Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

The Missing Piece

It’s been a few weeks since my last update, and I’ve been trying to concentrate enough to write for over 10 days. My herxes have changed a little because of how often I’m coiling and for which infections. I have more brain fog than I’ve had in a while, and a different kind of tiredness. I can go out and do things, but my mind feels unfocused. I don’t need to lie down as often, but my battery runs out at around 7pm at the latest. This all sounds more like Lyme and Bartonella. I think I’ve made huge progress on Babesia and I’m nearing the end of this cycle of coiling for Babesia.

The Kidney Connection

Over the past few weeks, starting on October 13, I have been coiling 3 times a day for Babesia using two different frequencies: 570Hz and 753Hz. I was using the protocol from my previous post. I herxed for almost 2 weeks after I added in 753Hz, mostly headaches with eye pain and/or light sensitivity, and occasional night sweats. I was hoping that as soon as they stopped, I could begin my 3 week countdown to finishing this Babesia coiling cycle.

No such luck. For scheduling reasons, I had to skip or reduce my coiling sessions on October 29 and 30. The herx that showed up after I’d been coiling again for a few days, November 2, was more intense than it had been in weeks: a big night sweat. It was followed by another one on November 3 and a lighter one on November 4. November 5 was my new day to begin the countdown. I was happy that my coiling program would stop just before Thanksgiving, which is what I’d mentally prepared myself for.

The thing is, I didn’t understand why I got such a big reaction after only missing part of my coiling time for 1.5 days. I still coiled my blood stream at the appropriate times. So I started to wonder if I was missing something.

On November 9, I figured out the missing piece. I remembered that at a Lyme Support Group meeting, someone mentioned that Babesia cells sequester themselves in the kidneys. When I heard it, I went home and looked it up. I couldn’t find any reference to it online. I saw that in immunocompromised patients, they had complications including liver failure, kidney failure and heart failure. But somehow, I saw these as systemic responses to big perturbations in the function of red blood cells. The evidence didn’t seem like enough for me to act on it.

However, once I remembered the person’s comments last Sunday, I decided I could test them without any risk to myself. So I changed the protocol to the one below. I had already been coiling my left kidney simultaneously with my spleen, so I only had to add time to the right kidney.

Two days later, I had an ugly headache with eye pain. The following night, I had a night sweat. The day after that I was tired all day. The following night, I woke up just barely damp. It seems that coiling my right kidney is a necessary part of getting rid of this infection.

Today, as I write, I’m thinking I might switch up the protocol again, adding in my abdomen, just to see if it makes any difference. If I herx again, I’ll make the change permanent. Otherwise, the new countdown begins today.

Babesia Protocol

570Hz followed by 753Hz at each session

Morning (19 minutes total)

  • each shoulder blade – 1 minute
  • spine: upper, middle, lower – 1 minute each
  • each ilium back/side – 1 minute
  • each ilium back/central/upper buttock – 1 minute
  • spleen – 10 minutes

Afternoon (19 minutes total)

  • between legs: thighs, knees, calves – 1 minute each
  • feet through coil – 1 minute
  • each ilium front – 1 minute
  • each hip bursa – 1 minute
  • lower abdomen/pubic bone – 1 minute
  • heart/chest – 5 minutes
  • right kidney – 5 minutes

Night (18 minutes total)

  • head: each side, top, back – 1 minute each
  • each shoulder knob – 1 minute
  • each ribcage side/arm – 1 minute
  • liver – 10 minutes


As I mentioned in my last post, I have been ignoring the other two tick-borne infections as much as possible. As a result, the initial euphoria of having energy has died down in tandem with my energy, and I don’t feel quite as well as I did when I started the Babesia protocol.

