Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Relentlessly Positive

Out of curiosity, I decided to get another Lyme Western blot test. One of the things I learned was that when the Lyme infection dies down and has less of a hold on the immune system, a person is more likely to get a positive result. While I was at it, I decided to get tested for the standard co-infections. I got my results today.

For the first time ever, I was CDC positive on a Lyme test. It was humorous, at this point, to get this result. In the past, I’ve had several positive bands, always at least three positive Lyme-specific bands. This time, I had five positive Lyme-specific bands and one additional positive band. I’ve known for the past six years that I have Lyme, but somehow, now that the symptoms are less overwhelming, it is still gratifying to see proof in my immune response. While was at it, I had PCR tests of my blood for Lyme. Those came back negative, as I expected. I think that whatever Lyme bacteria are left are in my joints, and my central and peripheral nervous systems. There is no reason for the bacteria to spend any time in my blood, especially now that I’m making antibodies to them.

I got tested for a whole host of co-infections: Bartonella hensalae, Babesia microti, Erlichia (HME), and Anaplasma (HGA). All of these came back negative, which only means that I didn’t have detectable free antibodies to the infections. In the past, I’ve had a positive Bartonella test. I’ve never had a positive Babesia test, although empiric treatment to my symptom profile yielded temporary remission of Babesia symptoms. I’ve never been tested for HME or HGA before. I have no idea if I carry either infection, but I’ll eventually use the coil machine to test frequencies for these infections. I’ll decide based on my body’s response whether it is likely I have these infections.

I wasn’t sure whether it was worth getting tested again. In fact, at this point, it was mostly out of curiosity about my immune system rather than which infections I might have that drove my desire to get tested.

Heart Troubles

I’ve been struggling the past few days, as well as intermittently over the past few weeks, with a dull ache and pressure in my chest. It feels like there is something wrong with my heart. Of course, I already know what’s physically wrong with my heart: a tricuspid valve prolapse. It’s just that for long stretches of time I have no symptoms. I don’t hear anything wrong with my heartbeat. I don’t have pain in my chest or fatigue. I don’t get palpitations or a funny sensation in my throat. I forget about it.

Then there are periods like the last few days, when the irregular heartbeat, the pain in my chest, the fatigue, the feeling that my throat is restricted, all add up to make me feel like there is something terribly wrong. I’ve been to multiple cardiologists. They haven’t offered to do anything other than to monitor the situation.

When I get hopeful that I’m near the end of being sick, that I’m headed back to a normal life and regular work, this symptom, in particular, is the one that pulls me back towards the dark side, where I feel like I’ll never be myself again.

Heart Troubles: Interpretation

The most time I’ve gone without heart symptoms is when the Babesia was in it’s dormant state. Babesia seems to be the infection that gives me the most grief when it comes to cardiac troubles. These past few days, I’ve increased my Babesia coiling to the full protocol (see yesterday’s post). That might explain why I was so exhausted the day before yesterday, or why I’ve been having cardiac symptoms yesterday and today.

In the past, when I was coiling the full Babesia protocol daily, my Babesia symptoms got worse. I’ve been lucky this time not to have debilitating headaches or extreme light sensitivity. I think maybe I’ve gotten rid of a big part of the infection permanently. The night sweats haven’t returned with increased coiling, but I woke up last night, for the first time in about a week, feeling slightly damp. Only my skin was damp, my shirt was dry. It seemed more like a Bartonella night sweat, light and hot, not soaking and cold. Still, I can’t really  be sure. The only significant change with Babesia coiling is the increased cardiac symptoms.

My current plan is to coil for Lyme today, since it’s been a week, and because occasionally, Lyme has been the source of my heart troubles. Then I’ll go back to a full daily Babesia coiling protocol for the next six days and see what happens.

Other Symptoms

Besides the heart troubles and fatigue, my main symptoms have been the recovering hemorrhoid (yay acupressure!), moderate but distracting pain in my sacrum, and intestinal troubles. They are all in the same region of my body. I don’t really know what is going on in there. I’d like to have more hours in a day to coil my sacrum for everything under the sun (or at least a larger selection of frequencies). With any luck, coiling for Lyme today will give me a few days of relief. Otherwise, this will be something I live with for a while until I get the Babesia symptoms to go away.


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