Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Coiling for Babesia

After much deliberation, trial and error, slow progress, recurrent symptoms and new ideas, I finally have a full plan for ridding myself of Babesia. (For background, see Babesia Basics.)

I started coiling for Babesia on March 19th, earlier this year. I started with 30 seconds over my liver. I had a big Herx. I waited a few days and tried again, 30 seconds on my chest. Then little by little, as I could tolerate the Herxes, I increased the time, 15-30 seconds with each increase, until I got to 5 minutes on my chest and 5 minutes on my liver per treatment. At that point, I was coiling every other day. At some point, I realized that I needed to do it every day to keep up with the rate of growth of the infection.

How did I know that I needed to do it more often? Well, I wasn’t experiencing Herxes anymore. What did it was that I would get really tired. REALLY TIRED. The kind of tired that no amount of rest could alleviate. The kind of tired that in the past was only relieved by anti-malarial pills. So when I got tired for more than 3 days in a row, I would listen to my inner voice and remember to increase my Babesia treatments.

After I reached the every day point, I added in new body parts along the way. Some I did because I thought I should, some because I got the tired feeling. I had a brief setback because after I coiled my shoulder blades a few days in a row, I started having serious hand problems: tingling in my arms, lack of coordination in my hands, pain like a glove from my fingertips past my elbows. So I stopped coiling my shoulder blades for a while and did other body parts. A few months later, I went back and started over again, coiling my shoulder blades every other night for a week or two before it became part of the daily regimen.

Earlier this week, I started to feel REALLY TIRED again. I fought to get out on Saturday and Sunday. I was exhausted part way through each activity. On Monday, I was exhausted again. On Tuesday, I was still out of it. So I knew. That’s when I started coiling for Babesia twice a day.

Babesia grows fast. Once the infection gets to a small enough size, it knows it needs to reproduce to stay viable in the host organism (me) so it increases its own growth rate. That’s why I needed to increase from every other day to every day. Now, it’s growth rate has increased again, so I’m coiling for it twice a day, aiming for every 11-13 hours, since I’m not coordinated enough to do it every 12 hours.

When I first got my coil machine, I called around to ask how to coil for different tick-borne illnesses. The clearest explanation said it was in 3 steps:

  1. Coil every other day, starting with 30 seconds, working up to 10 minutes on a body part with high blood flow (lungs/heart, liver, spleen).
  2. Add in 1 minute over each of the bones, covering the whole body, increasing your daily coiling as tolerated.
  3. When the Herxes stop and improvement plateaus, move to every day, then twice a day if needed.

Supposedly, after a few months at twice a day, it should be gone. But the only way to tell is to stop and see if any symptoms return.

I’ve slowly and methodically worked through my Babesia coiling plan. Mine has more baby steps and is based on what I know about Babesia:

  1. Babesia is in the blood stream, thus I coil my liver or chest for 10 minutes at a time to try to get my entire blood supply each time.
  2. Babesia is in bone marrow, thus I need to coil my skeletal system every time. The red bone marrow is the most important and can be found in: the ends of large bones where there are joints (shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, ankles), large flat bones (ilium, sternum, ribs, skull) and vertebrae.
  3. Babesia increase its growth rate as the infection gets smaller, thus as I reduce the infection through coiling, I have to increase the frequency with which I coil to keep up with the infection.
  4. Symptoms are a guide to the status of a Babesia infection. For me the biggest symptom that was different from my other tick-borne illnesses was fatigue and tiredness. It was noticeable when the infection got more active. Other symptoms that were more similar to those of the other tick-borne infections I carry include headaches, trouble with typing and hand coordination, and brain fog.

With those principles in mind, here is my program for coiling for Babesia. I’ve been coiling at 570 Hz because it works. There are a few other frequencies I tried but I didn’t notice any difference, neither Herx nor improvement. I’ve heard that there are several Babesia species and each frequency works on a different one. Anyway, here’s how I did it.

