Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

A Herx by any other name

I was thinking about the different Herxes, or at least the different ways my body reacts to big microbial die-offs. I’m sure some of them are not technically Herxes.

From what I’ve read, Herxes are characterized by headaches, fever, chills, muscle pain, drop in blood pressure, skin problems such as rashes, flu-like symptoms and exacerbation of existing symptoms.

There are plenty of websites that describe Lyme Herxes, and of course, syphilis Herxes, which is where they were first observed and written down by scientists/doctors. There are also some that describe more completely the types of symptoms one can expect from the other die-offs I’m writing about. I’m just writing about what happens to me.


This doesn’t cause an immediate reaction. It takes a long time to start and a long time to resolve. Over time, I’ve observed the following that seems to be associated with Candida die-offs in my body.

  • acne and other skin break-outs in various locations on my body
  • gas (really smelly, similar to when I’ve eaten something I’m allergic to)
  • constipation, or less extremely, slowed digestion and elimination


I’m still gathering information on this one. I’ve taken anti-malarial drugs in the past that have caused a reaction. The Herx dissipates rapidly (like a day or two). My recollection is more focused on how much better I felt in such a short time. But here’s the ugly truth.

  • long periods of sleep (10-13 hours)
  • extreme fatigue and somnolence when I’m awake
  • severe headaches and light sensitivity
  • generalized malaise and overall body aches
  • the sensation that my limbs are very heavy
  • low blood pressure
  • my hands typing incorrectly (like the map in my brain is twisted)
  • extreme night sweats


When I originally treated Bartonella with Levaquin + Aciphex, I felt horrible for a short while, like a week or two, then much better until the side effects got to me. After I was off it for a while the symptoms crept right back up.

  • headache
  • pain in my hands and feet upon waking
  • waking up with my arms asleep (numb then painful as the sensation returned)
  • diarrhea (might have been a side effect of the antibiotic since I’m not experiencing it with the coil machine)
  • fatigue
  • earaches and sore throat
  • abdominal pain, especially in my intestines
  • possible this pain that I’m getting on my hips/outer thighs and going down the sides of my legs could be from Bartonella
  • butterfingers
  • difficulty staying asleep
  • moderate night sweats

The funny thing is that one or two Bartonella symptoms, like pain in the lower abdomen don’t get worse. They get immediately better when I use the coil.

The Herxes from coiling seem to be gone in 24-48 hours, just in time to do it again.

Lyme Disease

This one is the killer. The symptoms are extreme, come on quickly and take forever to work themselves out of my system. I don’t know if the endotoxins released by borrelia are more toxic or in higher quantities than the other illnesses.

  • severe headaches, including ones that extend into my neck
  • bone and joint aches, including and especially the spine
  • muscle pain, especially in my back
  • fatigue, strong need to lie down frequently
  • somnolence, strong need to nap during day
  • insomnia
  • night sweats
  • joint stiffness and popping and cracking, which get severe enough that I have trouble walking and standing because I can’t put my full weight on my hip joints
  • an enlarged bump on the back of my head
  • drop in body temperature
  • drop in blood pressure
  • heart palpitations
  • constriction in my chest that makes it feel like I can’t breath (even though I can)
  • floaters in my vision
  • buzzing in my ears
  • light and sound sensitivity
  • swollen glands
  • skin hypersensitivity and tingling
  • difficulty concentrating and remembering words
  • diarrhea
  • strange smelling sweat, urine and feces

If there’s more, I can’t remember it now. But you get the picture. That’s why I’m obsessed with detoxing and with not overdoing the coiling sessions for Lyme.

Moving on to today’s report…


Today is a Lyme treatment day. I’m skipping Babesia, but I’m thinking I’m going to start doing it every other day, probably on Bartonella days. It’s a double whammy, but they both cleared out pretty well today.

In fact, I slept well and deeply last night. I looked terrible this morning, but by 11 am I was less tired than I’ve been in several weeks.

  • Lyme, lower back, 2 minutes 30 seconds
  • Candida, abdomen, 10 minutes

During and after the Lyme treatment, I had a feeling of constriction in my chest.


Because of extenuating circumstances, no juiced greens and no castor oil pack today.

  • homeopathic support
  • kombucha
  • lemon water
  • skin brushing
  • infrared heat (45 minutes, medium setting)


I slept for 10.5 hours last night. It was amazing. I had one mild night sweat, which caused me to change my shirt, but only because the area around my neck was very damp. I was overheated and spent the rest of the night without a blanket. In the morning, I awoke incompletely while having some pretty disturbing dreams.

I was achy, very achy, when I woke up. The damp, gray weather didn’t help.

I had to lie down again for another 45 minutes before I could start my day, but when I got up the second time, my body was not too bad. I didn’t feel lethargic or like I wanted to climb into bed again. I just needed to move slowly for a while, but eventually, I found ease in doing the activities of the day.

I had a lot of floaters this morning. They eventually went away until 10pm. My hands are in a lot of pain. My shoulders hurt, too, and the pain is exacerbated by all this typing. My back hurts. My ear pain has diminished, but my throat still hurts and the feeling of something stuck in my throat continues.

Since I coiled for Lyme tonight, I’ve had chest constriction, bilateral rib pain in the front of my chest and a headache.

Overall, I’m not feeling as bad as I did the past few days.


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