Once a week, on Mondays, I force myself to coil for 6 hours in the course of a single day. It sucks. I get nothing else done that day. I do the full Babesia protocol and the full Lyme protocol. The Lyme herxes are a little worse than usual because I’ve let the bacteria multiply for a week rather than for 3 days, which is my usual Lyme coiling periodicity. The herxes themselves seem to be the cause of the brain fog. Between the herxes and the infection, I feel like I need huge amounts of sleep (11 hours a night). But, most days, when I’m awake, I’m active, until I run out of energy (no later than 7pm) and have to rest until bedtime.

I think that ignoring Bartonella is adding to the fatigue. I’m not very symptomatic, with tingling in my arms less frequently than once daily. Instead, I feel a little short-tempered and mopey, not quite hopeless about things, but heading in that direction. I feel like my body is doing its best to keep the infection at bay. I’m actually looking forward to coiling for it again and going back to a plan to get rid of it.


For a long time now, my ultimate goal is to cure myself of these infections. Really get rid of the microbes in all their active and dormant forms, to be free to cease worrying about the infections coming back or being passed on to a child or partner.

I’ve become less and less convinced that it’s possible. These days, even as I try to figure out every way to get rid of Babesia, I’d settle for a long-term remission. Five or ten years or longer without symptoms or active infection would be preferable.

The same goes for Lyme and Bartonella. I think I can get the Lyme knocked down to nothing, and as long as I avoid eggs (which cause an auto-immune response that wakes up all the infections), I won’t wake it back up. Bartonella is the last infection on the list. I’ve never gotten the bacterial load down to the point that I’m asymptomatic and not herxing when I coil. When I get there, I’ll celebrate.

Anyway, this change in focus to remission, or, as it’s called in the HIV world, a “functional cure,” sounds like a defeat in my ears. I do my best to instead imagine the good days I’ve had, the week in Mongolia when I was asymptomatic, or the first week of visiting my sister’s family, on several occasions, when being sick wasn’t always on the back of my mind.

It’s odd to think that feeling well for an extended period of time would somehow qualify as settling. But after all the time, suffering, and experimenting I’ve put in, I want to be cured for good at some point.


Separate from all the emotions I’ve been dealing with, I’ve been drinking green semi-smoothies for breakfast. Semi-smoothies are blended only part of the way, so I have a little something to chew on and get the salivary glands working.

Some of the greens, like dill or parsley, are not bitter. Fruit is enough to sweeten them. But others, like chard or dandelion greens, are super bitter. I add a little stevia to the mix, along with fruit (and nuts and protein powder). One morning last week, I realized it was giving me a sort of warm, happy feeling that I associate with chocolate. I love chocolate, but I’m sensitive to both the sugar and the caffeine, so I don’t consume it regularly. Yet there I was, feeling the same goodness in a different way.

It’s funny how a bittersweet morning can make the sunshine seem a little brighter and warmer than usual.


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4 replies

  1. Are you doing any other treatment or just coiling? I’m sorry if I missed the boat on this. I have been herxing and full of brain fog with lots of comprehension issues the past couple weeks.

    • At this point, my only treatments are coiling, and a very mild detox supplement: Renavive. My goal is to get to the point where I need no treatments, so over the past year, I have weaned myself off everything else, and used the coil machine to deal with the flares.
      Thanks for asking.

      • I see. Have you been symptom free at any point since weaning off everything else aside from the coiling?

      • Unfortunately, no. This past year, as I weaned off all the supplements, ate eggs (which I have a very bad reaction to) and got a few vaccines, I kept retriggering the infections. Each time I flared, I was sort of able to get things back under control. Right now, I’m hopefully near the endpoint of Babesia. I’ve had some herx symptoms, but the infection seems like it’s almost gone. The Lyme and Bartonella symptoms are annoying, but except for the fatigue, they aren’t disabling. I am doing at least as well as I was when I was on all the supplements and coiling every day…but it took a year to get to this point. If I had only removed the supplements, I think it would have taken about 3-4 months of coiling to get the symptoms and bacterial load back to where they were when I was still on them.

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