Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Deep Breath

I went to see my LLMD* today. He is very willing to support me in my choice to use a coil machine as the primary way I’m tackling the Lyme disease infection. He’s also very smart about detoxification.

Dr. Morrison actually just wrote a book about detoxing. We didn’t discuss his book, but we spent a lot of time figuring out an advanced detox protocol. He thinks that many of my symptoms come from the Herxes and my body’s inability to keep up with the toxin removal process. I agree with him because that’s my intuition as well. I’m starting up a new series of homeopathic remedies that help drain various organs and improve their function. These include liver, kidneys, lymph and intestines. I’m going to take something to help alkalinize my digestive tract to reduce inflammation and keep everything running smoothly.

At the end, we also added a remedy to tonify my lungs.

*LLMD = Lyme-literate medical doctor

Neural Therapy

The term “Neural Therapy” sounds like something straight out of Star Trek Voyager, possibly a treatment for the biological systems that run the ship. That’s not even close to what we tried on me today.

Neural therapy is supposed to interrupt energy patterns that are stuck and preventing cells from cleaning out their metabolic waste. On me, we did a series of subdermal injections on my abdomen to help stimulate circulation in my liver, kidneys and intestines. These were like allergy test injections–just below the skin. The shots contained diluted procaine (similar to novocaine) and saline. Dr. Morrison used a very diluted dose because we both know that I react very strongly to every treatment.

The skin got inflammed: red and puffed up. That was expected. Then I started to have trouble breathing. Then I got pale. Then I started to feel like I had taken a sedative–a bit confused and off-balance and like my head was foggy on the inside. It was more of a reaction than expected given the dose, but well within the range of normal reactions.

It seems that it worked quite well, and that the toxins were pouring into my blood stream (hopefully on their way out). The symptoms were similar to what I experienced with Herxes when I first started coiling and the toxins would hit my blood stream immediately.

When I left the office  a half hour later, I was still somewhat out of it and processing in slow motion. My color had returned. My breathing was a little better. I was getting a mild headache.

I’m still feeling funny. I came home and rested and drank lots of water. I’ve been a little itchy on my abdomen and arms. More dramatically, I feel like I’m having an asthma attack. I used to get this way when I went running on a hot and humid afternoon or on a chilly morning. I’m breathing. But it feels labored, as if my bronchial tubes are swollen enough to restrict air flow. I can’t stop sighing and huffing. It also feels like I have a very heavy anvil sitting on my chest (think Wile E. Coyote).

So anyway, I came home and read up on neural therapy. From what I understand, it is hard to determine where on each patient’s body to start using procaine to interrupt the incorrect electric potential in damaged cells, because it isn’t always clear which cells are the source of the pattern of imbalance. So usually one starts with either the symptomatic area (liver and kidneys in my case) or the area where the trouble seems to have started (intestines because it was a case of food poisoning and diarrhea that activated the Lyme and precipitated the symptoms). Maybe that wasn’t my doctor’s reasoning, but that’s what I understand after reading about it.

The next step is to see where the reaction to the shots occurs. For me, the lung symptoms (difficulty breathing and pressure on my chest) were the first and most extreme. If I decide to try this treatment again, I have a feeling we’ll target my lungs. In the meantime, Dr. Morrison gave me a homeopathic remedy for lung conditions.  I’m supposed to let him know tomorrow how my body reacted to the treatment.


Given the way I’m feeling, I’m just maintaining the times for Babesia and Candida treatments.

  • Babesia, chest, 4 minutes 30 seconds; liver, 4 minutes 30 seconds
  • Candida, abdomen, 10 minutes


Besides the neural therapy, it was a normal detox day. I’ll start the new homeopathic treatments tomorrow, adding in one new one each day.

  • kombucha
  • juiced greens
  • extra water
  • skin brushing
  • neural therapy
  • BioMat
  • castor oil pack on abdomen


One night sweat last night. Then I woke up with a lot of bone pain and muscle pain this morning. I’m blaming the Bartonella treatment on my chest for stirring things up. Not sure if it’s true, though.

I got pretty carsick today on the way to the doctor’s office. For me, that’s an intermittent phenomenon. I didn’t have my wrist bands with me today to reduce the nausea, so I just breathed deeply and waited it out.

I’m still having turkey-soup-smelling urine. I’m thinking that the Lyme Herx from two weeks ago is almost out.

After the neural therapy, the worst of it is the breathing. I’ve spent the rest of the day and the evening in a prone position because it feels worse sitting and standing. The only exceptions were eating dinner and typing this blog post.

There’s also a headache and floaters in my vision…and a gas attack before bed.

What a day.


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