Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Take it lying down

I crashed today. Fortunately, the only person I had planned on seeing caught a cold and cancelled. I spent the morning taking it slowly, coming up with things to do lying down (like coiling, reading). I got up for a few minutes to make a list of things I wanted to do in the afternoon, only to find myself yearning to be horizontal and watching a movie.

I heard that a few other people who have been coiling long enough to not be sick at the end of a Lyme season, who are well enough to notice when everything starts getting worse again, each got hit with a Lyme flare over the past weekend, just like me.

Today has been the worst day so far. The other days, I was able to function for at least part of the day, to be with people or go outside. I writing tonight in the pajamas I wore to bed last night. I’m so worn out. My chest hurts when I am upright, sitting is bad, standing is worse.

On days like this, I feel a little blue, or really gray-blue. Worn out and sad. Tired of this illness. Tired of hoping it’s getting better, making plans, and then facing the hours of immobility and poor concentration. Wondering which thing went wrong this time.

I came up with a list of factors contributing to my bedridden day. Or maybe only one of them is enough to knock me out every now and then:

  1. Beginning of Lyme season
  2. Herxing from the beginning of coiling during Lyme season
  3. PMS
  4. Doing activities outside the house for 5 days straight (then not napping the 5th day)
  5. Active Babesia not eradicated yet?

The scientist in me wants to find a way to test for each of these possibilities and know the actual cause(s) so as to avoid or be prepared for the next crappy day. The poet in me wants to believe that I’ll wake up tomorrow feeling okay, ready to head to a yoga class, go for a walk, reply to emails from people who read this blog.

In the meantime, I’m heading back to bed as soon as I finish this blog post…


  • Candida, chest, 2 minutes; abdomen, 10 minutes
  • Bartonella, chest, 2 minutes; abdomen, 5 minutes
  • Lyme, bladder/lower abdomen, 3 minutes; upper abdomen, 3 minutes; upper back, 3 minutes; central back, 3 minutes; lower back/sacrum, 5 minutes


  • rest, rest, rest
  • nap
  • biomat (2.5 hours)
  • kombucha
  • diatomaceous earth


I slept fitfully again last night. I woke up groggy. Lots of pain in my hips and lower back. Tired like I hadn’t slept.

My blood pressure was low or rather my heart was pounding often. I didn’t get light-headed or nauseated. Rather I had no appetite, but was craving salt and water all day. I was urinating every time I stood up (plus I stood up just to go pee several times). My chest feels compressed and has a dull ache. My pulse is hard and I feel it all over my body for a minute or two at a time. All I want is to be horizontal, but that only gives me partial relief.

I still have lots of pain in my hips, my ribs, my right knee, and the bones of my feet and hands. I have intermittent cramps in my lower abdomen. My breasts are tender and sore to the touch.

I’ve had a headache on and off all day. My ear canals hurt. I have floaters in my vision. I have a lump in my throat.

Lyme disease sure sounds like a certain poem by Shel Silverstein, only I don’t get to run off and play on days like this.


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