  1. Start with 30 seconds over an area of high blood flow (lungs/heart, liver). Wait until the Herx passes, then try again. Keep doing that until 30 seconds is tolerable every other day.
  2. Gradually increase to 5 minutes on that area and 5 minutes on the other area, 15-30 second increases so as not to be knocked over by a herx.
  3. When the Babesia symptoms flare, increase to daily coiling, even if the 5/5 minute goal hasn’t been reached.
  4. Gradually begin coiling key body parts, adding in one at a time: shoulders and shoulder blades, knees, ankles, ilium, elbows, spine, one minute over each area.
  5. Add in the skull last.
  6. Keep doing this every day until the Babesia symptoms return. Then start coiling twice a day. Once a day over the liver for 10 minutes, then the other time, a full body scan with ten minutes over the chest.
  7. As soon as this is tolerable, do 2 full body scans per day: Once a day over the back of the body plus 10 minutes over the liver, once a day over the front and sides of the body plus 10 minutes over the chest.
  8. Keep going for a few months until all Babesia symptoms are gone. Then stop and see what happens.

Today, I reached number 7 in my 8 step plan.

The coiling plan is split to front and back of my body so I get top to bottom coverage, but each coiling session is only 21-22 minutes, which is about how hot I’ll let the coil get.

My morning coiling session is: bottom of feet (heel), calves together, back of thighs together, back of ilium, 3 sections of spine, shoulder blades, back of head, top of head, liver.

My night coiling session is: top of feet & ankle, shins together, knees/elbows together, front of thighs together, front of ilium, sides of ribs, front of shoulders, sides of head, chest.

My guess is that I won’t be able to handle this much coiling, plus Bartonella every other day, Candida every day, Lyme 5 days a week. My body is happier when I do it all, but it’s hard to schedule. So if I get off track for a few days, it’s all part of the learning experience.


  • Candida, chest, 2 minutes; abdomen, 10 minutes
  • Babesia, bottom of feet (heel), 1 minute; calves together, 1 minute; back of thighs together, 1 minute; back of ilium, 30 seconds each side; 3 sections of spine, 1 minute each; shoulder blades, 30 seconds each side; back of head, 1minute; top of head, 1 minute; liver, 10 minutes
  • Babesia, top of feet & ankle, 1 minute; shins together, 1 minute; knees/elbows together, 1 minute; front of thighs together, 1 minute; front of ilium, 30 seconds each side; sides of ribs, 1 minute each side; front of shoulders, 30 second each; sides of head, 1 minute each; chest, 10 minutes
  • Lyme, upper back, 3 minutes; central back, 3 minutes; lower back/sacrum, 5 minutes; lower abdomen (bladder & pubic bone) 3 minutes; upper abdomen, 3 minutes


I’ve been craving cultured foods this week: goat’s milk yogurt, coconut milk kefir, salt brine pickles, kombucha, and 5LAC. It seems as though my intestines are doing their own detox process and asking me for support. I was close to constipated for two days, then I let out something huge this morning. It’s funny how this kind of thing happens.

I’ve also been craving cheese. I assumed it was because I was low in B-12, which is half the reason I gave myself a shot on Wednesday (the other reason being fatigue). But I’m still craving cheese. I wonder what that’s about…

  • rest and lots of it
  • juiced greens
  • diatomaceous earth


I woke up a lot last night. Partly it was the changing weather, both outside and in my apartment. It kept getting hotter and hotter until it was near 80 deg F in my bedroom this morning. Partly, my body was emptying something out. I went to the bathroom at least 5 times with a full bladder each time. By morning I felt dehydrated.

But it was sunny this morning after yesterday’s cold rain, and I was in less pain than yesterday (a 4-5 on a scale of ten rather than yesterday’s 7-8). Today it was my knees, hands and feet, in that order. As the day progressed, I noticed that my right side was much worse than my left. My other joints started to bother me during the day, especially my shoulders and elbows. Tonight I have a pretty bad ear ache on the right side.

I needed to go slowly today, to work on things that come from my insides, rather than what I do for the people in my life. I knitted for a while, finally finishing a yoga bag I started back in March. I did some computer work that I found interesting to play with, understanding a new skill in the layout program I use. I listened to RadioLab shorts while I was knitting and when I was resting. I talked a little on the phone, but less than usual. Really, I just took it slowly and did lots of thinking. When my mind was rested, I was finally able to figure out the Babesia protocol and notice my cravings over the past week.

Tonight, I’m tired. I have huge bags under my eyes. Maybe if I sleep through the night tonight, I’ll feel much better tomorrow. If not, another rest day is in order.


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