Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Why would you write about that?

I love when people send me candid reactions to my blog. One of my friends read a post about the horrendous gas that VSL#3 causes and couldn’t believe that I would broadcast this information on the internet, in a place where people can find my real name and what I look like.

I started this blog partly as lab notebook for myself and partly to share the full experience of healing from Lyme Disease and the other problems it has caused. In many respects, it has worked wonders. I know I have to write, so I remember to do all the detox activities, remember to coiling, and spend time thinking about my health almost every day. These three things are important. As I’ve been improving, I’ve been tempted to skip out on all sorts of things. So the blog helps me. A lot.

Meanwhile, I check my site statistics to find out if anyone is looking at this vast amount of text. Recently, another blogger started to use a coil machine and found my blog. For more information about coil machines, try Doug Coil Machine Resources, a well researched basic primer by someone who thought she had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I was excited to find that others with Lyme Disease are putting their experiences and information out there, making it easier for all of us to get access to information.

One of my favorite site stats tells me what people were searching for when they came upon my blog. I find some that link to the posts I’m most proud of (try searching google for “women and lyme” or “coiling for lyme”) and some that surprise me (like  “cracking jaw pain bartonella” or “urine smells like turkey” or “candida herxheimer smelly gas”).

I’ve gone through so many unpleasant, (as well as bizarre and disgusting) experiences since I’ve had Lyme Disease. I didn’t know what I had when I started. I looked up my symptoms and found a lot of incoherent (or obscene) web pages. So I thought I would find out what I could, share my research and experiences, and hopefully help someone out there discover that they aren’t alone in the nightmarish problems they have to live through.

So on the day that you decide you want to tackle your Candida problem, I’ve got some suggestions (start slowly, make sure to detox your intestines and liver along the way, don’t eat sugar while taking massive amounts of probiotics) and some warnings (you will need a candle burning full time because the gas caused by a Candida die off is noxious and copious, expect some big, ugly zits). Still, they’re only my suggestions, with a very small sample size of one person, but one person who pays attention to everything.


  • Bartonella, abdomen, 5 minutes; chest, 2 minutes; lower back, 1 minute; central back, 1 minute
  • Candida, abdomen 10 minutes; chest, 2 minutes; one minute each: each side of head+each hand, each shoulder, spine in 3 places+elbows, each hip, knees, feet, lower abdomen/pubic bone


I’ve decided to record the fact that I take a lot of antioxidants every day. It’s the one thing I do most faithfully, but forget to mention. My antioxidants include: lots of vitamin C, normal amounts of vitamin E, green tea extract, alpha lipoic acid and a few others.

The other thing to note is that I’m back to taking Renavive twice a day because I had my very last silver amalgam filling out today. Yippee! No more mercury!!! (Now that’s a big step in detoxing.)

  • antioxidants
  • skin brushing
  • kombucha
  • two, short brisk walks


I’m a bit achy in my joints from coiling the bottom half of my body for Lyme last night. I spent the first half of the day lying down, long enough to give me strength to go for a walk to and from the dentist. I’ve been tired again since I got home. I’m trying not to overdo it, but the limit of what I can do changes from day to day.

VSL#3- I’ve been on it for over a week. The gas is not as bad as yesterday or the day before, both in quantity and pungency. My abdomen is still swollen, hard and tender. New pimples are appearing. One thing at a time.

My other symptoms: pain in my jaw, pain in my shoulders and neck, floaters in my vision, pain in my hips, breast pain.


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