Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Parsing symptoms

I think the Herx from Lyme coiling on Saturday night went into full blast while I was sleeping. Yesterday I was convinced I had gotten away with something. No luck.

When I first started coiling, an experienced coiler told me that I should wait at least 24 hours to see if I get a Herx. Sometimes they start slowly and build up. Sometimes they start long after the coiling session and hit all at once. Of course, I’ve also felt them start before I put the coil down, but I didn’t need anyone to warn me about those.

The best I can tell is that yesterday, I was Herxing mildly. The only sign, and it was subtle, that I had something funky happening in my nervous system was that my skin was hypersensitive. By the time I was writing everything down in the blog, I had forgotten that I only made a vague attempt at skin brushing on the left side of my body yesterday morning because it hurt so much. The right side was sensitive, too, but I could tolerate the brushing sensation.

This morning I felt the full effect, starting with a full-body night sweat last night: moderate to severe spine pain, neck ache, head ache, fatigue, lower back pain that stayed with me all day and the gland in my lower left back is swollen and tender again. It was what I had expected for Sunday morning.

Now this is where it gets tricky. I assume that these symptoms are from coiling for Lyme, not coiling for Babesia and Bartonella on Sunday night. The reason I make this assumption is that until now, the spine pain has been correlated with coiling my back for Lyme, which is what I did on Saturday night. Of course it could be a combination. I have no way of knowing, and honestly, no accurate way of testing.

Yoga remedy

Given how crappy I felt this morning, all I wanted to do was lie on the BioMat, which I did for about 40 minutes before I decided I had to deal with the day.

Monday is the yoga class with my favorite teacher. I assumed that I would feel better if I went, psychologically and possibly physically. Instead, the class was more like an acupuncture treatment. I felt something moving, unsettling and shifting. I had new pain during class, but not the kind of pain the poses should generate–even if I’m doing them incorrectly. (Well, I had the regular stretching pain, too, but I’m referring to something different.)

For example, lying flat on my back, before getting into a pose, I noticed the back of my pelvic girdle was in sharp pain. I stuck a blanket underneath to prevent any pressure points between the bone and the floor. It was odd.

We did a lot of forward folds, a standing pose. Then we did the same thing while seated on the floor, a seated forward bend. I got an immediate, overwhelming headache over the crown of my head. It was so painful that I suddenly felt disoriented. It was like I had opened something in my back and it shot up my spine and couldn’t get out.

Up to that point, I was loving the class. We did a lot of warming up of the back muscles, relaxing and strengthening them. My spine was starting to feel happy, or at least to cease complaining.

After the class was over, I went to stand up and noticed that my hips and knees were stiff, with the left side feeling much worse. The headache was almost gone. I didn’t understand it at all. It wasn’t a difficult or taxing class. I limped home.

I did some things on the computer, then lay on the BioMat for 20 minutes. When I got up, my hips and knees were working again just fine. Whatever it was that shifted had found a new equilibrium.

I compare the experience to acupuncture because sometimes I go in with one set of symptoms then. with treatment, some get resolved and new ones appear. My acupuncturist tells me not to worry and to call her and tell her what happens. Usually by the next day, the new things are gone and the original ones are much less severe, sometimes a few are gone.

Side note on acupuncture: Someone asked me about the lump in my throat, which just happens to be bothering this evening. I don’t have a quick fix. My doctors have all looked at me with my thyroid in mind, but when they feel for it, it isn’t enlarged. The only time I’ve gotten rid of the lump sensation is by telling my acupuncturist about it. She called it “plum pit chi” and included it in her treatment matrix. Then it would go away for a while and eventually come back. Whatever is causing it is still there. As I write this, I’m thinking I could use a tune-up with my acupuncturist.


My Herx reaction started up this morning in full force, took a break in the afternoon, then hit me with a really bad headache tonight, complete with eye pain. I’m having a hard time writing this, but I need to write to remember and record. I digress. The Herx is worse, so I’m not trying Lyme again today.

  • Candida, abdomen, 10 minutes


I finished a full course of one of the homeopathic remedies: Lymphatik. (It’s the one that tastes like Wrigley’s Extra classic bubble gum.) Once I finish it, I don’t replace it until I next see my doctor. Hopefully my lymph nodes are in good shape after the extended draining process.

  • homeopathic support
  • kombucha
  • juiced greens (with dill, yummy!)
  • skin brushing
  • yoga
  • BioMat/infrared heat (4 hours sleeping on level 2, 1 hour on level 4 in two sessions)
  • castor oil pack on abdomen
  • colestid

The castor oil pack is on my whole abdomen because it is still a little swollen.

I’m going to take colestid when I finish writing tonight. I’m hoping it saves me from having this headache all day tomorrow.


No need to repeat what I’ve written above.

Good Stuff

During the yoga class, the teacher played a jazz piece that caught my attention just enough to keep my mind from wandering all over the place. I asked him about it afterwards. It was Poinciana by Ahmad Jamal. I listened to it over and over all afternoon. What a delicious piece of music.


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