts of Bartonella in my life, the ones that predate contracting Lyme Disease. Partly, I think about those earlier Bartonella flares because I’m having some of the symptoms again. Yet instead of being upset by them, I’m encouraged. I think that by coiling a lot and killing off the infection faster than […]

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Quorum Sensing

It’s been a rough couple of weeks. I’m coiling for Bartonella a lot now: minimum twice a day on my head, spine and torso, and most days, once on the rest of my body. I’m way more disabled than I was even a month ago, when I went to NYC to visit my parents. The herxes are the major culprit. The herxes are changing. I have less insomnia, fewer headaches, […]

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The Evolution of Herxes

I ramped up the coiling treatments last week and I knew I’d be down for the count. I was in denial about it, thinking I could still have energy to do other things. I’m more disabled than I’ve been for a while. That part is depressing. But I feel strong enough to handle the suffering. It’s been a rough week, but…I’m still standing. There is something wonderful about the realization […]

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Long Term Perspective

As I go through the list of herx symptoms in my head or on the blog, it reminds me of how bad I still feel on a regular basis. These feelings can get overwhelming, making me wonder if I will ever get through it all. The joint aches, belly problems, headaches and fatigue get me down. When I take stock of how bad things were when I started coiling, or […]

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Lyme Waltz

Starting this past Friday, I’ve changed my coiling schedule. Day One is Lyme plus morning and evening Bartonella. Days Two and Three are full Bartonella protocol. Three steps, in succession, to the beat of the music. Lyme Coiling I decided I need to do Lyme every third day if I want to kill it fast and reduce the severity of each herx. I really learned my lesson over the past […]

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A Question of Timing

I’ve been doing a lot more than I used to. It’s cutting into my coiling time. This includes today when I’ll be going on an overnight trip and missing a few coiling sessions. After this weekend, however, I expect to be home and prioritizing getting through Bartonella as much as possible for the following several weeks. As a result of my doing too much, I waited 5 days between the […]

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Headache Remedies

This day last year, Joe proposed to me. It was a beautiful interaction that launched a new episode in my life. It is a reminder that things do get better as life goes on. I’m happy today remembering it. I’m also happy looking  back to 2012, that my life started picking up after 5 years, and I’m feeling like I have a present as well as a future. As always, […]

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I went back to NYC for a few days to visit my family. The hardest part of living in California is that it’s so far away from New York. Otherwise I love where I live and whom I live with. Anyway, while in New York, I spent time with my parents and several friends, essentially the members of my adopted family, who came to my parents’ apartment to hang out. […]

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Increasing Levels of Aggression

More and more, I’m convinced that the main infection that caused my leg problems and cognitive problems was Bartonella, not Lyme Disease. This is happening as I increase the amount I coil for Bartonella and get closer and closer to feeling like a healthy human being. The other thing I’m learning, or at least what I’ve concluded from my observations over the past few weeks, is that the primary area […]

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