Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease


While I’ve checked with people over the last two years about their experiences using a coil machine, there are times when I can tell I could benefit from meeting regularly with a group of people who are all trying to figure this out. For most of the past two years, I haven’t wanted such a group. I find it sometimes depressing and sometimes inspiring to be around other people who are in this long term odyssey. Now, with enough under my belt, I think I might be able to look around at what others are doing and have done and have relationships with them.

In the meantime, I’m doing my best to test what is happening with my body in response to the coiling sessions. I’m also trying to decide whether I’m sending a machine to the East Coast for my holiday sojourn.

Experiment 1: Daily Lyme Coiling

I mentioned recently that I’d been coiling daily for Lyme on my abdomen and sacrum. It started with a bout of diarrhea from food poisoning. I was very worried. Even after everything calmed down in my intestines, I was worried because diarrhea was the trigger for a low-level chronic illness that I was unaware of turning into a debilitating, life-consuming saga.

About a week ago, I decided to go back to the regular weekly Lyme protocol. Within two days, I found I was constipated. So I tried coiling my abdomen and sacrum for Lyme again. It went away. So I stopped again and the constipation returned. For now, I’ve decided to keep coiling for Lyme daily as long as I’m also coiling for Bartonella, which coincides with when I started having constipation.

Experiment 2: Is the Babesia infection deactivated?

Yesterday, I planned a two-day Babesia coiling session hiatus. I thought I would learn if the Babesia was gone. The end-points I anticipated were either, 1- that the nightmares, headaches, nightsweats and overwhelming fatigue returned, or 2- no change in symptoms.

After one day of no coiling, I had a nightsweat and nightmares. They were mild, but they returned pretty quickly. As of today, I’ve returned to the full Babesia coiling protocol. The fact that they were mild makes me think I’m almost done. Maybe a week or so more is all I need in this round.

Experiment 3: The three-week break

I’ve been preoccupied with whether I should mail a machine to my sister’s house where I’m staying for 10 days, then lug it up to NY where I’m staying for a week. My gut keeps telling me to leave the machine behind. My worry is that my symptoms will return big-time if I stop coiling.

I faced this kind of dilemma twice before. The first time, I stopped antibiotics to give my gut a chance to heal from both the infections and the side effects of antibiotics. I agonized over the question for a few months before I realized that I needed to stop for long enough to let my gut inflammation go down. It was a good choice. though I probably should have started back on them sooner than I did. As scary as it was, the antibiotic effect lasts a while beyond when one stops taking them because it puts the infections into a dormant form.

The second time was when I ordered the coil machine. I was terrified of stopping antibiotics and backsliding. I had no idea if the coil machine would confer any benefits at all or if it would turn out to be nonsense. Clearly, I’m happy I stopped antibiotics and transfered my treatment plan completely to the coil for the batericidal element.

Now, I’m nervous about stopping for even a single day. I don’t want to face the boatload of symptoms crashing into my body. At the same time, my gut instinct is to give it a rest and let my body catch up on cleaning out all the toxins I’ve generated by killing Bartonella and Lyme these past few months. Although I’m worried that the Babesia will return, I’m hoping that it will be at a low enough infection load that if the symptoms return they will do so slowly (like the month of intermittent nightsweats and bad dreams at the end of the summer before the headaches got bad).

Meanwhile, I’m still getting Lyme herxes, but the only time I have symptoms is from the herxes. If I take a welchol, they go away until the next time I coil. This isn’t the season when Lyme gets more active, so I’m hoping that without coiling, I won’t have noticeable symptoms…at least not until the spring cycle starts.

Finally there is Bartonella. I think I’ve made huge progress because a lot of my food sensitivities give me very mild reactions as long as I leave days/weeks in between limited exposure. I don’t know how fast Bartonella symptoms return, but I can tell that the heart symptoms don’t go away while I’m coiling for Bartonella daily. I feel like I need a break. It may come back quickly. I don’t know. But it may come back gradually and give my body a chance to repose and rebuild without Bartonella toxins for a while.

I’m inclined to take this risk and find out what happens when I stop coiling in the middle of the Bartonella treatment. Worst case scenario, I find myself sick again, aggravated and much the wiser. Alternatively, I may find that I had a lovely vacation from coiling and that I’m able to go back to it with a renewed dedication and enthusiasm.

Only time will tell.


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