Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Life Happens

Life happens…and I’m so glad it does! It’s been quite a while since I’ve simultaneously had the time and the energy to sit down and write.

When last I wrote, it was the day before I set up my dad’s new computer and fixed a problem on my own. By the time I was done with both, my arms hurt too much to blog.

The next day my sister and her family came for a visit. It was fabulous to celebrate my nephew’s birthday and hang out with them for a few days. I got to play in the park with my nephew and be around family.

After that, I had a week to recover while packing for a month and a half in northern California.  I decided I wanted to spend the spring with my boyfriend and to see what life is like in this part of the world. I figured I was going to be coiling and detoxing, getting lots of rest and hopefully starting to do more exercise. Why do it alone when I want to be with Joe?

I had a few days in and out of bed after all the excitement of my sister and her family. I got an acupuncture treatment to get me back in balance before I left. I continued to coil daily and did the best I could with detox treatments. I went to a yoga class. And I packed.

Packing requires a lot of thinking for a trip this long while I’m still in the midst of curing myself of Lyme Disease. I ordered a variety of supplements and hard to find protein powders and had them sent ahead of me. I figured out what I’m doing with my medications (which I’m no longer on, but just in case…) I found a used coil machine that I can have for a while.

Then, before I knew it, I was on a plane to San Jose. Whoa. And I’m here, enjoying sunshine, clean air, walks outside, sitting in the garden. All the good stuff.

Before I really got myself settled in, we went up to a mountain for Joe to ski and me to see beautiful snow. It was wonderful. Then my parents arrived, staying here for a few days before going to a conference in San Francisco.

Now I’m starting to find my rhythm. I’ve been coiling daily all along. I’ve been working out how to eat right and making a few mistakes. (My food allergens still give me diarrhea. Psyllium husks still resolve it.) Other than the antioxidants, I’m working on getting my detox protocol back on track. It’s a work in progress.

This is a far cry from what I thought I’d be doing this time last year. Coiling has really taken me out of the cycle of illness. I still have a fair number of limitations. I still have a lot to work out to get my body functioning properly. I’m still dead tired for part of almost every day. And yet, I’m not strapped to my bed or trapped in my apartment anymore.

Life is happening. After 5 years on hold, life is finally happening!


Other than two days when I arrived in California last week, when I couldn’t coil because the directions for putting the machine together didn’t arrive with the machine, I’ve been coiling daily. The basic coiling protocol has been Candida and Bartonella, both daily, and then Lyme over the course of a week.

Candida is 10 minutes on my abdomen, 2 minutes on my chest, then 1 minute on: each side of my head, each shoulder, 3 sections of my spine, each hip, my lower abdomen, my knees and my feet. It’s a total of 24 minutes.

Bartonella was 5 minutes on my abdomen, 2 minutes on my chest and 1 minute each on my lower and central spine. Over the past few days, I’ve added in first 30 seconds then a minute on my upper spine. It gives me a mild reaction: numbness in my arms the following morning. But each day it’s a little less.

The Lyme protocol is the same, only I’m not very consistent about what order I do it in or how many minutes on a given day. I’ve done the full protocol over 2 days or over 5 days. As long as I cover myself from head to toe each week, I assume that’s good enough.


Herxing is not as bad this time. The most intense of the herxes come from coiling my head and spine for Lyme. Now they take 2-3 days to arrive. I get headaches and light sensitivity, lower back pain, loose stools, Lyme-smelling urine and worse than normal fatigue. But it only lasts 2 days. Much easier than before.


Will I never learn? I have to remember to ask every time I eat out. It’s crappy. I accidentally ingested some overprocessed powdered eggs in January without knowing it. I attributed my reaction (which was a fairly mild egg reaction for me) to the fact that I’d eaten several allergens that day and the previous two. But now I’m realizing that when my eyes get itchy from food, it’s most likely eggs.

While I was still in NY, I accidentally had aioli. Well, I actually ate in on purpose thinking it was lemon and oil, not lemon and egg. I was shot. It started with a feeling of pressure and swelling inside the back of my head. Then itchy eyes. Then the same feeling of pressure in my spine. About 90 minutes later, I had a headache and shooting pains in my limbs. The pain came and went, was pretty intense and followed one nerve bundle at a time. I was pretty screwed up for two days. (Thus the need for an acupuncture treatment which got me past the worst of it.)

I worry about nerve damage. For about a week afterwards, the left side of my jaw was sensitive to everything, heat, cold, pressure. It was like spontaneously developing cavities or something. I hated it. But that, too, resolved.

Other than regularly tired, my main complaint is pain in my hands. If I could just get rid of the pain in my hands and arms (hmm, that started right after the eggs…) I would be ready to stop complaining altogether.

Anyway, the other food allergens that snuck in, corn, dairy, wheat, have given me diarrhea. Not my favorite thing, but not the end of the world.


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