Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

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A New Allergy

Yesterday, I wrote about Neural Therapy. I had a big reaction to having tiny, diluted amounts of procaine (aka novocain) injected subdermally. Initially, we thought I was having a strong reaction to the treatment. Today, my doctor and I realized that I’m allergic to procaine. How did we figure this out? Well, I woke up this morning still feeling like I couldn’t breathe, like there was a huge weight crushing […]

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Constrained Liver

My liver is showing signs of irritation. I spoke to my acupuncturist about the lump in my throat and she said that my Eastern/energetic liver is irritated, too. It’s a condition called “Constrained Liver Qi” and is a kind of stagnation. I looked it up and discovered that it can occur simultaneously with “Liver Blood Deficiency.” I have symptoms of both patterns. I should go for an acupuncture treatment soon. […]

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Parsing symptoms

I think the Herx from Lyme coiling on Saturday night went into full blast while I was sleeping. Yesterday I was convinced I had gotten away with something. No luck. When I first started coiling, an experienced coiler told me that I should wait at least 24 hours to see if I get a Herx. Sometimes they start slowly and build up. Sometimes they start long after the coiling session […]

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Seeing through the third eye

My current favorite yoga instructor has a problem with his left eye. It’s visible to people who see him that there’s a problem. The first time I met him, he asked if there was anything he needed to know about (injuries, etc.) before the class started. I told him about the Lyme disease and the joint problems, weak muscles, and low blood pressure. I tried to give him a short […]

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Alternative Help

Tomorrow morning, I’m going to the hospital to have the kidney stone removed. I’ve been trying and trying to convince it to come out on its own. So far, the only thing that seems to have moved it at all was the two acupuncture treatments I got today and yesterday. Yesterday I could feel it move. On an ultrasound today, it had moved quite a bit. It was much less […]

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