Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Stones and bumps

That title could easily be referring to the conditions of the roads in New York as the snow has melted and left behind a mess for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

Alas, it is not.

Kidney Stone follow-up

I went to the urologist today. We had a chat about my bloodwork and urinalysis. They don’t match. Evidence for one problem is in my urine. Evidence for a different kind of problem is in my blood. I don’t have hyperparathyroidism (sigh of relief) but I do have hypercalcemia in my blood. He wasn’t sure what that was about. Somehow, the calcium isn’t making it to my urine, but the oxalates are high there.

Meanwhile, the stone turned out to be a calcium oxalate stone, as I predicted. I’m still convinced it’s from the Rocephin. I plan to submit a side effect comment to the FDA.

So my doctor asked me about my diet. I eat much more protein than he expected, but since the majority is not animal flesh, he decided I shouldn’t change that part of my diet. Then we went through other high oxalate foods: nuts, soy milk, leafy greens, all things I eat in fairly high quantities.

After all that, he said something that amazed me. “Don’t change anything. Those are all healthy foods. Why make yourself miserable by changing your already restrictive diet because you have a 50% chance of making another stone within 5 years? We’ll revisit these questions at that point, if it even comes.”

The one thing he asked me to do was reduce my ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) intake, unless it made my Lyme disease symptoms worse, and replace it with more citrate (lemon juice in water). I’m willing to give that a try. (He also told me to consume lots of magnesium, but I’m already on it.)

He wants me to check to see if the other stone (the small one in my right kidney) gets bigger or smaller in six months. That seems reasonable to me.

Thank goodness. One thing I can stop worrying about.

Phrenology update

A few days ago, I reported that a Lyme disease Herx caused the bump on the back of my head, the external occipital protuberance, to be very sore. That soreness lasted until Sunday.

Today, in the absence of a sore spot, I felt around back there. The lump, bump or protuberance, I’m not sure what to call it, is barely noticeable. It shrank back to the size it probably always has been.

Now I’m simultaneously feeling curiosity and trepidation about coiling my spine again…and maybe even coiling the back of my head for 30 seconds. I want to see if it swells up and causes pain on that spot again. Only, I don’t actually want to experience it.

I heard of another Lyme disease combatant who had the infection locally in the bones of her skull. I’m getting concerned that I’m in the same boat because every treatment I’ve tried, antibiotics, herbs, coiling, gives me very specific surface headaches (in addition to the Herx-type deeper ones). I don’t believe it will be any more difficult to cure than a localized infection elsewhere. I’m just not looking forward to the pain.


I woke up feeling the Herx still raging along with a wind storm outside my window. So skipped the coil machine.

I had been considering coiling for Lyme disease today in preparation for a colonic on Wednesday. I thought I would load up on toxins, then get them out quickly. I reconsidered as I thought through a conversation I had with another Lyme disease combatant. I told her to clean out her body as much as possible before she goes setting off big Herxes. It’s easier on the liver and much more tolerable. I’m taking my own advice. I’ll coil for Lyme again later this week.


After the conversation with the urologist, I went to buy some kombucha. I prefer the unflavored kind, but the store was out. The only flavor in stock in my preferred brand was citrus. Ingredients: kombucha and lemon juice. I took that as reinforcement on the lemon juice suggestion.

The rundown:

  • kombucha
  • juiced greens
  • body brushing
  • detox bath
  • homeopathic support

I woke up wanting the bath really badly. My bones were cold and achy. So were my muscles. When I found out that it was in the mid and upper 40s F today, I was surprised at how chilled I was. It could have been the humidity. It was a cold kind of damp in the air this morning.

It’s funny how a few days without a bath, when I’m trying to force myself into the tub, can turn into an intense desire to dive in overnight.


Nap. Nap. Nap.

Besides waking up cold (no night sweats!), I woke up tired. After the doctor visit, I came home and thought about what I wanted to do today. I thought, I have just over two hours before a friend comes to visit, how about returning phone calls and replying to email.

No such luck. Instead, I slept for the entire time. I thought I needed an hour, so I set a timer. I couldn’t settle down for the first ten or fifteen minutes, and I thought I might get up. Then I passed out.

The other symptoms today are spine and joint pain (fingers, shoulders the most, the rest less but noticeable), headache on the top of my head, earache in both ears and some muscle aches, especially in my back. My forearms are still achy, but more in the wrist area than anywhere else.

My plan is no coiling today, and hopefully the Herx is almost over so I can have a semi-active day tomorrow. I’d like to do laundry, tackle my infamous paper-pile and make a dent in the kitchen rearrangement project in preparation for setting up my own juicer. Oh yeah, and do the phone calls and emails I wanted to do today.

No way all that’s gonna happen, but maybe I can get through some of it.


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