Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Lyme Waltz

Starting this past Friday, I’ve changed my coiling schedule. Day One is Lyme plus morning and evening Bartonella. Days Two and Three are full Bartonella protocol. Three steps, in succession, to the beat of the music.

Lyme Coiling

I decided I need to do Lyme every third day if I want to kill it fast and reduce the severity of each herx. I really learned my lesson over the past few weeks. Every additional day between coiling treatments makes a big difference in how badly I feel.

The most recent example, and the impetus behind going from twice a week to every three days, came on Saturday. I coiled on Friday for Lyme, with the previous session on Monday. On Saturday I felt like I had a hangover…after sleeping more than 10 hours! I felt achy and had loose bowels. My joints were killing me (and continue to). I had a headache and I was weepy and emotional all day long. I had three big cries. During the first one I felt awful and like I was a horrible person who should apologize for existing. During the second, I remembered that this happens with Lyme herxes, particularly the feeling that nobody likes me because I don’t want to be around myself when I feel that bad. During the third cry, I could remember that this illness has used up my reserves, and I could see that other people around me have their share of heartbreaks. The heartbreaks of my friends and family made me sadder, but it was a more realistic sadness than earlier in the day. I guess I’m making two points with this: 1. Crying helps with the emotional part of the herxes. 2. I should coil often enough not to keep putting myself through this.

Today, as I was coiling, I decided to add a little more to my Lyme Protocol. In particular, I’ve added my liver for five minutes and my spleen for five minutes. I hadn’t been concentrating on either organ, though they get some coiling coverage through the rest of the protocol. Still, I want to see if I can cut down on the free floating Lyme bacteria in my blood as well as any that might be stored in these organs.

Lyme Coiling Protocol

(not sure what draft this would be!)

432 Hz

  • Each side of my head, over my ears, 3 minutes
  • Top of my head, 3 minutes
  • Back of my head, 3 minutes
  • Each shoulder front, 2 minutes
  • Each shoulder blade, 2 minutes
  • Each side of my ribcage + arms, 3 minutes
  • Chest, 3 minutes
  • Upper abdomen including bottom ribs, 5 minutes
  • Lower abdomen including pubic bone, 3 minutes
  • Each ilium front, 3 minutes
  • Each ilium back, 3 minutes
  • Each hip bursa, 3 minutes
  • Between my legs in 3 locations: thighs, knees, shins, 3 minutes per location
  • Feet through coil, 3 minutes
  • Spine: upper, middle, 3 minutes per
  • Sacrum, 5 minutes
  • Buttocks over my sit-bones, 3 minutes
  • Each butt cheek, 3 minutes
  • Spleen, 5 minutes
  • Liver, 5 minutes

Along with the changes in the coiling protocol and the frequency of coiling sessions, I’m adding in welchol or diatomaceous earth on the nights that I coil. I’m hoping to avoid the worst of the herxes.

Bartonella Coiling

Bartonella has both been driving me mad and it’s herxes are getting less severe. A few things have happened. First, I’ve had butter fingers a lot. I feel like there is a big, never-ending, neurological component to illness and the herxes. So I’m dealing with that as well as the whole big list of other problems. Second, lots of other things are dying down: insomnia gone (regularly sleeping 10 hours a night), kidney pain reduced, headaches not as bad, night sweats stopped on Friday. Third, intestines and abdominal swelling worse, tingling in my limbs worse, pain in my limbs reduced length of time but not severity, and whole body twitches when I lie down to rest. Odd. My intestines have gone from all constipation to alternating constipation and loose stools, which I assume is because of the Lyme coiling, but it could be part of the progression of Bartonella herxes.

I decided that the kidney pain warranted a trip to the sauna. I’d been avoiding it so as not to interfere with the Lyme coiling. I went on Saturday (my feeling horrible day) and stayed in the sauna for 14 minutes. I sweated enough to reduce the kidney pain, but not enough to make all my other symptoms go away. It was useful…and not quite the relief I wished for. I also started taking three pills of Renavive each day to help support my kidneys as they detoxify from the Bartonella die-offs.

I changed up my coiling protocol, yet again. It was a minor tweak that came from projecting my next big change to the draft 5 protocol. I’ve shifted to doing my chest and abdomen at one time and my liver and spleen the other time.

Bartonella Coiling Plan

(Draft 4.1)

Coiling at 832Hz

Morning (total 36 minutes):

  • Head: each side, top, back, 3 minutes per
  • Spine: upper, middle, lower, 3 minutes per
  • Liver, 5 minutes
  • Spleen, 10 minutes

Midday (total 40 minutes)

  • Between legs: thighs, knees, calves, 2 minute each
  • Feet through coil, 2 minutes
  • Each outer thigh, midway down thigh, 2 minutes
  • Each ilium front, 2 minutes
  • Each hip bursa, 2 minutes
  • Lower abdomen/pubic bone, 2 minutes
  • Each side of ribcage plus the adjacent arm, 2 minutes
  • Shoulder front and neck, 1 minute on each side
  • Shoulder blades, 1 minute on each side
  • Each ilium back, 2 minutes
  • Butt by sit-bones, 2 minutes
  • Each butt cheek, 2 minutes

Night (total 36 minutes)

  • Head: each side, top, back, 3 minutes per
  • Spine: upper, middle, lower, 3 minutes per
  • Abdomen, 5 minutes
  • Chest, 10 minutes

Changing Supplements

In an effort to slowly wean myself off supplements and let my body’s defense’s return to their “natural” state, I’ve slowly been changing what I consume. First, while I was on VSL#3, the pharmaceutical grade probiotic, I reduced the amount of digestive enzymes by half. The eventual goal is to stop taking digestive enzymes. Now I’m down to one pill per meal of Jarro-Zymes Plus.

Second, I’ve cut down the amount of vitamin C I’m taking to 3,000 milligrams a day. I like vitamin C. It helps clean out toxins. But it also boosts my immune system. Little by little I’m trying to get down to 1,000 milligrams a day. That will probably not happen until I get to the end of Bartonella.

Third, I finished the VSL#3. I’ve moved on to MegaFoods MegaFlora Plus. It has a similar profile of probiotic microbes at about 1/5 the dose of VSL#3. I’ve started with three pills a day. I’ll go down to 2 per day after 4 days. By the end, I anticipate moving down to 1 pill per day.

Although I know the way to get to the end of Lyme and the other tick borne illnesses is to get rid of all my immune boosters and other tricks to suppress them, I am phasing them out over time, to allow my body to heal before I release a new wave of active infection.

Lyme Poem

In honor of National Poetry Month…

Lyme Waltz

One…two, three

Step lively,
light on your feet,
lean on your partner.


Falling, falling, tripping away
from my partner
from my life
from my dreams

Falling, falling, landing
on the hard wood floor
rearranging my dress
discovering my legs won’t stand

In the pause between beats
finding a doctor
finding some drugs
finding some hope


Stepping again
finding my legs
finding a rhythm
finding a coil machine
making a plan


Last step
reaching towards health
reaching for relationships
reaching for the future
remaking a life

One…two, three
One…two, three
One…two, three

Dancing again


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  1. your poem make me smile and i am so happy that i was able to watch you dance at your wedding! dancing again, indeed!

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