Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

BioMat day one

Yesterday the BioMat arrived. I had to let it air out, so today was the test day.

This morning I spent about 20-25 minutes on one of the low settings. I definitely warmed up and all my muscles relaxed. I didn’t want to get up.

I spent the day with my mother visiting some relatives. Long before we left their house, my battery was spent. Yesterday’s yoga and today’s car ride had caught up to me (never mind a fitful sleep last night from being overstimulated). I was in a daze when I got home at 4pm.

There was the BioMat, just waiting to be tested. I tried one of the middle settings for about 2 hours while I listened to the radio and napped. I got very warm. Very Warm.

The sensation is different from a heating pad or a bath. According to all the advertising, the BioMat heats you from the inside out (sounds like a microwave oven) using infrared light energy. I don’t know about the inside out thing, but I did feel warm inside and out. It was like having a heating device on my skin, but also touching my muscles and bones. I felt a kind of relaxation that made me feel heavy when I stood up.

Tonight, after I digest dinner, I’m going to try the high setting for 5-10 minutes to see if I start sweating. That was the purpose of purchasing the BioMat–to use it instead of an infrared sauna. If it works, then I’ll be very satisfied.

I’ll continue to experiment over the next few days and report on it here.


I’m going for it today. I have a colonic scheduled tomorrow, so I’m overdoing it a little bit, knowing that I’ll be able to get a good cleanse when the Herx starts.

  • Lyme, center of my back, 2 minutes
  • Lyme, hips/upper thighs, 3 minutes each side
  • Bartonella, abdomen, 3 minutes 15 seconds
  • Candida, abdomen, 10 minutes


Well, first and foremost there is the BioMat (infrared heating and sweat-generating). Then I’m back on the juiced greens. I started with the lemon water. And I haven’t picked up kombucha yet.

  • homeopathic support
  • juiced greens
  • lemon water (no sweeteners)
  • skin brushing
  • infrared sweat-generating
  • castor oil pack on liver

The castor oil pack has me noticing my liver and my transverse colon. They seem tender when I touch the skin where they reside. I hope there’s nothing wrong that needs further attention than what I’m already doing. Of course they were sore for years, and it’s only recently, like since summer 2010, that they stopped being tender. I hope it’s just from Herxing regularly…


I had a terrible time falling asleep last night. The headache I was writing about just wouldn’t shake loose enough for me to relax. No matter what I did, all I could think about was how much my head and eyes hurt.

At some point, I got rid of all my pillows and lay flat on my back. That helped me relax into the pain. Then I noticed my eyes felt better when my arm was over them, exerting slight pressure on them. Unfortunately, my shoulder wasn’t comfortable in that position for more than a few minutes.

Magically, I remembered that I have an eye pillow. It’s one of those satin rectangular bags filled with something that smells of lavender that you see in spas and movies about rich people. An old friend gave it to me 8 or 9 years ago. I still have it in the drawer of my nightstand. It worked like a charm. My eyes relaxed and I fell asleep for a while.

I woke up in a daze to a collections agent calling for a man who had my phone number sometime before I got it…five and a half years ago! I was aching pretty sorely from lack of sleep and doing yoga. But the killer was that sharp pain in my left hip/upper thigh region that radiates down my leg. It wasn’t radiating too far. But it was sore as heck, and when I moved the wrong way or touched it, it hurt enough to make me wince. Ouch!

It was nice to be out today. I had a few hours where I was suffering only from muscle soreness. It was a relief. But then the headache came back along with terrible tiredness and the thigh pain. So I’ve been lying down (except for dinner and typing) since I got home. I’m headed back there soon to do the castor oil pack and try the BioMat high setting.

Beyond the soreness and headache, my complaints are my fingers and knuckles, and my shoulders, knees and feet. Other than that, I’m not too bad off.


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