Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

B very careful

Last night after pondering all the ways to make my abdomen less swollen and improve my digestion, I tried to remember when the slowed digestion started on a regular basis. Unfortunately, I didn’t write it down back then. My best recollection is that it coincided with when I made my first attempt to tackle Bartonella last winter.

Besides coiling more for Bartonella, the other thing I started back then was taking B-complex vitamins. One of my doctors mentioned that it was a good way to protect my nerves from the stress of herxes. I didn’t really start taking them right away, but waited until the spring when I was on fewer pills overall.

This morning I looked up the side effects to taking too much B vitamins. These include: constipation, abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea, itching, skin redness, and change in the color of urine. While I’ve been taking much less than what anyone might consider an excessive amount, I’ve started to wonder if there is something more subtle about processing more than I need when my body is also on overload from processing toxins. For example, I’ve noticed that my urine changes color about 1-2 hours after I take the vitamin B complex pill in the evening. (It is a different yellow than normal, but very noticeable). So I’m guessing that my body is working hard to get it through quickly.

Since I get a partial vitamin B complex supplementation from my multivitamin, and I eat large quantities of fresh vegetables, I’ve decided to take the extra B complex out of my rotation for the foreseeable future. I still have my B-12 shots available and plan to add them back in once every week or two as needed and depending on how much animal product I’m consuming. (The last one was last Saturday, Sept. 29, but I forgot to put in the blog.)


The other thing that popped up as I was writing was whether I should be worried about the reappearance of candida. It’s a possibility. When I finished treatments for it earlier this year, I knew that it would still be growing in my intestines. The goal was to get it to be in balance with all the other bacteria and make sure it wasn’t outside my intestines.

Assuming I had it under control, the best way to get it to grow out of control again is sugar…which I had plenty of when I was in Hawaii. Oops. For now, I’m not going to start coiling for candida again. Instead, I’ve started to double up on 3LAC again. That might be enough.


coiled for Babesia twice today, morning and evening. I also coiled my upper body for Bartonella.

As I think about getting over the hump with Bartonella, which means letting it get worse to coil more until it starts to bother me less, I’m thinking about adding in other body parts than just my upper body and abdomen. If my kidneys don’t hurt for the next two days, I think that’s what I’ll do.

This brings up the two aspects of what it means to coil more. One is to do more frequent coiling sessions. The other is to coil longer each session on the same body parts or coil more body parts during each session. It’s a balance. I’ve tended to go for more frequency first. Then as the infection dies down in the places where it seems most concentrated, I spread out to the rest of my body so none gets left to hide and fester somewhere. That’s what I’m doing again this time.

As I try to figure out the best way to cure myself using a coil machine, I wish wish wish there was a manual on how to do it efficiently, effectively, and as quickly as possible. There isn’t one. Sometimes I think I should write one, but one person’s experience is not enough for a manual.


  • skin brushing
  • antioxidants
  • nap
  • lemon water
  • kombucha
  • dry sauna


I felt pretty sluggish today. I feel like there is a major headache trying to push through (as I try to prevent it from starting). My eyes hurt a lot and that pain triggers pain on the top of my head.

I didn’t do much before 3pm, when I dragged myself away from a very cozy nap, and got on with the day. I went to the sauna and felt better for a few hours. Now, the headache is coming back, in my eyes and in the back of my head.

My abdomen is still swollen and my digestion still slow, but I’ve only just begun the modifications to my diet. Other than my head, my pain level diminished today and moved to the familiar fatigue in the cycle of Lyme that I know too well.


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