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Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Napping like a baby

One of the pleasures of being around recently born people (aka infants) is that they sleep with such intensity. I sat in the back of the car with my nephew for about 2 hours today and watched him sleep. It’s amazing how much is going on when they look passed out, almost dead to the world, with limbs limp and eyes shut.

I got to take a nap this afternoon with my nephew in his mommy’s comfy chair. What a nap! At first I had to stay partly awake while he was sleeping on my chest. Then his parents came home and I got to take my real nap. I fell into a deep sleep, the kind that can refresh as much as a full night’s sleep.

It reminded me of the early years of Lyme. In 2007 and 2008, I slept like a newborn. I had many, many days in which I slept upwards of 18 hours, usually in several shifts. Then I would have a few days when I was done sleeping for a while. Newborns use all that sleep time to grow. I used it to fight raging infections. Nothing could wake me at the time. My mind would shut down my consciousness and physical functions when my energy was required internally.

What I still find curious is that I sleep better at night when I take a nap during the day. I’ve heard that healthy people can’t sleep at night if they sleep during the day. Too bad for them. There’s nothing like an afternoon nap. Ask my nephew.

Sometimes, like today, I can see how peaceful it is to sleep. It seems like a pleasant way for our bodies to grow and heal.


None. Check again Friday.


I’m giving myself credit for the nap.

  • lemon water
  • skin brushing


I had a light night sweat, not enough to change my shirt. I slept for about 9.5 hours. I woke up with a lot of joint and back stiffness and muscle pain. A hot shower made a big difference. I’m guessing I’m getting towards the end of the Lyme Herx.

I had a lot of light sensitivity all day, even though it was overcast. I felt cold all day. I got an afternoon headache and a bout of sleepiness. I’m feeling a bit better this evening, but the headache keeps coming on and retreating. My upper back hurts a little as well.

Still I’m happy to be able to walk and interact so much in comparison to the way I was a few months ago…nevermind a few years ago.


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