Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Multi-infection approach

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I’m treating four infections at the same time. This is not how one, ideally, would use a coil machine or any other form of treatment. Treating multiple tick-borne infections means dealing with multiple Herx reactions.

My original plan was to just treat Lyme Disease. Then when it was not so bad, in the off-seasons, I would tackle the other infections. Only I couldn’t do it that way because I had too many symptoms of the other infections.

In addition to Lyme, which I was only coiling for every 2 weeks at the beginning, I tried Candida. This one was an obvious choice because of all the antibiotics I’d taken over the previous 3 years. The main reaction was lots of gas in my intestines. The big payoff was that once I reached 10 minutes on my abdomen for a while, my digestion got a lot better. Since eating and absorbing nutrients is essential to regaining my health, I made coiling for candida a priority. Then I added in probiotics to help heal my intestines and control the infection. (See Candida Protocol for more details.) I’m not coiling enough right now to fully rid myself of the infection as it exists outside my intestines. I’m only doing enough to slowly whittle it down, focusing only on the trunk of my body. At some point later, I’ll have to coil my whole body for a while to make sure the infection is gone and whatever is left is growing only in my intestines, in balance with the rest of the flora.

Shortly after I started treating Lyme and Candida, I got Bartonella symptoms. The one I immediately recognize is pain in the soles of my feet when I first get up in the morning. I experimented a little with coiling my feet directly, but that didn’t do much (neither did coiling my hands for Babesia or my hips for Lyme). So I decided to play around and experiment. I didn’t yet have a plan, but the Bartonella Herxes were immediate and unpleasant, so I thought I shouldn’t try to really get rid of it until I had made a serious dent in the Lyme infection. But I was just guessing. I thought maybe I would try to kill off the Bartonella infection over the summer. Until then, I found that coiling every other day on my abdomen and chest was enough to keep the Bartonella symptoms at a minimal level, most of the time.

So here I was in March coiling for Lyme infrequently, but often enough to explore the Herx cycle and not make myself more incapacitated than I already was, coiling daily for Candida and coiling every other day for Bartonella at a minimal level. Then I started getting REALLY TIRED. I remembered from the previous few years of antibiotic treatments that the fatigue would come as I made headway on the Lyme infection, and the only thing that got rid of it was anti-Babesia drugs.

So I started coiling for Babesia. The idea was to only do enough not to suffer big Herxes. In fact, the original plan was to coil only enough to keep it in check. Then I got bolder and thought I would try to get rid of it while I was tackling Lyme, especially since my Lyme symptoms weren’t so bad yet. (Probably because I hadn’t been off antibiotics long enough to let the Lyme cysts reactivate.) There were two problems with this approach. First, I went too fast increasing the Babesia treatment and got the kinds of Herxes I was trying to avoid. Second, the Lyme infection started getting more active. So I slowed down over the summer in response to the first problem. Then this autumn, I thought I would go back to the original plan, do only enough to keep it in check. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite work that way. In order to keep the Babesia infection in check, I’ve had to keep increasing the treatments until I’m now at the end stage. I expect to Herx for today and the next several days, but after that, I imagine it will go back to treatment that gets rid of the infection without Herxes. A girl can dream.

Back to the late spring and early summer, I wanted to go up on Babesia and Bartonella at the same time. It was way too much, even with minimal Lyme Herxes. So I came up with my current plan:

  1. Put the most focus on Lyme, enough to Herx every week.
  2. Treat Candida and Bartonella only as much as needed to prevent them from getting worse.
  3. Increase the Babesia treatments only as dictated by a recurrence of my key symptom: fatigue. Now that I’m at an infection-eradicating level, treat Babesia aggressively until it’s gone.

So far, so good. Except that I’m getting foot pain again. I coiled once this week for Bartonella on my spine. The Herx was worse than the foot pain because it went up my legs and encompassed my arms. I’m going back to the more minimal plan while I get the Babesia coiling up and running until I stop Herxing from it. Maybe when I stop having Lyme Herxes (November? December?) I’ll reconsider what I need to do to fight back the Bartonella.

Bartonella is tricky. It is the infection that has the worst long term complications. So I’m reluctant to let it go this long, but I don’t want to overload my body. I’m trying to build my strength, stamina and immune function while I do all these treatments. Thus the infection reduction has to be balanced with everything else.


I’ve done the final increase to full time on Babesia. Each area gets 1 minute of coiling.

For Lyme, I’m almost at the full time for my head. Starting next week it will be 3 minutes on each head location. I’ve increased more slowly with the head treatments than I have on the rest of my body because I feel it right away. I’ve been off balance since I coiled my head this evening and I’ve got floaters in my vision.

  • Candida, chest, 2 minutes; abdomen, 10 minutes
  • Babesia, bottom of feet (heel), 1 minute; calves together, 1 minute; back of thighs together, 1 minute; back of ilium, 1 minute each side; 3 sections of spine, 1 minute each; shoulder blades, 1 minute each side; back of head, 1minute; top of head, 1 minute; liver, 10 minutes
  • Babesia, top of feet & ankle, 1 minute; shins together, 1 minute; knees/elbows together, 1 minute; front of thighs together, 1 minute; front of ilium, 1 minute each side; sides of ribs, 1 minute each side; front of shoulders, 1 minute each; sides of head, 1 minute each; chest, 10 minutes
  • Lyme, crown of head, 2 minutes 30 seconds; back of head, 2 minutes 30 seconds; sides of head, 2 minutes 30 seconds each; sacrum, 2 minutes


I’ve been craving lemon water all day. I think it’s in reaction to the Babesia Herx. My body knows what it wants.

  • skin brushing
  • lemon water
  • BioMat (2 sessions, 1 hour on level 2, 1 hour on level 3)
  • diatomaceous earth


Last night after I blogged I got a severe headache with eye pain. What a way to go to bed.

I could feel the Babesia Herx this morning. I woke with a start. Wide awake. Herx awake. I had lots of pain in my hands and feet. I was sleepy after a short while of being awake.

I’ve been sluggish and stir-crazy all day. This is the Babesia Herx. I can’t settle on what I want to be doing. I can’t focus on anything for too long. I want to sit when I’m lying down, I want to lie down when I’m sitting. My muscles ache, my bones ache. My ears hurt extra-specially much. I don’t know what I want to read. I can’t decide if I should use my energy to clean. I can’t even tell if I have energy or if I’m just agitated. I couldn’t settle down enough to watch a movie.

In other words, the nap this afternoon was just what I needed. After that, I pulled out the clothes I’ve been meaning to get rid of. I spoke to a few friends on the phone. Then, after casting around again for a while, I decided to blog. Now my hands and wrists are killing me.

Since I coiled my head, I’m a little off balance. I’m sure I’ll have another headache by tomorrow morning. Lyme and Babesia Herx. Just what I was trying to avoid.


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  1. Thank you for being so candid about Lyme and co-infections. I appreciate your explanations, along with a dash of humor 🙂 My children and I can relate with the daily pain and the herxing when we are in treatment. We do Rife Machine treatments when we can and I have a picc for rocephin. But it has been “called off” due to gallbladder issues. I assume I will have it removed so I can start abx again. I can’t find any physicians who will treat my children. It’s heartwrenching! I feel guilty for getting somewhat of aggressive treatment and not them. It’s so hard to keep up on the Rife treatments due to the drive there and back.
    I hope you’re on the mend soon. Keep being positive and sharing. It’s insightful, As well as helpful.
    Chennan 🙂

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