Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Odds and ends

I have a killer headache as I start this post. We’ll see how far I get.

Slow Progress

That’s progress in getting my life in order.

I went to a yoga class. I skipped last week, with doctor appointments, Herx pain and my period, I couldn’t handle it. I made it there today. The class was one hour, fifteen minutes shorter than the other one I went to. It also had a better pace. That meant that my legs didn’t turn to jello when it was time to leave and that my heart didn’t spazz out on me. Still, I had a terrible headache when I left. It was short-lived, and a half hour later I was okay.

It was great to do some exercise. I noticed something release in my left hip and left shoulder at different points during the class. I felt the blood flowing in a good way.

My BioMat arrived today. Who knew that I would have to let it air-out before I could use it? There’s even a notice in the box telling the purchaser to let it air out until the smell of whatever is on the cotton cover is gone. (I can only wish that that’s where this headache is from.) I only smell it when I put my face to the surface. I have the window wide open, just in case. I’m hoping I can use it before I go to bed.

I spent more time rearranging my kitchen today. I’m getting so close. To understand why this is such a big deal you need to know the size of my kitchen: 6’x10.5′. Short and narrow with hardly any counter space or storage space. Then add my collection of atlas e-z seal jars and you see the problem.

I managed to empty a shelf on the cart across from the counter (and all the appliances) to move the toaster oven down. I figure I don’t use it that much anymore. I can always pull it out onto the 18″x18″ counter area where I do all the cooking if I really need it. That feat took over an hour of cleaning, discarding and rearranging.

Next up, clean the toaster oven and the cart surface. Then maybe put a mineral oil finish on it. Finally, open the juicer and make juice.

The juicer issue is more urgent on days when Mom is too busy to make juice. Besides, she’ll be out of town for 6 weeks with my sister and I need to become more self-sufficient.


The main coiling was Candida. I think something is happening, mostly to my skin (acne) and intestines. I’m watching them both go through a cleaning cycle. (More on that under Body.)

I woke up with severe pain on the side of my legs near my hips. These are the spots that a while back where the sources of a sharp pain followed by a shot of pain down the sides of my legs, ending with muscle spasms. Today it was just a very tender, sore area, almost like a severe bruise in the same spot, worse on the left. So I coiled those areas for Lyme. Why not?

  • Candida, abdomen, 10 minutes
  • Lyme, upper thighs/hips, 3 minutes on each side.


It’s hard to keep up with a detox diet when I’m so far behind in my life and so dependent on other people. Mom looked for kombucha today, and the store was out of it. Part of the kitchen rearrangement program is to make space to start brewing kombucha again.

I had two bowls of Chinese long beans, which according to my neighbor from India have a detoxifying effect on the liver and kidneys. I’m counting that today.

  • homeopathic support
  • water with lemon juice
  • skin brushing
  • yoga
  • castor oil pack on liver

Last night I had a big surprise while doing the castor oil pack. I suddenly got an intense pain in my liver, followed by a burning sensation. I took off the heating pad and let the area cool off. Then it was fine. So I put the heating pad on again at a lower setting. It was okay. Then I stopped altogether and got into bed and noticed that my liver area was tender to the touch and my intestines were making noises. Odd. Something’s moving.


To recap: I have a killer headache on the top half of my head, including my eyes. My liver was sore last night. And I woke up with a horrible pain on the sides of both legs (that is still there right now!).

The other issues of the day are hand pain, especially my fingers and knuckles, shoulder and neck pain, restlessness (wired and tired), and gurgling in my abdomen. My hands hurt so much that I noticed the pain during yoga, even when I wasn’t putting any pressure on them.

It seems that something is brewing in my intestines. I can hear it every time I slow down and sit or lie still. I can also see it.

Stop here if you don’t want to read about feces.

When I got sick back in 2007, it started with a bout of food poisoning/possible parasite in southern China. I then began a year of diarrhea almost every day. When that temporarily cleared up, which it did several times after heavy doses of Flagyl and Cipro, my feces got slightly formed and became the consistency of frozen yogurt.  Then the diarrhea returned. In total, I had daily diarrhea for 16 months.  When it stopped, I was back to the frozen yogurt shit for another 18 months, with bouts of very loose bowels or occasional diarrhea.

This past week, I had diarrhea for two days. Now I’ve moved on to fro-yo shit. Both of these have a very strong odor, much stronger than my usual bowel movements.  I’m also dealing with extremely pungent gas. This is a phase I thought was over.  I wonder if it is the Bartonella as I increase the coiling time…or maybe the Candida. Or could this be Lyme?

Only time will tell, if I ever discover the reasons at all.


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