Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Babesia Relapse

I guess I can’t say I’m disappointed. This doesn’t even feel like a setback. I knew it would come eventually, and I’m lucky that it waited this long.

My Babesia infection is active again.

Telltale Signs

The disturbing dreams and interrupted sleep started on my honeymoon. I attributed them to all the foods I was eating, foods that I usually avoid. Towards the end of my stay in Hawaii, I started to notice that I was getting sensitive to sunlight, culminating in a migraine the last day I was in Maui. Again I attributed it to the food. I also had three mild night sweat over the course of two weeks. I assumed it was the warmer weather.

Realistically, I made note of these things but didn’t ponder them because they weren’t significantly affecting my ability to participate in the activities I was attempting. I did have three days when I needed to rest for long periods of the day, but I expected at least that amount of necessary down time.

Coincidence does not equal causality

I learned that phrase in 10th grade in my American History class. As a person trained in science, I know it as the basis of scientific method. We test coincidental events by changing them slightly and seeing how much one event relies on another to occur.

In any case, the first time I coiled for Bartonella only 3 days after the previous coiling session, I started to have all sorts of extra symptoms, symptoms which could be attributed to Bartonella herxing…or to a Babesia relapse.

The only way I have to test which is which is to coil for Babesia and see if anything changes.

Test Results

Last night, I coiled for Babesia. I did 10 minutes on my chest and 4 minutes on my head. I figured I’d hit my blood supply as well as some of the bones that have red marrow in them.

I slept like a baby last night. No night sweat (first time after 3 nights of big sweats). No disturbing dreams. I woke up feeling way better. The light sensitivity went down a notch or two.

But, this afternoon, I got hit with the kind of fatigue that requires bedrest for several hours (including a two hour nap).

So I’m pretty sure Babesia is back.

Predictable Relapse

I knew this was coming. When I stopped coiling for Babesia in January, I called two of my coiling buddies. Both warned me that you never get rid of it the first time around. There is a dormant form that sits in red bone marrow. You just have to wait for it to wake up.

After talking to them, I expected a 3 to 4 month reprieve from Babesia. In fact, I’ve tested myself once or twice to see if it came back when I was having bouts of big-time fatigue. Prior to now, the coiling sessions have made no difference.

I remind myself that this is not a setback. In fact, I could rejoice that I get to do round two (of maybe 4 rounds) against Babesia and get it over with.”

Babesia Coiling Plan

Today I did a full-body coiling session on the front of my body. Starting tomorrow, I’ll be doing two Babesia coiling sessions a day, morning and night (one on the front and one on the back, both times with 10 minutes over an organ that has a large blood supply). I’m hoping that a month will be enough to knock out the active form of the infection. But that remains to be seen.

Front of body coiling session for Babesia (570 Hz), 22 minutes total:

  • each side of head, 1 minute
  • each shoulder front, 1 minute
  • each side of ribcage, 1 minute
  • each ilium front, 1 minute
  • front of legs: thighs, knees, shins, feet, 1 minute per
  • abdomen (over spleen or liver) 10 minutes

Back of body coiling session for Babesia, 22 minutes total:

  • top of head, 1 minute
  • back of head, 1 minute
  • each shoulder blade, 1 minute
  • spine: upper, middle, lower, 1 minute each
  • each ilium back, 1 minute
  • back of legs: butt+ feet, calves+thighs, back of knees, 1 minute per
  • chest (over heart and sternum), 10 minutes

Continuing Bartonella

I also coiled my upper body for Bartonella today. I’m on an every 3 days cycle until the herxing diminishes enough for me to do it more often and on the rest of my body.

I’m having additional symptoms from the coiling: burning pain in my lower abdomen which I attribute to intestinal irritation, and dry, dry skin. These are new after the other symptoms I mentioned in the last two posts, most notably kidney pain and moodiness.

Inner Warrior

As I gear up for the autumn coiling treatments, I’m finding that my reserves of inner strength have been refilled by the events in my life over the past several months. Although I don’t relish the pain, fatigue, irritation, and other problems I’ll be facing between now and winter, my desire to heal completely and wrest my life from the grip of tick-borne illnesses is stronger than ever.


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