Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Starting up again

This afternoon, I tried using the coil at a frequency for candida (465 Hz for 5 minutes). I’ve heard/read that I shouldn’t get much of a Herx from it. I’m not sure I’ll feel anything at all. I just want to be able to eat oatmeal for breakfast without all my symptoms getting worse.

Tonight I did a 30 second coiling session for Lyme disease at 10pm, shortly before I go to bed. I’ve been having headaches, joint aches and back pain. My hips are bothering me. With the acute kidney problem behind me, I’m back to tackling Lyme disease, before it completely wipes me out again.

Before I was even done with the 30 seconds, I started to have a constricted feeling, almost a heaviness in my chest. I feel like it’s going straight to my head, though. My vision seems altered after only a few minutes. I’m waiting until my pre-existing headache gets worse before I pop a pill to catch my bile and cut short this Herx reaction.

There is something difficult about this moment in my life. A few things have gone really wrong (like the kidney stone and the cat and lots of things that I haven’t put on the blog) and I’m tired and in pain again. But what’s worse is the recent memory of hope and energy and expansiveness I felt during the autumn months when I was on Rocephin, in the news and seeing people all the time. Now I want to be alone recuperating, yet I can’t quite feel fully hopeful about anything.

The cat, by the way, is doing better than the beginning of the week. He’ll have to be on thyroid pills for the rest of his life. The vet ruled out worse possibilities that his symptoms suggested (major infections, cancer), so I’m hoping my buddy will be around for a while longer.

Rose's Kitties

PJ and Punky last summer: PJ (left) died in Dec. I'm hoping Punky recovers and sticks around for a while.



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  1. Rose,
    I am also useing a coil machine for Lyme and co-infections.

    I have found that detoxing after coiling is important to minimize the herx responce.
    I use FIR Infrared heat (sauna or pad). This make all the differance with Babesia.

    Getting the herxing under control will allow you to coil more offen. Allowing you to heal faster.

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