Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Coiling Break

It’s official. I’m taking a vacation from coiling for just over three weeks. I’ve got a few other plans, things to try in the meantime, but no coiling while I’m on the East Coast visiting my family and friends.

Before I Stopped

Since I knew I was going to stop, I did some extra coiling. I coiled for Lyme every 5 days for the last two weeks before I stopped. I was coiling three times a day for Babesia. And I continued the daily full body scan for Bartonella.

But I was still a bit nervous about stopping. I got in touch with someone who has been coiling for longer than me to see if she had any advice. She took a one month break last year and said it turned out okay. The symptoms do come back. There is more herxing than there otherwise would have been when starting up again. And it postpones the day on which one is finally DONE (as in healed of the infections and finished coiling forever). But life happens and it’s okay to take a break when needed.

I sucked up my courage and left the coil machine behind when I left for my winter vacation. There will be other times that I have to take a break because of travel or other life events. I’m committed to limiting them so the coiling process doesn’t go on and on forever without me getting fully well. And there will be times when I don’t need to coil because the infections are dormant. That’s a different situation, and one that I hope to be able to take advantage of.

My last day of coiling was December 12. I’ll start up again January 5.

Infection Status


When I left, I was having lots of residual detoxing, sort of a clean up after the herxes of the previous weeks. Mostly it was the Lyme-smelling urine that made me realize I was still getting rid of Lyme toxins. What I learned earlier in the process of coiling for Lyme is that it can take up to 2 weeks for my body to get the last bit out through my kidneys. Otherwise, I was doing okay on the Lyme symptoms. The only thing is that I’m still having a reaction to changes in the weather, with changes in the air pressure and humidity making my joints hurt. (Eating bread, which I couldn’t resist one night, also gave me several days of aching joints.)  All in all, I think the Lyme is pretty close to dormant, as I expect at this time of the year after a full coiling season.


The Babesia infection is definitely NOT dormant. When I did my little test by not coiling for a day, I had a return of nightsweats and bad dreams. Those have both returned since I stopped coiling a few days ago. I’ve also noticed a slight increase in light sensitivity. I haven’t begun to suffer from serious headaches or extreme fatigue yet. I’m hoping they don’t start until January.


The biggest change is with the Bartonella infection. I’m pretty sure it isn’t over yet, in part because my intestines have been perpetually irritated (gas, constipation) and my lower abdomen hurts regularly. I was still getting a buzzing feeling in my feet and lower calves, sometimes even in my hands. But I’ve been able to eat small quantities of previously forbidden foods with less reaction than any time since before 2007. That is a huge deal for me. The other big improvement is in my menstrual cycle. I had cramps and fatigue, but the other symptoms (vomiting, diarrhea, muscle weakness, chills, sweats, shakes and low blood pressure) were non-existant this month and last month.

Unfortunately, I can feel some things sliding back pretty rapidly. First, my intestinal problems have swung in the other direction, and I have loose stools again. Second, my bladder is irritated, making me feel like I have to urinate all the time, and has been cloudy for no obvious reason. If these are the only symptoms that returns in the next few weeks, I can live with that.

While I’m not coiling…

I decided to try two things while I’m not coiling. First, I’m doing a gentle liver cleanse (300 mg of silymarin or milk thistle per day). I’m hoping to clean out more toxins that have built up during the autumn Lyme coiling season and the first real attempt at killing the Bartonella infection.

Second I’m taking enzymes (Serrazimes, 2 pills) in the morning on an empty stomach. The enzymes are supposed to break through any biofilms in my body, exposing the Lyme and Bartonella bacteria to the blood stream. I’m not sure if this will make the coiling more effective when I start it up again, but I don’t think it will have a negative effect. The one question is whether they make me start herxing and might put some of the Lyme bacteria into a cyst form. If I do start herxing, or maybe milder than herxing but having any localized reactions, I’ll know where to coil extra when I start up again in January.

Meanwhile I’m taking a break from Renavive, since I’ve been on it for almost a year. I worry sometimes that it will lose its efficacy if I take it all the time. So I’ve stopped it until I begin coiling for Bartonella again, because Bartonella seems to be the biggest strain on my kidneys.


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