Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Home again

By some magic, I was able to get up this morning. My headache was gone. My hands and feet hurt like crazy. My apartment was a mess of items waiting to be unpacked and put away. I have a friend staying over. It was chaotic.

But, like I said, by some magic, the hangover from being in a car for for 9.5 hours wasn’t nearly as bad as the trip to my sister’s place. I think part of the magic is summer. And part of the magic is soaking up love for three weeks.

I got my stuff unpacked. I made it to the store (on foot) to pick up kombucha and coconut milk. I had dinner with my parents. I rested a bit. Now I’m catching up on urgent emails. Tomorrow I’ll figure out phone calls and the less urgent, but still important, emails.

I have some energy. I’ve got a hundred projects I want to do while this energy lasts. I want to visit several friends locally. I’m also thinking I want to take a harder stab at some of the Lyme co-infections. I’m going easy tonight to let myself recuperate a little before I load up on toxins, but I’ve got coiling plans for the next few weeks. Let’s hope these don’t ruin my ability to do some fun projects.

We’ll see what I can do, now that I’m home again.


  • Babesia, heart, 10 minutes
  • Candida, chest, 2 minutes; abdomen, 10 minutes


I forgot to do my skin brushing this morning. I unpacked it, but somehow, when I showered, I missed it. Then I was wet and it was too late. Go figure.

  • homeopathic support (still liver & kidneys, the rest of the stuff is unpacked and ready for tomorrow)
  • kombucha
  • exercise (walking around the neighborhood, carrying a gallon of purchased liquids at a time)


No night sweat last night, or at least not sweaty enough to wake me up. I was without airconditioning, but I was sleeping on a towel in a running shirt (read, wicking fabric). It was nice to be in my own bed again. It was nice to sleep for 9 hours.

Morning time, mild headache. Very bad hand and foot pain. Was too tired to be upright for the first hour and a half after I regained consciousness.

I’ve had different symptoms over the course of the day: low back pain; shoulder tension, pain and crunching; rash on my sternum, this time red spots as I came out of the shower and itchiness the rest of the day; rib pain; finger pain; eye pain.

My period was very short this month. It was over today.

I’m ready for another good night’s sleep.


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