Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease


Last Tuesday (not yesterday but 8 days ago), I underwent surgery to have the kidney stone on the left side removed from my ureter, the tube that connects kidney to bladder. The hospital called it surgery, but to me it wasn’t technically surgery because the surgeon didn’t make any new holes in my body.

In any case, it took me several days to get past the grogginess and fatigue of general anesthesia. Once that wore off, I was still laid up because the doctor left a stent behind given the trauma to my ureter that the stone caused, and that tube caused just as much pain as the stone. So I gave myself a break and spent time in bed watching movies and reading books and sitting up only as needed.

When the doctor finally took it out after a week, I felt initially relieved then I noticed that I still felt sore. As promised, that wore off within 48 hours. I still have another, smaller kidney stone waiting to hatch on the right side. Now, in addition to Lyme disease and the ensuing drama, I’m trying to figure out why I’m making kidney stones. There were some clues in the blood work from the hospital, so I’m off for a few more tests to see if we can prevent additional painful corrective procedures.

Meanwhile, my cat is pretty sick, maybe dying. (My other cat died in December.) I feel pretty stressed out right now, like I want to spend time alone and with the little guy I still have…while I still have him.

I haven’t given up on the coil. I’m planning to start up again this week. Before I launch into Lyme disease treatment, I want to do two other experiments. I want to try coiling for candida (yeast). I’ve read that the detoxing afterwards isn’t too bad and that I’ll feel better quickly. If that’s true, I may work on both candida and Lyme at the same time. I’m also going to give Bartonella a shot, just to see if it’s active enough for me to need to treat it, too, right away.

For now, I need a day or two in peace, without significant, acute pain to hang out with my kitty and clear my mind. Then I’ll get started on coiling and tackling the backlog of life that piled up since mid-December.


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