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Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

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PMS and Bartonella

One of my personal theories after I started learning about Lyme co-infections was that Bartonella was the culprit behind my reproductive hormone swings. I’ve read that Lyme can cause “unexplained menstrual irregularities.” Most of the antibiotics for Lyme didn’t do much in the way of dealing with my menstrual problems. The thing that made the biggest difference was Metformin, a drug that regulates blood sugar and insulin production. I started […]

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Baby got back

Muscle atrophy is one of the long-term side effects of being partially immobilized for several years. Now that I’m starting to really walk again, and put effort into rebuilding my bones, the muscle tone is returning. Just before I got totally knocked out by Lyme Disease, back when a few little things kept going wrong, I went on several long hikes in China: the Great Wall, Emei Shan – bottom […]

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Cheating without consequences

In August, I learned about a few more food sensitivities and decided to get strict with myself. For the past several months, I’ve been doing a fair amount of detoxing and completely avoiding these foods. So on Tuesday night, I decided to cheat. I didn’t choose foods that trigger my sensitivities. Instead, I had my favorite dessert, sticky rice with mango, at a local Thai restaurant. Normally anything with that […]

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Detoxing daily

Any time my primary focus is off my health, everything goes awry. Coiling takes a fair amount of time and scheduling, both the actual time on the machine and the time in between when the coil needs to cool. Detoxing takes focus, both to prepare all the pills and potions and to remember to space them out properly. The plan for this autumn’s Lyme Disease flare and extra coiling has […]

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Regular Menstrual Cramps

I felt like a regular American woman today. My period came after two days of PMS cramps. The abdominal cramps were worse today than they usually are during the cycles when I’m not knocked out by my period. I napped on the BioMat. I used a hot water bottle on my abdomen. I didn’t have much of an appetite most of the day, and my stomach was a little nauseated […]

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Getting Serious

I don’t really want to do this. As my acupuncture headache turned into a Herx headache this afternoon, I realized that I just don’t want to do this. What is “this”? This is my stepped up coiling protocol. It is the guarantee that I will have headaches every day for the rest of the autumn. It is running towards agony in the hopes of getting through it to the other […]

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I have two beautiful friends with big things going on. Their joy is my joy as we accompany each other along the long road of life. Black & Kinky Amongst Brown Waves My friend Margaux is performing a one-woman show about her travels and work in India. She’ll be in NYC the second and third weekend in September. It’s a great performance. I saw it in Washington DC on a […]

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Finding Kombucha

My sister and I did some errands today. It was the usual stuff that a mother and homeowner needs to purchase. One of the stores we went to was a grocery store that I went to the first day I was here to pick up vegetables with my mom. If only I had known then that this place has a decent selection of “health” foods. Today we found the coconut […]

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