Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Yoga for joint oxygenation

It’s one of those rainy, chilly, damp spring days in New York City. It makes me wish I could move to southern Italy, back to where my grandparents were from, where it is sunny, the food is fresh, and it is an easy stroll to the beach.

On these rainy days, my joints are a disaster. They pop and crack, and they hurt when making those noises. I feel stiff and angst-ridden, as though the problems in my joints were in my psyche.

I made it to yoga this afternoon. Usually I go on Mondays, but I was too wrecked this week to get out of bed until 4pm. So today is Wednesday, and there is another midday yoga class. I had a different teacher this time. He was very sweet and gentle. There were two other students in the class who requested he go slowly and do a light class. That was fine with me, given the condition of my joints.

The class was slow, for sure. I didn’t work up a sweat from the repeated movements. In the slowness, however, there was a lot of room to play with balancing correctly and building muscles. I found I could feel it in my upper arms and my thighs in a way I don’t usually during class.

Since I met the teacher for the first time today, I told him about Lyme disease and that I have a lot of problems with my joints. He thanked me for sharing, then he did a few extra poses that were to open up my shoulder and hip joints. I can’t find a picture of the one for my shoulders, but the one for the hips was a half-pigeon pose, but we lay forward with our heads over the bent knee and rested there for 2 timed minutes.

I’ve read that oxygen kills Lyme bacteria. I’m not sure if doing yoga is going to kill enough of them to make me Herx. But, I know that increased blood flow to my joints should in the next few days help reduce the stiffness I feel today. Prior to returning to yoga, I did some stretches on my own when I was up to it. I would feel a lot of pain right after, then things would loosen up. I assume that increased blood flow also helps to remove any toxins that have built up in the joint.


On a lark, I’m trying a different frequency (753Hz) for Babesia on my liver. I’m not sure why it keeps crossing my mind, but I figure, I might as well test it. When I coiled the new frequency, I noticed the lump in my throat get bigger and my vision seemed slightly altered.

  • Babesia, 570 Hz, chest, 3 minutes; 753 Hz, liver, 3 minutes
  • Candida, abdomen, 10 minutes


Besides yoga, it’s a regular day.

  • homeopathic support
  • kombucha
  • juiced greens
  • skin brushing
  • BioMat
  • castor oil pack on abdomen


I had 2 big night sweats last night. I was tired again this morning and had abdominal cramps and low back pain from menstruation.

I got myself up enough to shower and make phone calls before I went to yoga. In yoga, despite the slow movements, I had some heart palpitations. Then I had enough energy to be upright with my legs up on the couch while making a few more phone calls. Still, I feel like I’m moving in slow motion.

Meanwhile, my joints are all messed up today. They are stiff. They hurt. They won’t relax. They keep popping and crackling when I move them (and if I stay still, I suddenly feel the urge to move them to pop a tense spot). All the joints hurt, but the most severe are my knuckles, my knees and my wrists. The major joints, i.e. the hips and shoulders, hurt in a less sharp but still intense way.

I often wonder if the joint pain is part of the Lyme Herx or if it is just the active Lyme I haven’t killed yet.

I have mild floaters and a mild headache, a mild sore throat and mild ear pain. I’m having trouble swallowing as though there is a protrusion in my throat.


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