Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease


Bartonella is the tick-borne illness I have that I know the least about. I know it causes a lot of gastrointestinal symptoms. I suspect it is the source of all or most of my food allergies. I’ve also had plenty of unexplained pain in my lower abdomen. I know it can cause a lot of central nervous system symptoms raging from insomnia to convulsions. I’ve experienced insomnia, agitation, and occasional cognitive problems, like when I can’t dial phone numbers in the correct order. It can cause sore soles, with which I’ve definitely awoken on more mornings than I can count. And it can cause lymph nodes to enlarge (have that sometimes) and a sore throat (get that, too). The only thing I’m not sure if is whether these symptoms occur together as a Bartonella flare or if they just come and go.

All this is on my mind because I coiled my head for Bartonella last night. I got a little scared that something bad would happen. But I was okay. Maybe something did happen and I slept through it.

Today I felt a mild Bartonella Herx. I had back pain that felt like the nerves radiating from my lumbar spine were irritated. I was pretty tired and moving in slow motion. But coiling my head didn’t kill me. At least not yet…


I’m continuing to add body parts to the Babesia sessions, focusing on the bones that contain red bone marrow. Tonight I added my shoulder blades.

  • Babesia, chest, 5 minutes; liver, 5 minutes; ilium, 1 minute on each side; shoulder blades, 1 minute on each side
  • Candida, abdomen, 10 minutes; chest, 2 minutes; face, 2 minutes


The availability of fresh artichokes was fleeting. But I’ve got a hankering for them, so I’m substituting with marinated artichokes. Not the same, but delicious nonetheless.

  • homeopathic support
  • kombucha
  • juiced greens
  • artichoke (equivalent to the heart and inner leaves of 1 artichoke)
  • skin brushing
  • BioMat
  • castor oil pack on liver
  • nap during the day


I slept through the night last night with no interruptions, but my sleep time was less than 8 hours. When I got up, I felt pretty tired and like my limbs were made of lead. So I climbed on the BioMat for about an hour before I tried to get up for the day.

I was very hungry again today. The hunger was accompanied by a larger than normal volume of somewhat soft feces. I’ve dealt with this before, in fact, it was more extreme when I first got sick. I wonder if I’m activating the Bartonella as I start killing whatever part of the infection is in my CNS fluids.

My lower back hurt a lot, but it wasn’t muscle pain. It was a dull ache across the back that felt like it was radiating from my spine. Oh the joys of having different pains on different days so I can become familiar with the subtleties of pain.

My arms hurt a lot today, especially my elbows. My other joints were cranky, too, wrists and knees especially. I had pain in my spine, T5 & T6 again.

I was very tired. I tried to do everything on top of the fatigue, but it eventually caught up to me and forced me to sleep mid-afternoon. Totally worthwhile to listen to my body.

Tonight my eyes are itchy, my jaw hurts, my neck and upper spine hurt and I’m starting to feel as cranky as my joints. Maybe it’s time for another sleep.


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