Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Leaping into Bartonella Treatment

With each infection I confront, I make a leap at some point, from treating it a little, whittling down the infection, to slamming it. Today is the day for Bartonella.

I decided it is time. Over the past few days, I started adding in other sessions to clean my blood stream of active Bartonella. Rather than making the herxes more intense, it has actually reduced them. This is a relief. I think I’m at the point where waiting a full 24 hours between treatments allows the Bartonella to grow back. Now my goal is to kill it faster than it can reproduce.

Coiling Record

Over the past several posts, I’ve been explaining how I’ve ramped up the coiling, usually repeating the same treatment for a few days before increasing. Since the last post, here’s what I’ve done.

  • February 2 – morning full body coiling, midday spleen 10 minutes
  • February 3 – morning full body coiling, evening liver 10 minutes
  • February 4 – morning full body coiling, midday chest/heart 10 minutes, evening spleen 10 minutes

Today I transitioned to coiling my full body twice a day, plus doing my spleen in the middle of the day. This time, I’m using the protocol I described in the Bartonella coiling plan for morning and evening. I’m doing my best to space the morning and evening sessions to be about 12 hours apart.

Broken Thermostat

Since I started working on Bartonella, my body temperature regulation has been off. My hands and feet turn to icicles multiple times a day. I feel like there is a chill. Then at night I wake up totally overheated.

Last night I had the brilliant idea of taking my temperature when I woke up during the night. I did wake up, but I wasn’t hot. I took my temperature anyway and discovered that the battery in the thermometer needs to be changed. Oh well. I’ll try again.

The lack of overheating episode last night was what gave me the courage to make the leap today. I’m still feeling restless and having lots of trouble with sleep (falling and staying asleep) and dreams. My digestion is a bit off, but I’m not as bloated as I was. I think I’ve caught up to the Bartonella cycle. I think the juicing allowed my body to process all the Bartonella die-off debris quickly without making me feel so bad.

Lyme Sucks

Meanwhile, the Lyme infection is getting more active. My joints are popping and creaking. I’m getting tired. (Tired, restless and unable to sleep…what a combo!) I’m cranky from the pain.

Although in past seasons I’ve only coiled for Lyme once a week and generally spread it out over 2-5 days, I’ve changed it up this time. Partly, I could tell this past autumn that every 5 days was a better frequency so that the symptoms of borrelia activity didn’t make my life worse and generate bigger herxes. This time, I’ve been bold enough to coil my entire body in one day, which I did yesterday. The herxes aren’t as bad as they used to be, but they still hit me hard.

Today I’m suffering more than usual. The right half of my body hurts pretty badly. I’ve got joint pains bilaterally in every joint. I have a pretty intense headache that has been coming and going and coming back over and over all day. I’m not really into this. Tonight is a good night for diatomaceous earth. I also forced myself to lie on the biomat for two hours and do yoga for a half hour to try to bolster my circulation.

I’m in the fight.

Lyme Coiling Protocol (432 Hz, 81 minutes total)

  • Head: each side, top, back, 3 minutes per
  • Spine: upper, middle, 3 minutes per, lower 5 minutes
  • Each shoulder front, each shoulder blade, 2 minutes per
  • Each ilium front, each ilium back, each hip/outer thigh, 3 minutes per
  • Between legs: thighs, knees, calves, 3 minutes per
  • Butt, feet through coil, 3 minutes per
  • Chest, each side of ribcage+adjacent arm, 3 minutes per
  • Lower abdomen 3 minutes, upper abdomen 5 minutes


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