Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Water on the knees

I took a yoga class today. It was my main goal for the day. It was supposed to be an open level class, but turned out to be more in the intermediate to advanced level. As I realized that, I started wishing for a gentler class. So I went at my own pace, didn’t quite do all the vinyasas and poses, and let go of my expectations. The teacher worked a lot on opening blood flow to the hips. That made it hard for me to get down the stairs to the street and to walk home. In a way, I guess my hips were a good place for me to work on since I started coiling my hips for Lyme today.


I did a lot with the coil machine again. That’s my plan heading forward. To coil a bunch and see what happens. I’m less afraid of the machine than I was when I first got it. I’ve noticed that it gets pretty hot pretty fast. I’ve been warned not to let the coil overheat (and melt the plastic insulation on the wiring). My guess is that my tolerance for heat is much lower than that of the insulation. If I decide to do more, I’ll have to do it in two or three sittings over the course of the day.

Babesia on my hands was the first part of the session (one minute). My hands are still bothering me, especially my knuckle and wrist joints. But the muscle pain is somewhat diminished.

Second on the agenda was Lyme. A minute each on my right and left shoulders and hips, my knees and my feet. I decided to try coiling my feet for Lyme since coiling for Bartonella didn’t have much of an impact. I had the classic Bartonella pins and needles on the bottom of my feet when I woke up despite coiling for it yesterday. Of course I also coiled my abdomen for Bartonella yesterday, so the symptoms this morning could have been part of the Herx.

Anyway, I didn’t feel the heart thing when I did my left shoulder, it started when I got to the right one. I’m holding my breath that I don’t get a big Herx reaction, just a little one. I’ll add in my abdomen again maybe the day after tomorrow.

I finished up with five minutes of Candida coiling. It’s purely speculation at this point. I’m too nervous to add in grains, though I thoroughly enjoyed half an apple with peanut butter with dinner.

Detox and Bodily Sensations

I’m calling yoga a part of the detox protocol. I know that exercise and increased blood flow help with removing toxins from the joints and muscles. Tightening muscles as we do when we exercise also helps move lymph towards its entry to the blood system. In other words, I didn’t manage to take a hot bath, so I’m hoping that yoga does something spectacular.

By the way, yesterday’s hot bath before bed put me into a very sound sleep for 10.5 hours. I woke up once with night sweats. I had to get up and change my shirt because the upper part of the back was pretty wet. It wasn’t that extreme. I’ve had full shirt drenchers multiple times in a night. It’s one of the ways my body detoxes without any intentional effort on my part. My suggestion to anyone who experiences night sweats is to wear athletic shirts (the kind that wick moisture away from the skin) to bed. When I’ve done that, I don’t wake up as often.

I woke up rather late, but my body didn’t seem quite so heavy today. My arms and legs had a dull pain in them. My feet hurt on the sole. I said pins and needles above, but it isn’t exact. What we call pins and needles happens when the blood flow is cut off to a body part then starts flowing again. The sensation I experienced was more like standing on needles that are all facing upward into my soles. It usually morphs after a few minutes into a more generalized pain, as it did this morning.

My limbs and back felt cold. I tried unsuccessfully to convince myself to take another bath. I just didn’t want to soak again. Instead I took a hot shower at noon. I tried skin brushing first. It was excruciating. My nerves were so sensitive I winced with each stroke. I’m not sure what made it so much worse than last night.

The shower warmed up my muscles and joints enough to reduce the pain and stiffness. My knees had sharp pains in them, and my thigh muscles were feeling awful. After the shower, I felt able to walk a few blocks to the yoga studio, but the pain wasn’t gone.

I’ve been pondering getting a Bio-Mat or some other similar object that irradiates the body with IR waves. Similar to an IR sauna, they make a person sweat up a storm using dry heat. It has some advantages over all the baths I take, one of which is that at lower settings, they supposedly reduce aches and pains. Well, I guess that’s kind of like a shower, only I won’t get in the shower multiple times a day and I have a limit as to how long I want to be in there.

I ask myself all the time: would I rather be boiled or nuked? Both raise the body temperature enough to stimulate detoxification through the skin. One is very inexpensive. The other I’m likely to use daily for more than 20 minutes in a sitting. More to consider…

Anyway, post yoga, my legs were feeling weak, and my knees kept wanting to give out. I came home and rested. I watched the documentary The Garden. It got me to thinking about all the long protests and campaigns I’ve been a part of and how little we won. I won’t get into my whole analysis of US corporate culture; suffice it to say that I didn’t feel energized when I finished. Is the headache centered around my eyes from Lyme or hopelessness?

Now it’s late. Time to pass out again.


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