Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Toxicity and Transitions

I’ve been in Watsonville, CA for exactly 4 weeks. I love it here. I love living with my partner. I love the town and the beach and the farmers market and the local gym with a dry sauna. It’s taking me a long time to settle in and find a routine. There turned out to be so many details involved in moving, and my activities are limited by how much energy I have.

As the days go by, I rest a lot and then run around and do what needs to be done to make the house  work for both of us. Joe does way more of the work than I do. Now that I live in a house with stairs, a lot more of my energy goes into moving from one room to another. I had no idea it would make as much of a difference as it has. I’m not complaining, though, because going up and down stairs is good for my bones.

We went to Yosemite for a brief respite from all the details of wedding planning and moving and house rearranging. It was a lovely trip (worthy of its own story), very low key and slow motion, yet I was exhausted when we returned. Really exhausted. It took a week for me to realize that I haven’t been detoxing enough since I moved here and that no amount of rest was going to resolve the fatigue.

In the meantime, all my symptoms have been increasing. Headaches. Joint aches. Back pain. Excess sensitivity in my legs (making me think there are insects trapped in my pantlegs). Crankiness. Digestive distress. Kidney pain. All sorts of things going wrong. The same conclusion: start detoxing again.

Over the weekend, I planted myself on the biomat for several hours each day. I started taking diatomaceous earth again. I started to make sure I’m drinking kombucha daily. I resolved to start going to the sauna again. By Monday, I was pepped up enough to get myself to the gym, get a membership, and sit in a sauna for 16 minutes. I sweated up a storm and started to feel better. I came home for a nap before I continued my day.

I went again today. I sat in the dry sauna for 20 minutes this time. Again, I sweated up a storm. Again I felt better.

If there is one thing I thought I’d have learned by now, it’s that the only way to stay on top of symptoms is to detox, detox, detox. No amount of coiling gets rid of the toxins. Coiling is necessary and it can make things better when followed by a good detox cycle. Coiling kills the infection, but the other half of healing is cleaning up the mess the infection and its demise leave behind.

So I’m tired again. I didn’t take my nap today. I’m catching up on the interminable list of details that moving requires. But I don’t ache as much. My intestines are less unhappy. My headache has diminished. There are symptoms still hanging around, but that’s to be expected.


I’m still coiling weekly for Lyme. I do my full body in two days, most recently on Sunday and Monday. I temporarily reduced the rate of  Bartonella coiling because I wasn’t detoxing and the toxins were really bothering my kidneys (and making my urine a day-glow yellow and strong smelling). I did the shortened Bartonella program (16 minutes) on Sunday. Now that I’m back to sweating, I’ll do it again tonight and see what happens.


  • each side of head, 1 minute
  • top of head, 1 minute
  • back of head, 2 minutes
  • each shoulder, 1 minute
  • chest, 2 minutes
  • abdomen, 5 minutes
  • upper back, 2 minutes


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