Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Coiling isn’t for everyone

For most of the time I’ve been treating Lyme Disease and my other tick-borne infections, the main treatments were antibiotic pills and other supplements, rest and, when I was up to it, exercise. Things got better as I did more detoxing, although that, too, was mostly through oral agents.

These treatments were not enough for me to cross the finish line. I had to add colonics and hot baths to the detox treatments. I had to change my diet. Given my energy level, these were time consuming activities that took away from the incredible amount of rest I needed.

When I was taking intravenous antibiotics, that ate up 4 days a week between travel and having the drug administered. Getting rid of Lyme Disease became more of a full time job.

Coiling is another time consuming activity. I have to plan my days so that I space the treatments apart by about 3 hours to allow the coil to cool completely before using it again. I have to plan my meal times and supplement intake to allow the detoxing agents to do their job without absorbing much needed nutrients and medicinal agents. I have to leave time for exercise and rest.

This is a full time job.

On days like today, I want to blow through a bunch of tasks that I’ve put on hold. But they come second. I don’t finish what I’d like partly because I’m slowed down by coming off florinef and planning my treatment schedule and interrupting what I’m doing to get all the coiling in. It’s not easy.

Coiling is not for everyone. It isn’t a quick fix. There’s plenty of pain. It requires a fair amount of time on a daily basis. It requires planning and monitoring. There isn’t a manual or a doctor to tell you what to do. It doesn’t have tons of data “proving” its efficacy.

It seems to be working, for me and for many others. So I soldier on with my coiling and detox protocols. I keep aiming towards being fully healthy again.


I added another minute to my back for Babesia, trying to get more coverage of all the bones in my hip and low back area. It’s also Day 3 in the Lyme plan: abdomen, chest and arms.

  • Bartonella, abdomen, 5 minutes; chest, 2 minutes
  • Babesia, ilium, 1 minute each side; knees/elbows, 1 minute; liver, 5 minutes; chest, 5 minutes; shoulder blades, 30 seconds each; shoulders, 30 seconds; feet, 1 minute; central back, 1 minute; low back, 1 minute
  • Lyme, upper abdomen, 2 minutes; chest, 2 minutes; front of shoulders, 1 minute each; back of shoulders, 1 minute each; sacrum, 1 minute
  • Candida, abdomen, 10 minutes; chest, 2 minutes


  • skin brushing
  • diatomaceous earth


I did okay last night with sleep: no sweats, only one interruption, for strongly Lyme-smelling urine.

I was tired in the morning, moving in slow motion, but still moving.

No florinef today. I started to feel it at around 4 pm. I feel it more now with a funny off-balance feeling in my head and in my vision. I wore compression socks at my cardiologists urging.

I have pain in my lower back tonight on the left side by my sacrum.

I’m getting a herxing headache, with light sensitivity, floaters and emotional swings. I took diatomaceous earth just as I started writing. Hopefully DE plus sleep will be enough to get me started again in the morning.


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