Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

The First Lyme Season

My first Lyme Season of coiling is over. It started in late August (the Lyme flare built slowly) and I started coiling in earnest in late September when I read about a more comprehensive Lyme protocol.

When I started it, I had to tread lightly because the potential for severe Herxes was high. I had lots of terrible headaches. I had all sorts of neurological problems in my limbs. My digestive tract had it’s unhappy days. I was just coming off florinef, which made the dips in blood pressure from Herxing a little more challenging. Those were a few difficult months.

As promised by coilers I’ve spoken to, eventually, the Herxes would go away, probably in late December. Here I am in January. Last week after my full body coiling protocol, I didn’t get a headache. Nothing. I’m still getting Lyme smelling urine, but that can take a few weeks to exit. I coiled again this week, for good measure, finishing up tonight. I can’t tell if I’m feeling a little something after coiling my head or if I’m tired because I didn’t nap today even though I’ve needed to since 2 pm.

In any case, that was my last Lyme Disease coiling session until February. End of the first full season off antibiotics.

Babesia Update

Just as I’m stopping the Lyme treatments, I’m near the end of the Babesia cycle. I can tell I’m almost done. But I did goof up a little and I’m slightly afraid I’ve given myself a setback.

At this stage of the Babesia protocol, I should be coiling twice a day, approximately every 12 hours. It never quite works out to 12 hours, but I coil twice a day. Well, I was traveling on New Year’s Eve, and I missed 3 sessions, meaning I went 48 hours between coiling sessions. I got a typical Babesia headache for three nights afterwards (Sun, Mon & Tues) with light sensitivity. They were milder than ever before, but definitely had a Babesia feel. I wasn’t much more tired than normal.

Starting today and going until next Wednesday, I’ll be coiling for Babesia 3 times a day. (The extra session is 10 mins on my spleen in the middle of the day.) I want to make sure I really knock it out before I go on a two week trip without my coil machine. I’m concerned that I might not kill off all the active cells before the coiling break and I’ll get sick when I’m in San Francisco. So I’m going at full blast until then.


In recognition of the New Year and of how far I’ve come, I’m starting to make plans for the next leg of my Lyme journey. After my trip to San Francisco, I’ll start working on Bartonella and Candida in earnest. I’d like to get back to juicing and making kombucha. I’m thinking through an exercise plan. And I’m considering how to make myself a social life that works well for how much time I spend on my health but leaves time for me to do a little art work to get my brain started again. So I’m pretty excited with the prospects for 2012.


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