Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Buffalo Mozzarella

Every now and then, my mother picks up fresh buffalo mozzarella imported from Italy. It has tons of calories (fat) and lots of protein.  I’m not allergic to it the way I am with cow dairy. And it tastes like heaven.

I went to Italy almost a year ago. I ate so well. I ate some things that I’m allergic to (and paid for it) and some things that cause inflammation (and paid for it) but the food was so tasty that it was worth the price. The one thing I avoided was eggs because my reaction is so severe, so I missed out on a few items.

So I’m eating the last of the fresh buffalo mozzarella as I write tonight. I’m craving it. Maybe I didn’t eat enough today. I worry about that. When I went to the doctor yesterday, I discovered I’m a pound below my lowest weight since this illness began.


I didn’t have a killer reaction to coiling for Lyme yesterday (details under Body). I’m thinking I might try again tomorrow, increasing by another 30 seconds on my abdomen.

I increased the Candida time by 1 minute. I think I’ll also go up 30 seconds on Bartonella if I don’t notice a reaction by tomorrow.

  • Bartonella, abdomen, 2 minutes
  • Candida, abdomen, 6 minutes


After the footbath yesterday, I wanted to make sure I assisted the “ordinary elimination processes” by sweating up a storm today. I took a detox bath and added a little more epsom salt than usual. I accidentally made it 109 deg F. It was sooooo hot. Fortunately, I also stopped the water before it filled up a lot. Somehow I can take the higher temperature if it doesn’t cover as much area on my body. I succeeded in sweating up a storm.

I started a new homeopathic tincture. This one is called Hepatik. It smells like unsweetened chocolate, like the hot drink I used to get with breakfast at the local Colombian restaurant. It has a mild flavor, like chocolate Necco Wafers.

  • homeopathic support
  • kombucha
  • juiced greens
  • skin brushing
  • detox bath
  • rest and a nap

I usually do the castor oil pack right before bed, which is where I’m going when I finish writing. I’m skipping tonight because I don’t like to put a heating pad on a full stomach.


I had a special kind of night sweat last night. I woke up before it started. I was the kind of hot I feel when I get out of the tub. Only I was completely dry. Since this has happened before, I knew that when I fell asleep, I would sweat a lot and wake up cold. So this time, I took off my shirt in advance and slept on a towel. Later during the night I woke up cold and it was easy to dry off.

This morning I woke up with itchy eyes and a tired, achy feeling. Nothing in particular stood out. Mostly I hurt everywhere, but in the way that muscles ache the day after I’ve overdone it.

I found myself horizontal multiple times today. I got it in my head to do a few things in my bedroom and then lay down on the bed when I finished folding the laundry I hung up on Tuesday. Or (big success) I went through the pile of papers that needed filing. When I finished all the straightforward items, I found myself sprawled across the day bed. I didn’t manage to finish anything else once I was lying down.

I kept imagining that I was going for a walk. Instead I ended up lying in a tub of hot water half asleep.

That’s the Herx this time, massive fatigue requiring rest. A few other things popped up: tonight I had the pain in my ribs for about an hour, I’ve had a headache since 9:45 pm, my fingers are killing me (big surprise), I had a heat rash on my chest when I got out of the bath and shower, and I have abdominal cramps (possibly pre-menstrual).

If I’m not still laid out on Saturday, I’ll coil for Lyme again. Otherwise, I’ll wait until I have a modicum of energy.


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